Odd Life of Timothy Green, Kermit's Swamp Years, Camp Nowhere, and HDNet Movies

August 21, 2012
Hosted by Samantha Alexander, Anthony Aranda, Jailene Aries, Brianna Hope Beaton, Valdi Agaelle Belizaire, Stacy Love Belizaire, Morgan Bertsch, Keefer Blakeslee, Victoria Burns, Adam Chernick, Raven Devanney, Cheyenne Nguyen, Patrick Nguyen, Gerry Orz, Haley Powell, Kayla Powell, Kendyl Powell, Shelby Ronea, Simone Sharrieff, and Justin Storey

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Episode Description

Tune into this week’s episode of KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions to hear all about the new films, Odd LIfe of Timothy Green and the family films, Camp Nowhere, Kermit's Swamp Years and Space Camp - all playing this month on HDNet Movies kidScene. Catch all this and more with your host Raven Devanney and KIDS FIRST! Film Critics Anthony Aranda, Camille Bajema and Cheyenne Nguyen.

KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions

KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions

Tuesdays at 1 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Kids Channel

KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions is a weekly radio show hosted by the KIDS FIRST! Film Critics - 24 youth, ages 7 to 16 from across the country. These reporters review the latest films and DVDs, interview celebrities and chat about media related events. They attend premieres and press screenings of just about every new film rated PG-13 or younger and bring you the scoop so you can make informed decisions about what you wish to see. At KIDS FIRST! we believe that "Smart Kids Make Smart Consumers."

KIDS FIRST! Film Critics, a program of the 23-year-old Coalition for Quality Children's Media, is the country's most valued source for reviews of children's media. As a national, nonprofit organization, KIDS FIRST! teaches children critical viewing skills and kids as reporters to help you make informed decisions about what films you select for yourself.

Listen to KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions every Tuesday at 1PM Pacific Time on the Voice America Kids Channel.

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Samantha Alexander, Anthony Aranda, Jailene Aries, Brianna Hope Beaton, Valdi Agaelle Belizaire, Stacy Love Belizaire, Morgan Bertsch, Keefer Blakeslee, Victoria Burns, Adam Chernick, Raven Devanney, Cheyenne Nguyen, Patrick Nguyen, Gerry Orz, Haley Powell, Kayla Powell, Kendyl Powell, Shelby Ronea, Simone Sharrieff, and Justin Storey

Samantha Alexander, Anthony Aranda, Jailene Aries, Brianna Hope Beaton, Valdi Agaelle Belizaire, Stacy Love Belizaire, Morgan Bertsch, Keefer Blakeslee, Victoria Burns, Adam Chernick, Raven Devanney, Cheyenne Nguyen, Patrick Nguyen, Gerry Orz, Haley Powell, Kayla Powell, Kendyl Powell, Shelby Ronea, Simone Sharrieff, and Justin Storey

Eleven-year-old Samantha Alexander lives in New York City with her family. Sammie, as her friends call her, has two older sisters (Lisa, 29 and Maylene, 25). Samantha says that her family enjoys gathering together for dinners, playing board games and going to movies. When she is alone or with friends, she likes to play the WII or go to the park and, of course, face-time on the phone. Like many kids, her favorite foods are pizza, mac 'n cheese and chicken nuggets. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is a favorite movie of hers because it was a true story that she finds quite interesting. When she grows up, she would like to become a journalist or police officer. She is most proud of the fact that she was asked to write a speech for the opening of her new school. At the ribbon cutting ceremony, Fox 5 and NY 1 interviewed her and all her friends and family were able to see her on TV that evening. As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, she looks forward to getting early views of new movies and sharing her opinions with others.

Twelve-year-old Anthony Aranda comes from San Diego, CA where he lives with his parents and two siblings, ages 9 and 7. He has a dog named Patches and, when he's not going to movies, likes to visit Chuck E Cheese and play baseball. He aspires to be a professional baseball player when he grows up. His favorite movies are Ironman 2 and Nanny McPhee. In his free time, Anthony likes to read books and play games such as Four Square. Diary of a Wimpy Kid is his favorite book and Selena Gomez is his favorite actor. Anthony's most proud of getting all As in school and getting into the accelerated classes. The thing he enjoys most about his job as a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic: "Interviewing celebrities on the Red Carpet!" He has interviewed Pixar / Disney's Chief Creative Officer, John Lasseter, American Idol finalists, Danny Gokey and Brooke White, and appeared on the red carpet at the Newport Beach Film Festival and at MCAS Miramar.

Jailene Aries, age 14, lives in Burbank, CA with her parents and three brothers who are 7, 22 and 24 years old. Her nickname is Welches. She enjoys going to the mall with her mom and talking about life. "We spend a lot of time in the car together going to auditions, guitar lessons, gymnastics and other activities." She also enjoys watching films on DVD at home with a bowl of popcorn or ice cream. She loves going out to dinner at a nice restaurant. Her favorite food is spaghetti and meatballs. When she's alone, Jailene might be found playing the guitar, reading books on her Kindle, listening to music or watching her favorite TV shows. Her favorite thing to do with friends is to go to the movies. Jailene's favorite film is Monte Carlo because her favorite actress, Selena Gomez is in it. She also enjoys the love story and the humor. Selena Gomez wins her vote for favorite actress because of her talent and the great work she has done since she was very young. "I also admire her dedication to her career. She is a great actress and an inspiration for other young Latina girls who want to pursue an acting career." The thing that Jailene is most proud of is how she and her family moved from Maryland to California in order for her to pursue a career as an actress. Jailene's favorite film critic is KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Cheyenne Nguyen, one of her best friends, because "she is very energetic and brings so much personality to her reviews." As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Jailene looks forward to watching amazing films and informing people about them. "I want to educate parents and let them know if the films are appropriate, funny, sad or serious. I want to have fun and go to red carpet events and develop interview techniques that are useful skills no matter what I end up doing in my life."

Fourteen-year-old Brianna Beaton lives in Clermont, FL with her parents. She has a 23-year-old sister who lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her favorite things to do with her parents are play board games, watch TV, and cook. Brianna also likes to read and write stories. You can find Brianna playing tag, swimming and just goofing off with her friends who call her BB. Brianna’s favorite movie is I am Sam. Brianna looks up to actress Drew Barrymore because she started acting young and is the kind of person who doesn’t care what anyone says about her. Brianna wants to be a successful actress and a restaurant owner when she grows up. She also wants to write a fictional novel. She is most proud that she has been performing in theatre plays and won Best Actress, Most Dramatic, and Most Reliable awards in her theatre school. Brianna enjoys sharing and expressing her feelings about films through video and written reviews. KIDS FIRST! gives her many opportunities to write.

Valdi Belizaire, age 12, lives in Los Angeles, CA and has two sisters, Stacy (12) and Bella (5). During family time, she loves to play games, go to the mall and visit the park. When with her friends, Val, as they call her, enjoys playing games, doing projects and says, “We read each other's stories.” Valdi's favorite film is Brave because it shows a lot of bravery and to fight for what you believe in. Her favorite actress is Anne Hathaway since she, “has a lot of passion in the movies that she does.” One of Valdi's greatest accomplishments is that she read 40 books in just a few months. Twenty of the books were in English and twenty were in French. When Valdi grows up she wants to be a actress or a lawyer. As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic she looks forward to having people watch me and be interested in what I have to say.

Stacy Belizaire, age 11, lives in Los Angeles, CA and has two sisters, Valdi and Bella. During family time, she says that, “We play games, we enjoy each other's company and we love watching movies.” When with her friends “We usually do gymnastics (like mini games), make short movies or commercials.” Her favorite food is pasta (Italian) and salad. Stacy's number one film is Hotel Transylvania because the movie is fun and cool. What grabs me are the voices of Selena Gomez and Ceelo Green. Her favorite actress is Meaghan Martin from Camp Rock. “She is a great actress,” Stacy says, “She has that diva, sass and powder style.” When Stacy grows up, she wants to be a scientist or doctor.. As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Stacy wants to be able to watch movies, look at the characters and to see different kinds of creations and actions.

Morgan Bertsch, age 9, lives in North Hills, California with her parents. Her parents help her with homework, play ball and go to the movies. Morgan enjoys playing Nintendo DS, films on her DVD player and playing with her dolls. Morgan’s favorite movie is Tangled because of her long hair. Her greatest accomplishment is graduating kindergarten. She is most looking forward to interviewing people and watching the new movies.

Keefer Blakeslee, age 13, lives in the greater Los Angeles area, part time. He has three older siblings who are all married. His dad passed away six years ago so he and his Mom are enjoying their life together. They play chess, swim, skate, and watch and critique movies together. Keefer likes riding his bike, cooking, watching Nostalgia Critic on the Internet and reading his favorite book “Life Itself: by Roger Ebert.” Keefer loves so many films it's difficult to pick one. If he had to, it would be The King’s Speech because he could watch it again and again. It has amazing acting and an incredible story. It's also difficult for him to name a favorite actor but Mel Brooks and Jim Carrey would have to be at the top of the list. "They are both funny and great actors that really know how to capture their audience and make them laugh." When he grows up, Keefer wants to be an actor, comedian, critic, director, producer and screen-writer. He is most proud of proving to his mom that he deserved moving to California so he could pursue his career. His favorite film critics were Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert. "They were so entertaining. I loved listening to their reasoning and watching them bicker. I read Roger Ebert's film reviews to the day he died." As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Keefer enjoys being able to speak his own opinion to people who love movies because, "if you're going to pay to watch a movie, it had best be a good one!" He also found out how much he enjoys writing.

Fifteen-year-old Victoria Burns lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her parents and two siblings, ages twenty-two and twenty. They enjoy going to the movies, trips to Barnes and Noble, reading and going out to eat. Victoria enjoys reading, going to the mall and going to movies with her friends. Her favorite movies are The Bourne Trilogy because each movie is as good as the first and leaves you wanting more. Her favorite actor is Denzel Washington because he can convincingly portray different types of characters. When she grows up Victoria wants to be a psychologist. Her greatest accomplishment is learning how to draw still life art. As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic she enjoys going to movie screenings, interviewing actors and getting to give her opinion on the movies.

Adam Chernick, age 8, hails from Tarzana, CA in the greater LA area. He has two older siblings, Mirabelle and Michael. He enjoys going to the aquarium, the science museum, visiting police and fire stations and going out to eat with his family. With his friends, he plays various games including baseball and soccer. Adam's favorite film is The Artist because he loves how cute and loyal the dog is. George Clooney wins his affection as his favorite actor and ice cream as his favorite food! Adam aspires to be a politician or work in law enforcement when he grows up. Adam is most proud of himself for how he handled changing schools this last year. He was very nervous and scared to go to a brand new school but, it worked out just fine. He also enjoyed appearing on Critics' Choice in 2012 as a mini Paul Scheer where he wore a bald cap. His best friend is KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Morgan Bertsch. Trivia about Adam: He has been stung by a bee four times! Ouch. What he enjoys most as a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic is seeing lots of new movies and interviewing people on the red carpet.

Sixteen-year-old Raven Sky Devanney hails from Boulder, CO where she lives with her mom and 9-year-old brother. She has a slight menagerie of pets (3 cats, 2 dogs, 3 birds, and 3 fish: Luna, Mister, Playdough, Lady, Bo, Pickle Pie, Dave, and Peddie Jeffrey Longbottom.) Her favorite movies are Titanic and The Imagination of Doctor Parnassus. In her free time, Raven enjoys watching movies with her family, ice skating, playing basketball or dining on Ethiopian food. You might run into her shopping at the mall with her friends or find her writing, drawing or reading. Among her favorite books are Emily the Strange, The Giver and Skeleton Creek. Johnny Depp wins her heart as her favorite actor. She aspires to become an actress or model. The thing she likes most about her job as a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic: "Getting to share my opinions about the films I watch and interviewing people in the entertainment business. It's all very exciting!"

Ten-year-old Cheyenne Nguyen lives in Fountain Valley, California with her mother and two brothers, ages sixteen and nineteen. Cheyenne and her family enjoy going to church, going to movies and going to parties. In her free time, Cheyenne enjoys watching new movie releases with her friends, playing “Dance Central” and singing. Her favorite movie is Despicable Me, because it is very funny. Cheyenne’s favorite actress is Zendaya Coleman from Shake It Up, because she can relate to the character Rocky. When she grows up Cheyenne wants to be a news reporter, actor or singer. Her greatest accomplishment is keeping straight As in school. As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Cheyenne enjoys meeting all the talent and being able to ask questions.

Patrick Nguyen, age 15, is from Westminster, CA where he enjoys watching movies with his family, traveling, eating new foods and partying with his extended family who get together and sing karaoke and play board games. Patrick's favorite foods are tempura sushi, BBQ chicken pizza and tomato pasta. He loves shopping, going to the theater, go-carting and miniature golf. One of Patrick's favorite movies is Hairspray because there are so many known stars, great singing and history. "I enjoy the combination of Zac Efron, Queen Latifah and James Masden. They all have unique voices and the finale song is incredible." One of his favorite actors is Johnny Depp because of his versatility. "From Willy Wonka to Captain Jack Sparrow, all of his characters are well thought out and full of personality." Hugh Jackson is another favorite because of his proficiency in singing, dancing and acting. Patrick aspires to be an actor when he grows up although he realizes there are not a lot of Asian-American actors in this industry. His backup plan is to become a radiologist. One of Patrick's greatest achievements is to have been on Nickelodeon for a commercial called, "The Big Help." "When I was on set, I met so many friends with the same interests. We had a blast and it made me want to work my way up in the industry." Patrick enjoys the funny relationship between Billy and Kit on Access Hollywood. They are full of energy, have great chemistry and interview some of his favorite stars. What Patrick enjoys most as a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic is how he's learned to speak on camera, knowing what questions to ask and how to position yourself. He enjoys watching new movies and writing his own reviews and interviewing stars.

Gerry Orz, age 12, comes from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA and has one older sibling, Dennis. He enjoys watching movies and football, cooking and traveling with his family, playing video games and is an avid filmmaker who writes and makes movies with his friends. Gerry's favorite film is Jack and Jill. His favorite actors are Ellen DeGeneres and Adam Sandler. Ellen because she is amazing, funny, smart and so kind. She inspired Gerry to believe in himself and try to make a difference in the world. As a result, he has produced a number of educational movies and created a non-profit organization called Kids Resource. Adam Sandler is his other favorite actor because "he is an amazing actor and comedian, always stays true to himself." Gerry is a huge fan of directors Steven Spielberg and George Lucas and he aspires to become a film director, producer and writer. "I want to make movies that will have a positive impact on today's youth and will inspire them to follow my footsteps to a better tomorrow." He is already off to a great start, having produced several films including a short, Day of Silence, that inspired a new bill in CA to proclaim 12/12/12 Bullying Prevention Day. Gerry received many emails thanking him for making that film. "We heard stories where parents believed that my movie saved their child's life." On 12/12/12 at 12 p.m., Gerry had followers in six states and four countries joining in a moment of silence. "I plan to expand in coming years and get more people on board to honor 12/12 and work towards making the world a better place." As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Gerry enjoys learning more about movies and film making and improving his own movies so they can be included in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival."

Haley Powell, age 11, lives in Burbank, California with her family. She has an older sister (Christin, 25) and an older brother (Jordan, 13). Haley and her entire family enjoy movie nights together and she gets to spend special time with her mom to cook or play games. Haley’s Daddy often takes her out to eat for Daddy date night. Her passion is dancing and she loves to make up dance routines with her cousins or friends. She uses her free time to write stories in her journal and play video games with her brother. Haley's favorite food is noodles, all kinds of noodles, give her oodles and she is happy. One of her favorite films is Akeelah and the Bee because it has to do with spelling bees and Haley loves to spell, write and speak. One of her favorite actresses is Leigh Allyn Baker who plays Amy Duncan on Good Luck Charlie. Haley appreciates her humor and how she is down to earth with her TV family. Haley says the silly things they do in the show remind her of her own family. When she grows up, Haley is interested in pursuing journalism, broadcasting and/or film directing. She eventually would like to write her own films and still find time to become a professional dancer. She is most proud of becoming a voice-over series regular in Fisher Price's Imaginext Adventures webisode and being a part of a voice-over team for the movies 12 Years a Slave and Best Man Holiday as well as doing voice over in the video game Final Fantasy XIII. In addition, she has a re-occurring role in a webisode called First currently airing on Isa Rae Network. Haley is also a FTS Kids News Reporter and a student council member at her school. As a new KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, she looks forward to meeting and interviewing celebrities, reporting from the red carpet at movie premiers, and watching, reviewing and reporting on the films she has seen.

Kayla Powell, age 12, lives in Burbank, CA with her parents, her brother KJ and her twin sister Kendyl. When Kayla is with her parents, she likes to play games, watch movies, ride her bikes and practice acting. Her friends call her by her given name Kayla or the shortened version, Kay. When she is with her friends or alone, she likes to create dance routines, play games and style hair. Kayla's favorite movie is Frozen. In her opinion, it is hilarious and has a great message. She enjoys watching movies with a good message. Kayla's favorite actress is Zendaya Coleman because she is "an amazing actress and also a triple threat." Kayla enjoys eating different types of food but, her favorites are cheeseburgers and sushi. (Hopefully not together.) When Kayla grows up she would like to be an actress, orthodontist or both. She is very proud of the fact that by the age of 11 she was in Debbie Allen's, Hot Chocolate Nutcracker; has been in 2 movies; booked a national commercial, as well as a pilot; and is working with her brother KJ and sister Kendyl.

Kendyl Powell, age 12, lives in Burbank, CA with her parents, brother KJ and sister Kayla. When Kendyl is with her parents she likes to watch movies, play board games, ride her bike and talk. Her friends call her Kendi. When she is with her friends, she likes to tell jokes, swim, act and be creative by creating crazy loom bracelets. Kendyl's favorite movie is Rise of the Guardians because "it has a lot of funny parts in it, while still being full of action." Kendyl's favorite actress is Raven-Simone. She enjoys watching the diverse emotions that Raven-Simone emanates while she is acting, especially when she is being comical. Kendyl is inspired by Raven-Simone's passion for acting. Kendyl loves eating different types of food, but her absolute favorite is lasagna. As a new KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Kendyl looks forward to watching new films, sharing her thoughts/opinions with others, and is excited to meet new people. When Kendyl grows up she would like to be an actress or dancer. She is very proud of the fact that by the age of 11 she was in Debbie Allen's, Hot Chocolate Nutcracker; has booked a pilot; and is able to play the French horn.

Shelby Ronea, age 15, lives happily as an only child in Tampa Bay, Florida. It is clear that Shelby has a strong interest in films as shown by the many nicknames her friends have given her - Ms. Star, Film Queen, Ms. Drama. With her family, she enjoys doing aerobics, shopping, traveling and - surprise - watching films. She works with her friends to improvise games and skits or takes walks on the beach. When alone, Shelby enjoys knitting. Her favorite foods are Italian and seafood. Shelby's favorite film is Diary of a Wimpy Kid because the humor of the main character keeps her laughing throughout the film. Her favorite actress is Meryl Streep. In each performance, Shelby has noticed how Streep transforms herself into the character she is playing. Shelby says she would love to interview her. When she grows up, Shelby hopes to become an Oscar-winning actress. She is on her way as she has visited Paramount Pictures in LA and held an actual Oscar trophy and has completed her first support role in a movie starring Haley Joel Osment in September 2013. Shelby hopes that as a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic she will be able to assist her readers to understand the intentions of the director and the motivations of the actors.

Simone Sharrieff, age 13, lives in Clermont, FL with an older brother, Kerry, age 28 and a younger sister, Layla, age 10. Family time is spent going to the movies, bowling and going to church. With her friends, Simone also enjoys going to the movies, making silly videos and playing in her school's symphonic and jazz bands. Alone, she loves to write in her journal and edit videos - as evidenced in her video reviews. Simone's favorite film is Princess Diaries because it stars two of her favorite actresses - Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews. "It makes me believe that I could grow up and become a real princess. It's such a feel good flick!" When she grows up, Simone plans to attend film school and become a film director. Her greatest accomplishment so far is her academic performance. "I've made the all A or A/B honor roll every year since kindergarten. Being successful in academics is very important to me." She admires Leonard Maltin as a film critic and, as a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, she looks forward to meeting and learning about all kinds of people.

Justin Storey, age 16, lives in Orlando, Florida. Ever since he was a young boy he loved being the center of attention. Justin enjoyed sitting in front of the TV with his mom watching the news. He would hold his brush and mimic the reporter he saw on TV. When Justin got older he became interested in reporting and also acting. He got his first acting experience in school and church plays. Today, Justin has been appeared in commercials for brands such a Nissan, Carnival Cruise line, Disney World and many others. Along with commercials, Justin has recently appeared in television shows and films. Justin has a big future ahead and hopes to continue pursuing his passion of acting. When he's not in front of a camera he is busy writing his own films. He enjoys film-making and video-editing. Recently, Justin joined the KIDS FIRST! Film Critic team and hopes to gain more exposure and experience in reporting and journalism.

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James Achilles

Vice President and head of all Website Development, James keeps his finger on the pulse of social media and technology. He graduated from the University of Victoria in 2007 with a focus on social justice. Subsequently he has obtained a marketing management diploma, and an applied web development diploma from BCIT. James joined Kidzworld in 2006 as a sales and marketing assistant, returning full time upon graduation. He is involved in all strategic decision making, online marketing and website development. An animal lover, James has his office shadow, his pet dog Lola. He is an avid skier, road biker, wake boarder and triathlete. James is married to Chelsea, and has a young son, Blake. Guest James Achilles

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Roni Akurati

Growing Up Smith marks Roni Akurati’s feature film debut. The first-generation Indian-American son of Rajani and Ramesh Akurati was born in Chicago. It was his passion for dance that led him into acting, beginning with the role of Tiny Tim in the Goodman Theatre’s production of A Christmas Carol. Even though the part had only one line of dialogue, it was Akurati’s character who got the privilege of declaring at the end of every performance, “God bless us, every one!” In 2015, Akurati returned to the Goodman in the pivotal role of Mowgli in Disney’s critically praised The Jungle Book, which finished its run at Boston’s Huntington Theatre. He has also appeared on Chicago stages as the Indian Changeling Boy in A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the 3625- seat Lyric Opera, Chicago: Stories from the City at Gorilla Tango Theatre and Sleeping Beauty with SOPA Productions. Guest Roni Akurati

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Kelly Asbury

KELLY ASBURY (Director) also directed and co-wrote the 3D CG animated feature film Gnomeo & Juliet. His other past directorial efforts include the Oscar®-nominated films Shrek 2 and Spirit – Stallion of the Cimarron.
During his over thirty year career as an animation artist, Asbury has served many creative capacities on some of Hollywood’s most popular animated films, including Frozen, Wreck It Ralph, Shrek, Toy Story, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid.
Asbury also provided a variety of character voices on Gnomeo & Juliet and Shrek 2. In addition to films, Asbury is a noted author and illustrator of several published children’s books, as well as having written and compiled the offbeat, non-fiction book, Dummy Days 2 America’s Favorite Ventriloquists from Radio and Early TV.
Asbury resides in Southern California. You can keep up with him at SmurfsProductionBlog.com. Guest Kelly Asbury

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Marie Claude Beauchamp

Marie-Claude Beauchamp has been active in the film and television industry for over twenty-five years. She is the driving force behind CarpeDiem Film & TV, which she founded in 2004, to bring quality family and children’s entertainment to audiences worldwide. Her most recent project is the 3D stereoscopic animated feature film Snowtime!. She brought to the big screen The Legend of Sarila, a co-production with 10th Avenue Productions, in 2013 and has produced series such as Grand Star, a live-CGI teen sci-fi series; My Life Me, a manga inspired animated series for tweens and Silly Bitty Bunny, a pre-school series co-produced with France and Singapore. She specializes in international co-productions and is renowned as a producer who makes the extra effort to understand the special needs of her partners. Evidence of her success can be found in the over three hundred hours of international television and film projects she has financed and produced. Guest Marie Claude Beauchamp

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Andrew Berman

Andrew Berman is an entertainment industry veteran with close to thirty years of experience in global sales, marketing, and distribution of entertainment content to all media worldwide. He has represented a diverse array of content during his career including theatrical feature films, TV Movies, animated series, specials, documentaries, music programs, and Japanese anime. Berman currently serves as Senior Vice President of Global Distribution Sales at Genius Brands International “GBI.” He is responsible for spearheading the expansion of the international distribution business, including the worldwide distribution of GBI’s children’s content catalog, which features Thomast Edison’s Secret Lab, SpacePOP, Warren Buffett’s Secret Millionaires Club, Baby Genius, Stan Lee’s Mighty 7, Llama Llama and more Guest Andrew Berman

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Matthew Beyranevand

Dr. Matthew Beyranevand is the K-12 Mathematics and Science Coordinator for the Chelmsford Public Schools. Through his website MathwithMatthew.com, Matthew provides visitors with podcasts, music videos, educational resources, and a video blog. Matthew uses Twitter, Facebook, Periscope and Instagram to get his message out to help improve student interest and engagement in mathematics. Matthew is in his fourth season producing and hosting his public access television show "Math with Matthew" and just completed a 16-month project for a pilot project of a show featuring the Pythagorean theorem. “Math with Matthew: The Pythagorean Project” is currently broadcasted in over thirty communities throughout Massachusetts. Matthew also produces and hosts “Science with Matthew” spotlighting the science and innovation fairs in Chelmsford, as well as “Eye on PARCC which familiarized the educational community with the PARCC standardized assessment. Guest Matthew Beyranevand

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Jo Boag

Jo Boag is the Creative Director at SLR Productions based in Sydney, Australia. She is an Emmy Award winning Creative Director and the 2014 B&T Women in Media ‘Creative of the Year’ winner. At SLR Productions she is responsible for developing and overseeing the creative direction of 160 hours of content that has sold in 50 countries.
As the Creative Director she works with original creators, writers, directors, actors, artists, broadcasters, distributors and publishers. Jo has overseen successful international brands such as two seasons of the internationally acclaimed preschool property Guess How Much I Love You; two seasons of the animated adventure comedy series The Skinner Boys –Guardians of the Lost Secrets; the new animated twin detective series Lexi and Lottie – Trusty Twin Detectives which is an SLR Productions original; and the Emmy Award winning animated series I Got a Rocket.
Jo has worked in the media industry for more than 25-years. Guest Jo Boag

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Richard Boddington

From 1995 to 2000, Boddington was a Producer at CTV Network in Toronto. His first feature film was Dark Reprieve (2008), for which Boddington was the producer, director, editor and director of photography. Richard then directed, produced and edited the family comedy film, The Dogfather (2010) starring Chris Parnell. In 2012, Boddington wrote, directed, edited and produced Against the Wild which won him a nomination for the Emmy Award. In May 2015 Boddington filmed, Against The Wild 2: Survive The Serengeti in South Africa. The movie features extensive use of elephants, lions, giraffes, hyenas and leopards and the African wilderness. Richard has traveled the globe as a cinematographer, filming great white sharks at Isla Guadalupe, reef sharks in the Caribbean, killer whales in British Columbia and big game animals in Africa. Currently Richard is producing Ocean Odyssey, an epic movie about a family that sells their possessions, buys a sailboat and circumnavigates the globe together. Guest Richard Boddington

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Moziah Bridges

Moziah "Mo" Bridges is the 14-year-old CEO of Mo's Bows Handmade Bow Ties; a Memphis-based and family run business. After trading bow ties for rocks on the school playground, Moziah's strong fashion sense led him to start his own company at the age of nine. With the help of his mother, and retired seamstress grandmother; Moziah began selling bow ties on his website (mosbowsmemphis.com) and in Memphis retail stores. His colorful, handmade ties quickly made an impression on major networks, and the young fashion mogul made rounds on The Steve Harvey Show, The Today Show, Oprah Magazine, Good Morning America, and eventually, Shark Tank. In addition to being featured in various international documentaries and publications, the teenage CEO took his fashion expertise to a new level in 2015. Moziah not only served as the fashion correspondent for the 2015 NBA Draft, he was also invited to the inaugural White House Demo Day, where he was able to personally meet President Barack Obam Guest Moziah Bridges

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Aaron Burns

Aaron Burns is the award winning producer of Burns Family Studios' Beyond the Mask and Pendragon: Sword of His Father, and associate producer of the Kendrick brothers’ new film War Room. Aaron was homeschooled K-12 before earning his MBA from Oakland University. Aaron has a passion for using feature films to inspire young people with the message of hope in the Gospel; he and his wife Andrea live with their son Anthony in Michigan Guest Aaron Burns

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Francesca Capaldi

Francesca Angelucci Capaldi was born on June 8th, 2004 to parents of Italian descent. She was born in the neighborhood of La Jolla, which is located in San Diego, California. Capaldi is best known for her role as Chloe James on Disney's Dog With a Blog, since 2012. She appeared in the Goodwin Games with Sabrina Carpenter and has been in the television film, 3 Day Test. Guest Francesca Capaldi

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Max Charles

At just 12 years of age, Max Charles is already an industry veteran, landing coveted roles on and off the big screen and working with some of Hollywood’s most respected and acclaimed actors, writers and directors. Most recently, this charismatic and endearing young talent landed his 2nd series regular role on Guillermo del Toro’s “The Strain” on FX, where he plays Zach Goodweather, the son of Corey Stroll’s character, Dr. Ephraim Goodweather. Max also stars in three animated series, lending his voice to ‘Harvey Beaks’ on the Nickelodeon hit animated series “Harvey Beaks;” ‘Kion’ in Disney’s “Lion Guard;” and ‘Sherman’ in the DreamWorks Animation/Netflix series “Mr. Peabody and Sherman." Max is also no stranger to the big screen. In 2014, he had a supporting role in the Clint Eastwood directed movie, “American Sniper” opposite Bradley Cooper. He also reprised his role of young Peter Parker in “The Amazing Spider Man 2” starring Andrew Garfield. Guest Max Charles

Episode Listing:

Joe Clokey

Son of Art and Ruth Clokey, the pioneering creators of Gumby, Joe Clokey was raised as Gumby’s brother. Today Joe carries on his parents’ legacy, introducing Gumby to the next generation of fans as the head of Gumby’s animation studio and business affairs. As a young man in the 60’s and 70’s, Joe began studying the techniques of clay animation alongside his father at Clokey Productions. In 2001, and beyond, he continued the tradition by directing and producing various stop motion Gumby spots for ABC, Namco, Google and others. He produced the half hour TV special, Gumby’s World, and one-hour Davey and Goliath special. Most recently, Joe has been working to re-master the entire Gumby library. His efforts were highlighted in 2007, when the newly edited director’s cut of Gumby: The Movie premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. Joe has written, directed and produced over 60 award-winning horticulture, agriculture and earth science films that are used in high schools and colleges. Guest Joe Clokey

Episode Listing:

Mason Vale Cotton

Mason Vale Cotton got his start in the entertainment industry by doing print work and tagging along to all of his older brother’s auditions. His first theatrical audition was for a co-starring role on the hit series MEDIUM; although his parents were not so sure if he would want to do this, they spoke to Mason and decided to give it a try. Ultimately, it paid off; Mason got the job and that soon turned into a role on ER and soon after a lead in the very popular DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES as Teri Hatcher’s son M.J. Delfino. Mason most recently can be seen on MAD MEN as Don Draper’s son Bobby Draper. Other notable projects for Mason have been the voice of Timmy Terwelp in the very popular Disney Christmas short PREP & LANDING opposite Dave Foley and Sarah Chalke. Mason is also the voice of NEMO for the Disney Dream Cruise Ship and a NEMO plush doll, as well as the voice of Bambi in a plush doll. Finally Mason was featured in Esquire Magazines LIFE OF MAN 80th Anniversary edition in 2013 representing age 11. When Mason is not acting he is enjoys playing basketball, running track, being an All-American All-Star Football Player, playing video games, and playing with his rescue dog Bogart. Mason is originally from San Diego and currently resides in Los Angeles with his Mother, Father, and older brother Maxwell. You can look for Mason in the family film RUSSELL MADNESS, to be released on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD March 10! Guest Mason Vale Cotton

Episode Listing:

Camille Deakin

Camilla started her career as a freelance journalist, primarily writing about music and club culture for The Face magazine. She then moved across into TV production, working as a Producer and Director for Uden Associates on a range of TV documentaries and arts programmes. She joined the Arts and Music department of Channel 4 in 1999 where she soon rose to become Editor, Arts & Animation. Camilla left Channel 4 in 2002 to set up Lupus Films with colleague Ruth Fielding. Camilla has produced both animation and live-action shows for the BBC, Channel 4, Five, ITV and Disney as well as Executive Producing a number of short films for Channel 4 and the UK Film Council. Productions include popular CG pre-school show The Hive for Disney Junior, which is shown in over 150 territories worldwide; The Snowman and The Snowdog, a half-hour Christmas special which attracted over 11 million viewers when first broadcast on Channel 4 in 2012. Guest Camille Deakin

Episode Listing:

Mary Flynn

Mary brings over 30 years of experience in the home entertainment industry. As a recognized industry professional, Mary’s history in the home entertainment industry includes sales and leadership roles with distributors and Independent labels. Most recently, Mary was the Sr. Director of Business Development for Alliance Entertainment. Jeff Walker, CEO of Alliance Entertainment said, “Mary Flynn is one of our true All-Stars and I am very excited to give her the opportunity to lead NCircle, the most revered independent distributor for children’s product, and put her magic on it. Mary is a veteran in the video world with great established relationships and with her incredible commitment to success, she is definitely the right person to take NCircle to the next level. We have set some very lofty goals for NCircle in the coming year and with Mary at the helm, I have no doubt we will exceed those goals.” Mary Flynn, who will be based out of the Irvine, CA office said, “I am very excite Guest Mary Flynn

Episode Listing:

Jack Forman

Jack taught for thirteen years at University Child Development School before becoming a Stay-at-Home-Dad (aka "LIVING THE DREAM!") to his two young kids. He started music lessons at an early age, bouncing from cello to piano to trombone, before settling into a 9-year membership in Seattle's Northwest Boychoir. Jack studied Creative Writing and Top Ramen consumption at University of Washington. The day after finishing his novel (which was mostly about writing a novel), he bought his first bass and promptly joined his first band with the belief that the best way to become a better musician would be to play music with people far more talented than he was. The gamble paid off bigtime. Jack's also an On-Air personality on SiriusXM's Kids Place Live where his daily kid call-in show "Live From the Monkey House" blends kid-centric ideas, hysterical daily themes and high energy music for the whole family. Jack lives in Seattle with his wife, son, daughter and cat. Guest Jack Forman

Episode Listing:

Amber Frank

Amber Frank was most recently seen in Vanished: Left Behind - The Next Generation. She takes on this fierce role carrying her first theatrical film with a star cast. Amber is most known for her role as the lead character on the Nickelodeon comedy TV show, "The Haunted Hathaways" as 'Taylor Hathaway.' Originally from Tampa, Florida, she moved to California when she was 8 to pursue acting. Prior to "The Haunted Hathaways," Amber portrayed a kidnapped girl in a film based on a true story called "She Could Be You." From that first taste of acting, Amber knew that she wanted to pursue it as a career. Amber grew up in an animal loving home with three dogs and is pursuing charity work for animal shelters. In her spare time, Amber enjoys playing the piano, teaching herself how to read sheet music, and taking singing lessons. Amber looks to Johnny Depp for inspiration in drama, Lucille Ball for inspiration in comedy, and to Lana Del Rey and Amy Winehouse for her musical inspiration. Guest Amber Frank

Episode Listing:

Griffin Gluck

Griffin Alexander Gluck (born August 24, 2000) is an American actor. In 2014, Gluck co-starred Charlie on FOX's series Red Band Society, in which his character, who is in a coma, is the narrator of the show.In March 2015, he was cast in an NBC pilot, Cuckoo, which was not picked for series. Gluck had his first film lead role playing Rafe Khatchadorian in the 2016 movie Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life, based on the hit novel by James Patterson. Guest Griffin Gluck

Episode Listing:

Chanda Gonzales

Chanda Gonzales comes to XPRIZE with more than fifteen years of experience working with and directing programs that foster community and partner collaboration. This experience helps Ms. Gonzales oversee the direction of the Google Lunar XPRIZE where she is responsible for managing all aspects of this global competition. Prior to joining XPRIZE, Ms. Gonzales served as a Program Director with the University of California, Berkeley, Riverside and Davis campuses. During her tenure with these academic institutions, she worked on programs that looked at the importance of reengineering policy to attempt to better serve its communities. She has worked with a variety of entities like the Office of Secretary Defense, Department of Interior, European Union, local governments, Charles Schwab, Accenture and Sears in developing programs that supported environmental, personal finance, citizenship, and science based education programs Guest Chanda Gonzales

Episode Listing:

Alan Green

ALAN GREEN, Co-Creator, was born and raised in Southern California. Graduating from Brigham Young University with a degree in Business Management and Film Production, Alan worked for Academy Award winning film-maker Kieth Merrill, and award-winning director and cinematographer TC Christensen in documentary and promotional film production. He also worked as a photojournalist in broadcast news for CBS News. His film and production management experience led him to work as an account supervisor and producer for a host of high powered companies. With his long-time friend, Brahm Wenger, Alan co-conceived and developed a children’s television series to teach kids about caring and compassion by profiling the work of great humanitarians and charities. They have teamed up with many of America's leading non-profits to create Mack & Moxy, a new children’s show that introduces kids to important causes from hunger awareness to autism. Alan and his wife are proud parents of 5 children & 7 grandkids. Guest Alan Green

Episode Listing:

Tamlin Hall

Tamlin Hall is the founder of iAmHoldenOn.org and writer-director-producer of award-winning narrative true story teen drama, Holden On. Tamlin is a coveted HUMANITAS Prize winner for television writing and MFA graduate from UCLA. Prior to UCLA, Tamlin trained as an actor at The School At Steppenwolf inside the world renowned Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago, IL. Holden On marks Tamlin's directorial debut. The film is based on Tamlin's childhood friend, Holden Layfield, whom he grew up with in Georgia. While doing research for the film, Tamlin discovered drawings Holden's sister made for Holden after his schizophrenia/dual diagnosis. Her drawings would spark the idea to create the iAmHoldenOn High School Art Initiative. Holden On is currently on the film festival circuit, garnering praise from both critics and audiences. Guest Tamlin Hall

Episode Listing:

Naomi Hirabayashi

As Chief Marketing Officer of DoSomething.org, Naomi is part of the senior management team that helped launch DoSomething.org membership resulting in the growth of 150,000 members to over 4 million. In her 5 years at DoSomething.org, she lead the creation of the DoSomething.org marketing team that handles all earned, donated and owned media strategy and outreach for over 20 cause campaigns a year. Naomi is also the co-founder of Shine - a product of daily texts and customized responses to help women, and all humans, slay the day with confidence tips, work hacks and humor: www.shinetext.com Her passions include: the intersection of media for good, closing the confidence gap for women, getting more young women to channel Amy Poehler in their day to day, and supporting the Samburu Tribe in North Central Kenya. Guest Naomi Hirabayashi

Episode Listing:

Adam Idelson

Adam Idelson has over 20 years experience in children’s television. He is Supervising Producer and a writer on the hit animated series, Octonauts. In its 4th season, Octonauts premiered on the Disney Channel in 2012 and is watched in over 100 countries worldwide, including 1.5 billion viewers in China. Adam works closely on all aspects of the show with the Executive Producers, writing team and award-winning animation studio Brown Bag Films, along with marine experts who consult on the scripts. Adam has teamed up with real-life Octonauts at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for special events with kids and adults. Before the Octonauts, Adam produced the 2nd season of Chorion’s The Mr. Men Show, was Associate Producer on Nick Jr’s Wonder Pets at Little Airplane Productions, and, for over a decade, wrote, produced and directed original kids content for Nickelodeon, Noggin and the N. Adam lives in New York City with his wife and two kids. Guest Adam Idelson

Episode Listing:

Helena Johnson

Soulful and slick, Helena Johnson has created and mastered a unique and powerful sound that's showcased perfectly in her new single 'Take Me Home Tonight' . Originally from North Yorkshire and now based in Liverpool, Helena has impressed audiences and critics alike with her stunning live shows backed by a 10-piece band, complete with the comedically-named horn section 'The Horn Supremacy'. Her ability to captivate her audience from the first note, mesmerising even the most unruly of crowds, was evident when she recently performed at mammoth events such as Fiesta Bombarda and The Neighbourhood BBQ at Liverpool’s acclaimed venue, Camp and Furnace. Since joining The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts in 2011 to study, Helena has grown from talented musician to a potential international singing success, with recent interest from a major label. 2015 promises to be a year to remember for the rising star and she is definitely one to watch. Online www.facebook.com/HelenaJohnsonMusic https://twitter.com/HelenaJ_Music https://soundcloud.com/helena-johnson-band www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvrNyk5A950 "Powerful vocal weaved over subtly crafted instrumental sections creating that unique sound the band has coined, and mastered." LSRadio, 2014 “I can confidently say they displayed something quite extraordinary – an opening band that can deliver enough to satisfy the audience for the whole night.” George Aird, Liverpool Student Media 2014 “Fantastic” Chris Currie, 7 Waves Radio, 2014 “Impressive sound... Helena is undoubtedly the star attraction, her politeness in between songs in stark contrast to her powerful soulful voice.” Getintothis, 2015 Guest Helena Johnson

Episode Listing:

J.J. Johnson

J.J. Johnson is an Emmy award winning executive producer and the creative force and founding partner of Sinking Ship Entertainment. Since the company’s inception in 2004, J.J. has created and executive produced 15 series including international hits This is Daniel Cook, Annedroids and Dino Dan. In 2015, J.J. made Emmy history by being nominated 3 times in the same directing category for 3 different Sinking Ship series, winning the Emmy for Odd Squad. J.J. followed up with another Emmy win in 2016. J.J. is also an Emmy nominated writer with over 500 episode credits and has been recognized by the Hollywood Reporter as one of their Top 20 under 35. In addition, J.J. has built 34 playgrounds with his series Giver and filmed in over 40 countries for his National Geographic kid’s series Are we there yet? World Adventure. J.J. also serves as the co-chair of the Youth Media Alliance in Canada. Guest J.J. Johnson

Episode Listing:

Julian Kauffmann

For 15 years Julian Kauffmann has worked in children's television animation. He has written and directed shows that have aired all over the world, including Emmy Award winning The Wonder Pets on Nick Jr. and P. King Duckling, currently airing on Disney Junior. He also has an animated short, Galactic Blastin' Space Berries, currently making the rounds in film festivals, most recently winning the excellence in writing award at the AISFA East Animation Festival. In June he started as the Creative Director at UYoung Entertainment where he is working on the second season of P. King Duckling. Guest Julian Kauffmann

Episode Listing:

Lani Lazzari

Lani Lazzari is the founder and CEO of the all-natural skincare company Simple Sugars. Simple Sugars manufactures and sells all-natural sugar scrubs especially formulated for sensitive skin. Lani founded Simple Sugars in December of 2005, when she was just 11 years old, in an effort to create natural skincare products that would be safe to use on her ultra-sensitive skin and relieve her eczema. What started in the basement of her parents’ home is now a multimillion-dollar business that employs over 20 people. On March 29, 2013, after being pursued by the show’s producers, Lani appeared on ABC’s hit TV show, “Shark Tank” where she secured an investment for Simple Sugars with billionaire Mark Cuban. Simple Sugars received one of the biggest responses in the history of the show and the company literally exploded overnight receiving more than 35,000 orders in just three days. Despite being just 18 years old and the youngest entrepreneur to ever make a solo pitch Guest Lani Lazzari

Episode Listing:

Dale LeFevre

Dale has traveled around the globe presenting New Games workshops and events, writing books about them, and producing DVDs which people can use to start their own New Games programs. He has worked extensively across the US, Canada and Europe, and also in India, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Dale Le Fevre started working with the non-profit New Games Foundation in 1975 as a volunteer. By the start of 1976 he was office manager and Associate Director. In 1977 Dale formed his own project, Play Express, which took New Games into schools. Until 1979 he continued to present workshops all across the U.S. and Canada for the Foundation. To date, Dale has given New Games workshops in 32 countries, including with Jews and Arabs in the early ’80′s in Israel, mixed races in apartheid South Africa, Protestants and Catholics in the early ’80′s Northern Ireland, and in ’93 & ’94 Croats, Serbs, and Muslims in Croatia and Serbia. Guest Dale LeFevre

Episode Listing:

Ariella Lehre

Ariella Lehrer, Ph.D., CEO and President, Legacy Games A well-known game industry veteran, Ariella Lehrer has dedicated her career to creating unique interactive experiences that serve to expand the overall gaming market. Her growing portfolio of products has consistently engaged new game players, especially women, for more than three decades. Lehrer currently serves as CEO of Legacy Games, which she founded in 1998. Located in Los Angeles, Legacy Games is best known for mobile and PC games based on some of Hollywood’s biggest licenses, including Tarzan, Criminal Minds, Murder She Wrote, Law & Order, and others. Longstanding partnerships with major media companies have established Ariella’s reputation as a leading expert in interactive game licensing. More recently, Legacy developed and published three award-winning Crayola creativity apps, and is currently working on multiple augmented reality products for kids and families. Lehrer has a PhD. in Cognitive Psychology from Guest Ariella Lehre

Episode Listing:

Juliana Malfitano

Juliana Malfitano, a Simpson Middle School sixth grader is one of either students competing on Rachael Ray's Kids Cook-Off for a $20,000 scholarship and a web series on foodnetwork.com. “The kidtestants have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to not only compete for their own web series and a culinary scholarship, but to also learn from one of America’s favorite television hosts, Rachael Ray,” said Bob Tuschman, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Food Network. “I am not sure whose job is more difficult - the kids, who must survive tough challenges, or Rachael, who must choose between all of these talented young chefs.” The "Grand Finale Cook-of" will premiere on Monday, September 28 at 8 p.m. ET. In the finale, three kid chefs battle it out one last time to win a $20,000 culinary scholarship and their own foodnetwork.com web series. Guest Juliana Malfitano

Episode Listing:

Evelyn Marcus

From the producers of TheBlaze TV's For the Record comes a documentary investigating the troubling rise of antisemitism in Europe, a story told through the eyes of a woman who fled to America in 2004 to escape it.
Evelyn Markus was raised in Holland by parents who witnessed the growing anti-Jewish violence of the 1940s. Her parents survived the Holocaust when Allied soldiers liberated them in 1945.
When Markus saw signs of the same disturbing trends returning to the Netherlands, she left the land her family called home for centuries. Today she confronts the hatred that drove her out, and embraces her life’s mission -- to prevent one of history's darkest chapters from repeating.
The documentary premiered on November 19, 2015 and is now available at TheBlaze TV. Guest Evelyn Marcus

Episode Listing:

Masey McLain

Masey McLain fell in love with acting in the 9th grade when she won Most Outstanding Actress in her first play. However, home videos easily show that her love for the camera developed at an early age. Masey signed with an agency when she was 15 years old, and has continued to book T.V., film, and print since. Masey is known for her leading role in I'm Not Ashamed, the story of Rachel Joy Scott at Columbine High School. Guest Masey McLain

Episode Listing:

Stone Newman

Johnny Orlando

Johnny Orlando is a charismatic singer, actor and Internet personality, with a love for music and passion for performing. Johnny was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, but moved to Los Angeles with his family in 2015 to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.
Moving to Los Angeles last year allowed Johnny to explore new performance opportunities and increase his visibility in the music world. Over the past twelve months, he has performed at various shows and festivals, including special guest appearances on the MagCon tour. This past summer, Johnny headlined the Boys of Summer tour and traveled across the United States with other young artists. Johnny’s recent performances have increased his exposure and allowed him to perform for thousands of fans. Howev
“Day and Night” is Johnny’s newest song, recorded alongside Dance Mom’s star Mackenzie Ziegler. The “Day and Night” music video was shot in Santa Monica, California, and has garnered over 4 million views on YouTube. Guest Johnny Orlando

Episode Listing:

Allison Paige

From the moment Allison Paige came into this world her parents always knew she was destined to be a performer. Born in Pittsburgh, PA Paige found her love for the stage at age 3. Growing up as dancer and ballerina, she got her first taste for acting at 17 when she shot a pilot for Disney. Since then she has built her resume in TV and film by becoming a chameleon in both comedy and drama. Paige is poised to become a rising leading lady with her classic hollywood looks, depth, empathy and vulnerability. Paige spent the last 2+ years recurring on NBC’s "Days of Our Lives". Simultaneously, she starred in "The Wrong Side of Right," “Dragula" and most recently "The Wedding Party.” She has also appeared on ABC Family’s “Baby Daddy” and the Emmy Award Winning web-series “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries”, "Pemberley Digital: Domino” and “Welcome to Sandition.” Guest Allison Paige

Episode Listing:

Hap Palmer

Hap Palmer pioneered the integration of music and movement in the area of early childhood education. His songs enhance the development of motor skills, language acquisition, reading readiness, and math concepts as well as nurture the imaginative process and encourage creative problem solving. His widespread popularity in schools and day-care centers for over twenty years, has made him a living legend within the teaching community for young children. Teachers have used his music for more than two generations to teach letters, numbers, phonics, days of the week, colors, shapes and more. A third generation of children are now learning with his songs and movement innovations. An accomplished musician, singer/songwriter and educator, his multiple skilled talent on guitar, bass, percussion, saxophone, flute and clarinet can be heard on his various recordings. His Baby Songs live-action music video series for young children sold over 2 million units. Guest Hap Palmer

Episode Listing:

Mike Pollock

Mike Pollock is one of New York's premier animation voice-over actors. Saturday morning cartoon viewers of Cartoon Network will recognize him as the voice of Dr. Eggman in Sonic Boom, and the Sonic the Hedgehog video games. FOX and The CW might recognize his voice as Meat in Ultimate Muscle:The Kinnikuman Legacy, the Mayor and Samo, the bartender, in Kirby: Right Back At Ya!, Garbageman on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dr. Eggman and Ella on Sonic X, Bigoriki in Gororiki, and Langston Lickatoad in Viva Piñata. Mike also does some character work on Sirius XM Radio, as well as radio, TV and online commercials for Pepsi, Focus Factor, SunSetter Retractable Awnings, No-Doz, Comcast, Burger King, AC/DC, and more. He’s narrated a 15-hour audiobook of Jim Baggot's ode to Physics: A Quantum Story, for Audible.com, and is the voice of “The Menacing Mummy,” for GUND. When he's not making funny voices, he also writes comedy bits and song parodies. Visit his web site: http://www.itsamike.com Guest Mike Pollock

Episode Listing:

Geoff Ramsey

Geoffrey "Geoff" Lazer Ramsey, is an American voice actor and comedian. He co-founded the production company Rooster Teeth in 2003 and is best known for voicing Dexter Grif in the long-running web series Red vs. Blue.
Geoff is also a voice actor and Internet and YouTube personality. He is also a producer and actor for Rooster Teeth who voiced Dexter Grif on Red vs. Blue for more than 10 seasons. He also co-founded Rooster Teeth's Achievement Hunter, a video gaming division of Rooster Teeth which he manages and hosts for. Guest Geoff Ramsey

Episode Listing:

Millie Ramsey

Geoff Ramsey's daughter is Internet and YouTube star Millicent "Millie" S. Ramsey. She is a YouTube gaming star known for appearing on the collaborative channel Game Kids. She is most well known for the Sims Sisters series, played with her nanny Chelsea. Millie was born on September 23, 2005 in Texas, USA. Before her fame, The Game Kids channel launched in December 2014, shortly preceded by the channel trailer the previous November. One of Game Kids most popular videos is "Millie, Geoff, and Griffon play Minecraft - Kids Play", featuring her and her parents. She is friends with family friend and Rooster Teeth host Gavin Free. Guest Millie Ramsey

Episode Listing:

Eric Rogers

Eric Rogers is a prolific television, film, and comic book writer whose produced credits include the Emmy-winning FUTURAMA and NYPD BLUE, as well as STRETCH ARMSTRONG, BRICKLEBERRY, WANDER OVER YONDER, TEEN TITANS GO!, and LITTLEST PET SHOP. Eric is currently the executive producer and show runner for SKYLANDERS ACADEMY, based on ActiVision-Blizzard’s best-selling “Skylanders” video game series, premiering on Netflix in October 2016. He previously worked as Co-Story Editor/Co-Head Writer on the Hasbro Studios’ animated series, BLAZING TEAM, currently airing on Discovery Family. In addition, he has also written for Matt Groening's Bongo Comics Group, having scripted for The Simpsons Comics, Futurama Comics, and Bart Simpson Comics. Eric is also a 2011 Writer’s Guild of America Award nominee for his FUTURAMA script, "The Silence Of The Clamps". Guest Eric Rogers

Episode Listing:

Lisa Sniderman

Lisa Sniderman, an award-winning San Francisco-based Playwright and quirky folk pop Artist (Aoede), creates unique full-length fantasy musicals, records them on audiobooks and adapts them to musical theater. Aoede has won over 35 awards for songwriting, audiobooks and stage plays since 2012. Highlights include: Independent Music Awards Vox Pop Winner 2014; International Songwriting Competition 2013, 2012 Winner; John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2013, 2012 Finalist. “Do You Believe In Magic?” (DYBIM Aug 2015) is Aoede's third award-winning inventive alternative musical/rock opera for tweens and all "kids at heart" who resonate with the fantasy genre (think Harry Potter and Percy Jackson meet Into The Woods!). DYBIM has received five Children’s awards, an endorsement from KIDS FIRST!, and has been adapted into a musical stage play and had a staged reading May 2015 in San Francisco. DYBIM is being considered for nomination for Best Musical Theater Album in the 58th Grammy Awards. Guest Lisa Sniderman

Episode Listing:

Jonathan Sprout

Singer-songwriter and recording artist, Jonathan Sprout has dedicated the past 21 years to creating meaningful and captivating "hero music" for children. Sprout began this journey in 1994 after reading the results of a nationwide poll detailing children's top 10 heroes, which included cartoon characters such as Bart Simpson and Beavis & Butthead along with several professional athletes whose off-field antics were anything but heroic. This made Sprout question, "who are our real heroes and why are we not teaching our children about their importance?" That's when Sprout's idea to write and record songs for children about real heroes was born. Since then, Jonathan Sprout has written over forty songs and has released four American Heroes albums about some of the most remarkable men and women in American history from Pocahontas to Neil Armstrong. With the help of author-lecturer Dr. Dennis Denenberg, Sprout "chose people who are good examples that children can understand and emulate." Guest Jonathan Sprout

Episode Listing:

Julie Stall

Julie Stall, Senior Vice President, Production, Portfolio Entertainment. Julie Stall oversees the production of all Portfolio properties and the company’s recently launched specialty animation shop, Portfolio Animation. Stall also serves on the company’s Management team. With over 25 years of experience in producing quality children’s television, Julie has earned a reputation for producing outstanding content through her ability to nurture each project’s full creative potential and support it with the right talent and production logistics. Julie has led the production of 60 half-hours and 4 one-hour specials of the celebrated and award-winning animated series The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! (PBS and Treehouse) Julie is also responsible for Discovery Kids Latin America, an animated comedy-adventure series with two seasons and three half-hour television specials producedMost recently, she headed the production of the much-anticipated new animated comedy series, Freaktown. Guest Julie Stall

Episode Listing:

Miles Tallia

Miles Tallia is eleven-years-old and lives with his parents and no other siblings in Brooklyn, New York. Miles loves to cook, watch movies, do board games, travel and talk with his parents. He likes to play Minecraft and Legoworld, play soccer and eat with his friends. His favorite film is Home Alone Five because he likes how the main character learns strategies from a man in Japan. His favorite actor is Chris Pratt, and he especially enjoyed his performance in Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy. His favorite foods are sushi and Ethiopian and Italian cuisine. He especially likes pasta. He wants to be a litigator when he grows up and his greatest accomplishment is being open to new things, like trying different foods from all over the world. His favorite film critic is Keefer, one of the KIDS FIRST! Film Critics. He looks forward to being on the red carpet in his official role as a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. Guest Miles Tallia

Episode Listing:

Brahm Wenger

BRAHM WENGER, Executive Producer and CEO, was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. He came to Los Angeles to work with the legendary film composer Jerry Goldsmith (Star Trek, Mulan, Air Force One, Planet of the Apes) and is a graduate of the USC Film Scoring School of Music and McGill University, where he won McGill's Scarlet Key Award for music. In addition to scoring the entire Air Bud and Air Buddies series for Walt Disney Pictures, Brahm has written music for over 40 films - including projects for CBS (Absolute Truth), The Weinstein Company (Chestnut), FOX (Voyage of Terror), Warner Bros (When in Rome), HBO (Hollow Point) and Lifetime Channel (Accidental Christmas).Brahm and Bardel Animation have teamed up with many of America's leading non-profits to create Mack & Moxy, a new children’s show that introduces kids to important causes like Hunger Awareness, Early Childhood Education,Intellectual Disabilities, Preparedness and Autism, premiering April 2016 on PBS stations nationwide. Guest Brahm Wenger

Episode Listing:

Mitchell Whitfield

Mitchell Whitfield is a 28-year veteran of the entertainment industry. A well-known film and television actor, Mitchell began his career on the New York stage, starring in Neil Simon’s Brighton Beach Memoirs and Biloxi Blues. Mitchell made his screen debut with a supporting role in the Jeremy Irons film, Reversal of Fortune; six months later, he was cast opposite River Phoenix and Lilly Taylor in the Warner Bros. feature Dogfight. Next up was Mitchell’s iconic role in My Cousin Vinny, where he played opposite Ralph Macchio as his neurotic sidekick, Stan Rothenstein. Other credits include a lead role in the MGM/UA film Best Men, co-starring Drew Barrymore and Luke Wilson, as well as co-starring roles in the Julie Davis films Amy’s O and I Love You, Don’t Touch Me! You may also have seen Mitchell in special guest appearances on such hit shows as CSI for CBS, Curb Your Enthusiasm for HBO and The Suite Life of Zach and Cody for Disney. He co-starred opposite David Spade in Lost and Found. Guest Mitchell Whitfield

Episode Listing:

Mike Young

Mike Young is the co-founder and partner of the Company that once bore his name. His first venture into animation came in 1980 when his children's books based on a crime fighting Teddy bear "SuperTed" were picked up by newly founded Welsh Language broadcaster S4C. He founded Siriol Animation, produced SuperTed, Wil Cwac Cwac, Fantastic Max, Fireman Sam and the Fox feature film "Once Upon a Forest."' Today Mike serves as the CEO of the U.S. based Splash Entertainment which also owns a 92% stake in multi-platform Network Kabillion. As such, Mike remains a leading producer of top-quality award-winning CGI and traditional 2D television animation around the globe. Under Mike’s leadership and his partners, Nicolas Atlan and his wife Liz Young, the studio maintains a 24/7 pipeline with its co-production partners throughout the world. Currently in production is “Norm of the North” a full feature film starring Rob Schneider, Heather Graham, Ken Jeong and Bill Nighy for Lionsgate Films. Guest Mike Young

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Cozi Zuehisdorf

Cozi began her acting career at the age of eight when she was encouraged to audition for Annie at a local theater company in Aliso Viejo, Ca. At the time, Cozi thought it would be more fun to go see the musical than to be in it, but in the end decided to audition. She was cast as Annie and has been hooked on musical theater ever since. She has played Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, JoJo in Seussical the Musical, Sally Brown in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, and Brigitta in The Sound of Music, to name a few. Cozi landed her first principal role as Hazel in the movie Dolphin Tale, produced by Alcon Entertainment and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. The film stars Morgan Freeman, Harry Connick Jr., Ashley Judd, Kris Kristofferson, and Nathan Gamble and was released on September 23, 2011, reaching number 1 at the box office in its second week. 3 years later, she reprised her role in Dolphin Tale 2. Guest Cozi Zuehisdorf

Episode Listing: