Human Behavior - What A Trip

September 25, 2012
Hosted by Jonathan J. Brower, Ph.D.

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Human Behavior – What A Trip

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Our show is all about human behavior. Most people are interested, to some degree, about human beings - themselves and others. Our topics run a large gamut and will cover anything and everything about humans and their behavior.

We will have guests on some of our shows, while some shows will involve people who call in and interact with me. Some shows will be a combination of both. We’ll hunker down and talk about human behavior.

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Jonathan J. Brower, Ph.D.

Early in my childhood I experienced important people in my life being “nervous.” Not having the word "anxiety" in my vocabulary, what I experienced was very real and disturbing. In addition to the nervousness, some of these people also had low energy and were somewhat withdrawn from others.

As a ten year old I became a voracious reader of biographies and some novels that had to do with the struggles people attempted to overcome. I wanted to know about other people so that I could make sense of those in my personal sphere.

By the age of sixteen I was reading books by, and about, Sigmund Freud. I was utterly fascinated with the inner-working of the unconscious and how people suffer when they put up walls to avoid being conscious of their real feelings and impulses.

In college I was a psychology major, disliking many of the courses that were not about the human struggle toward optimal mental health. I changed my major to sociology where I began to understand the social psychology of emotions and relationships. This became my focus in graduate school as I earned my Ph.D. in sociology at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Human behavior is a wondrous and sprawling phenomenon. There are limitless boundaries to the way human beings can behave. For sure, people cannot not be doing behavior. On the contrary, people are always involved with behavior, whether sleeping or awake. Let's embrace the huge diversity of peoples' ways of behaving.

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Bette Levy Alkazian

Bette Levy Alkazian, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Parenting Coach and nationally recognized parenting expert works with families to ease the challenges and increase the joys of raising children. Bette has also worked for many years as a parent educator, speaker, and writer. She is the author of Parenting Backwards and Potty Learning: The Do’s, Don’ts and the Oops of Poops. Bette was a top 7 finalist (out of 15,000 applicants) in the Good Morning America Advice Guru search and has vast experience helping people with a broad range of issues. Bette has been married to her husband, Jeff, for 27 years, and they are the parents of three amazing daughters. View Guest page

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Allen & Linda Anderson

Allen Anderson and his wife Linda Anderson are best-selling authors of fifteen internationally distributed books about the health benefits of pets and co-founders of Angel Animals Network. The Andersons’ 2006 book about animal rescue and Allen’s 2013 memoir, A Dog Named Leaf, won the prestigious American Society of Journalists & Authors Outstanding Book Awards. Information on Allen Anderson can be found at as well as to view previous interviews, and their current list of books. View Guest page

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Diana Lynn Barnes Psy.D

Diana Lynn Barnes Psy.D is an internationally recognized expert on the assessment and treatment of perinatal mood disorders. A frequently interviewed consultant to the media as well as a trainer and presenter on all facets of perinatal depression, Dr. Barnes is the author of “The Journey to Parenthood: Myths, Reality and What Really Matters.” She has also written a training manual for clinicians and childbirth educators – Transition to Parenthood- A course for expectant parents. Her work on perinatal illness has been published in a number of academic journals, including the Journal of Systemic Therapies, the Annals of the American Psychotherapy Association, the Psychotherapy Networker and the California Therapist. In 2005, she wrote the forward for “Eyes without Sparkle” by Elaine Hanzek. A past president of Postpartum Support International, she currently sits on the President’s Advisory Council. She is also a member of the Los Angeles County Perinatal Mental Health Task Forceas well as a member of the statewide California Maternal Mental Health Task Force. In 2009, she co-founded The Motherhood Consortium. In addition to clinical practice that focuses on women’s mental health around pregnancy and birth, Dr. Barnes is a nationally known forensic expert in women’s reproductive mental health and regularly consults with defense counsel on cases of infanticide, pregnancy denial, neonaticide and child abuse. Her article on infanticide is published in the “Encyclopedia of Motherhood” (Sage, 2010). Diana Lynn Barnes is a fellow of the American Psychotherapy Association and a clinical member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. Dr. Barnes is the 2007 recipient of the Jane Honikman award for her outstanding contributions to the field of child-bearing illness and maternal mental health and the 2009 recipient of the Welcome Back Lifetime Achievement Award presented by Eli Lilly. View Guest page

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Andrea Brandt

Andrea Brandt, Ph.D., M.F.T., brings over 30 years of clinical experience to the role of supporting women in achieving a healthy work-life balance. She is a recognized expert on the management of anger and frustration – common emotions faced by professional women today. Dr. Brandt supports women in understanding where their mindsets, previous experiences, and current realities interrupt the pursuit of balance, meaning and happiness at home and at work. Offering a variety of workshops, tools, individual and group sessions and presentations, she reveals and teaches positive paths to emotional health, helping women reinvent and empower themselves. Dr. Brandt emphasizes the mind-body-heart connection as a key to mental, physical and emotional wellness. In and beyond her practice, she helps women bring joy and enthusiasm into all aspects of their lives. View Guest page

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Jane Fendelman

Jane Fendelman, founder of the Phoenix Rising Universe City training site, has a Bachelor of Science in Education from Southwest Missouri State University (1982) and a Masters in Counseling from the University of Phoenix (1993). Her background includes 12 years experience as a psychotherapist and 28 years as a Missouri and Arizona state certified teacher. Over the years, Jane developed the Fendelman Metanoia Techniques and trains individuals, couples, families, psychotherapists, doctors, teachers, school administrators, college interns and corporations in her profound and effective methods for healing and life-change. Jane is trained and certified as a Critical Incidence Debriefing Specialist, is a Couples/Family Expert, certified Hospice Worker, Hospice Bereavement Counselor, "Death Midwife," Green Funeral Director and has a Minister's License as an Omni-Denominational Minister trained in all the Great Religions and many of the obscure ones; respecting and supporting all spiritual beliefs, including Atheism and Agnosticism. View Guest page

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Anne Marie Hamming

Anne Marie Hamming headed into motherhood with a fairly simple plan. Motherhood would be part of her life, but certainly not all of it. A divorce and a baby boy who didn't thrive weren't part of the plan. Follow her through a gut-wrenching and risky decision to leave a career for full-time motherhood with a child who just kept getting sicker. After three years of mysterious symptoms, he was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune condition that only a bone marrow transplant could reverse. In Saving Lee, Finding Grace, Anne relives her family's tender journey through grave illness and recovery to find hope waiting for them on the other side. In the process, she comes to terms with the mothering role she never sought or envisioned. This memoir of redemption will touch all who have faced major, unexpected changes and rewritten their lives with freshness and honesty. View Guest page

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Nancy Harper

A former teacher, Nancy Harper spent 31 years in public education as a teacher, dean of students, and head guidance counselor. She has taught the Life Skills Class to freshman athletes at Ball State University for 10 years. She also operates a private practice in adolescent and family counseling. View Guest page

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Tim Kanter

Tim Kanter, Co-Creative Director for Clean Up Comedy along with Jeremy Zeller has been writing, directing, performing on stage since 1993 and Jeremy having been performing comedy since high school. Tim Kanter and Jeremy have traveled across the country performing for children and adults who need a good laugh. They performed free shows at children's hospitals, youth homes and homeless shelters. Overall, they traveled over 3000 miles, through 8 states, at 14 different locations, for 100’s of men, women, and children looking to enlighten and inspire using humor. When not on the stage Tim can be found spending time with his wife Angela and his daughters Megan and Emma, training as a black belt in the martial art To Shin Do, attending bible college, serving at his church, or working at his business. Tim Kanter can be reached at View Guest page

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Allen Klein

Ever hear of a "Jollytologist®"? Well meet the world's one and only Allen Klein. Through his books and his presentations, Klein shows people worldwide how to deal with everything from traffic jams to tragedies. Klein got into this unusual line of work after his wife died of a rare liver disease at the age of 34. He saw how humor helped her, and those around her, cope. He also saw how humor helped him get through that loss. He now teaches others how to find some in trying times. Those audiences include people in 48 states as well as Israel and Australia, and clients from IBM to the IRS. Klein is an award-winning speaker and best-selling author. He is the recipient of a Toastmasters Communication and Leadership Award and a Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association. (Less than 800 of its 4,000 members have this honor.) Klein has authored, among other books, The Healing Power of Humor, Quotations to Cheer You Up, Up Words for Down Days, and The Courage to Laugh. The first book, The Healing Power of Humor, shows people how to use humor to deal with everyday trials and tribulations; the latter book, The Courage to Laugh, documents how people have used humor to triumph over tragedy. Klein has a master's degree in humor from St. Mary's College in Minnesota (and that's no joke!) And he is well suited to his subject. Years before becoming a "Jollytologist®", Klein was nicknamed the "King of Whimsy" because he designed all the children shows at CBS television in New York City. Among those productions was one you probably remember the Captain Kangaroo show. Although no longer working in the light-hearted world of children, Klein still believes that adults need to take a lesson from them and lighten up. To help adults do this, Klein is both the editor of The Mid-Month Mirth Memo e-zine, founder of International Mirth Month (every March), and President-elect of the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor ( View Guest page

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Dr. Michael Levittan

Dr. Levittan believes that being a psychotherapist is both an honor and privilege that must be nurtured and cherished. Patients, couples, and group members show tremendous courage in revealing their personal struggles, shameful feelings, heaviest burdens, darkest secrets, and wishful longings to me. They do so with hopes of achieving clarity, healing, fulfillment, and contentment. He feels that helping his patients is an awesome and meaningful responsibility and accepts the challenges with humility, seriousness, sensitivity, and enthusiasm. Being a therapist is emotional, intellectual, creative, and always fascinating requiring an open-mind in order to establish honesty and trust to overcome pain and achieve the goals of the patient. View Guest page

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Heather McCloskey Beck

Heather McCloskey Beck is an inspirational author and speaker, musician and founder of the global peace movement, Peace Flash. Dedicated to creating Dynamic Peace within our world, Heather is a columnist for The Huffington Post and frequently speaks to audiences across the United States, and is now expanding her reach internationally. With a growing following on her Facebook pages that has surpassed One Million fans, Beck offers both virtual and on-site workshops and events to inspire people to create lives they truly love. If you would like to connect with Heather, you can visit her at her Facebook pages. Here are a few: , , View Guest page

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Sheri Meyers

Dr. Sheri Meyers, author of “Chatting or Cheating” is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles, CA. She is among the national media’s most frequently quoted and interviewed relationship, infidelity and life transition experts. A regular contributor on broadcast network news (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX), cable TV (Lifetime, CNN Headline News, E! Entertainment) and radio talk shows (KFWB, KNX, Playboy), Dr. Sheri’s compassionate, practical, straight talk and easy-to-apply methods have inspired and helped thousands of men and women face and overcome their most complex and daunting life, relationship, and sexual challenges. For eleven seasons, Dr. Sheri’s unique on-air style and approach to love, life and healing has been showcased as host and producer of the weekly interview/advice TV talk show, “Straight from the Heart” — a show dedicated to helping viewers enrich their lives, boost their love potential, and enhance their relationships. In her private practice, online videos, and in front of national television audiences, Dr. Sheri is known for her knack of transforming the FEAR of change into the FUN of change. Informative and entertaining, she gets to the heart of the matter and shows people how to seize the life and love they’ve always wanted. In her new book, Chatting or Cheating: How to Detect Infidelity, Rebuild Love, and Affair-Proof Your Relationship, Dr. Sheri shares her exclusive and unique insights that come from 25 years of helping couples navigate through the murky and often dangerous waters of cyber, physical and emotional INFIDELITY to a place of healing, rebuilding trust, and safely loving again. Visit website: View Guest page

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Susan Tschudi

Susan Tschudi is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in Westlake Village, CA. Susan received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master’s Degree in Psychology with Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University. She is an adjunct faculty member in the graduate psychology department at Pepperdine University. In 2012 her book “Loving Someone with Attention Deficit Disorder: A Practical Guide to Understanding Your Partner, Improving Communication & Strengthening Your Relationship”, was published by New Harbinger Publishing and is also a chapter contributor to the soon to be published textbook titled, “"The Distracted Couple: The Impact of ADHD on Adult Relationships". The book helps the reader understand that they symptoms associated with ADD can turn up in every areas of an individual’s life and, if not understood, can impair the health and well-being of a relationship. As a relationship expert and experienced speaker, she has addressed local, national, and international groups on the subject of relationships and Attention Deficit Disorder. More can be learned about Susan and her works by going to . View Guest page

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Monica Vickers

Monica Vicker’s, “My Extraordinary Life”, is a wonderful story that shares her story of a blessed childhood with a wonderful and loving family. They motivated her to live life to the best that she can, and helped her accomplish great things. Through the years, Vickers feels that her family’s love and support inspired her to write a book that will inspire and motivate others who also share her plight. Monica Vickers shows readers how living with disability can be a lifestyle—it doesn’t make one courageous, brave, or heroic. Disabled people are very good at knowing what they can and cannot do. Knowing these limitations, helps to look at the bright side of things and make life meaningful and useful. She hopes that her readers will learn how to embrace life’s trials and pains because there are others out there who are carrying much bigger burdens. Her book evokes the true meaning of hope and endurance amidst great pain and strife. It also expresses positivity and acceptance. My Extraordinary Life is a deeply inspirational true story is eloquent and confident, offering a great spiritual adventure. Readers of all ages will be delighted and inspired through the expressive and enlightening pages of her book. View Guest page

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Brian P. Wohlmuth

Brian P. Wohlmuth, M.A., is Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, who has accumulated 25+ years of experience working with children, adolescents, and their parents at his private practice in Encino, California. Concurrently, he has been employed at an educational setting (Non Public School/NPS) for students who were either identified as learning disabled, or diagnosed with a variety of social-emotional, behavioral, and psychological disturbances. At this location he provided individual counseling, offered parental support, and participated in Individualized Education Program (IEP) Meetings, for each youngster under his care. View Guest page

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