Why We Are Here: Intuitive Counselor and Transformational Coach S'Roya and Dance Instructor and Fitness Expert Heather West

April 12, 2013
Hosted by Sharon Rose Washington

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On "Why We Are Here" Intuitive Counselor and Transformational Coach S'Roya- through her Spiritual magazines as a Publisher, her private counseling sessions and her Goddess workshops has been transforming lives for over 20 years. As an "Intuitive Awakening" Specialist she helps one to understand their purpose and mission in life. S'Roya Rose ushers into the world much needed tools such as AVALON her bi-monthly magazine, that explores the many paths of inner transformation and the re-balancing of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Dance Instructor and Fitness Expert Heather West of "Luscious Maven Pole Dancing Studio" is a rare find with classes ranging from pole to exotic dance and burlesque. Heather West presents a fitness agenda that rivals the average gym work out. Stretching, Yoga and Pilates meet the pole and dance floor in classes that combine exercise with dance art.West has created a physical environment where women feel beautiful, connected, strong and supported.

Why We Are Here

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Join visionary host Sharon Rose Washington to explore the answer to the big question of “Why We Are Here” through interviews with movie, music, and entertainment industry artists and celebrities, business thought leaders, changemakers, bestselling authors, and many more. Each week, Sharon’s guests share from their palettes of self-discovery, self-expression, breakdowns, breakthroughs, and ‘a-ha’ moments of illumination to find their higher purpose, passion, and ‘calling’ that drove them to extraordinary achievements and changed the course of their lives. These luminaries’ spirited stories of healing, bravery, hope and faith will sharpen your awareness, touch your soul, and inspire you to see your life differently; their courage, compassion, wisdom and grace will connect you to your own power to live the conscious heart centered awakened life that is calling you.

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Sharon Rose Washington

Sharon Rose Washington is a visionary author, entertainment industry producer, motivational speaker, empowerment coach, and energy healer. Born in Los Angeles, she was raised in the Pennsylvania Mountains by mother Thelma Rose and Native Cherokee grandmother, Katie Weaver.

At age 17, Sharon Rose enrolled at UCLA and Columbia School of Broadcasting. While in school, she landed her first job as production assistant to the popular Rick Dees and his morning show on KIIS-FM. Sharon Rose later went on to carve a career in television behind the scenes and in front of the camera at Fox, CBS, and KCAL Channel 9 before spending seven and a half years at the William Morris Agency (now WME). As a record breaking two-time “Jet” magazine centerfold and boxing "Ringside girl", Sharon Rose has modeled and is a member of AFTRA as a voiceover professional for almost 20 years.

Currently, she is an Empowerment Coach/Energy Healer and Motivational Speaker and has authored spiritual self- help books, “How to Walk the Earth as a Goddess” and “Pick a Positive Prayer” that have been endorsed by Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith and Gloria Steinem. She is currently working on her third book entitled, “As Violet Rose” and is a freelance writer for several magazines. Sharon has also been a writer on “All That”, a Nickelodeon TV series, and wrote and produced a highly successful DVD series on healing and empowerment for women, “Woman Heal Thyself” which sold over six thousand copies.

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Charles Aidikoff

The eminent Charles Aidikoff has owned and operated “The Charles Aidikoff Screening Room”- known as is the most discreet room in town- for many of his ninety eight years. He is an iconic legend and has been a major component of the Film Industry almost since its conception from the early age of seven. The Charles Aidikoff Screening Room has been in the fast lane– from playing some of the first screenings of Star War for George Lucas to running early test screenings for Peter Sellers, Orson Wells, Sharon Stone, John Wayne, Denzel Washington, Prince Charles, John Cassavetes and even the Beatles! This private screening room has always quietly hosted the Hollywood elite. Now in a new era of quick delivery digital movies and independent film the fourth generation “Charles Aidikoff Screening Room” stands ready to serve the new and emerging film makers. With a focus on technical excellence and staying on top of new and emerging standards the screening room that has defined what a quality screening experience should be is redefining that standard on a daily basis. Listen to quick witted and warm hearted Charles Aidikoff on “Why We Are Here” with Visionary Host, Sharon Rose Washington as he talks of his days in the Film Industry beginning with “silent film” to today’s high tech screenings and his giving back to many charitable organizations. View Guest page

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Torii Allah

Internationally recognized Feng Shui Black Hat Master-Psychic Medium Torii Allah is a breath of fresh air in a world in need of love and understanding. Torii Allah will share with us on “Why We Are Here” how to draw vital energy from the invisible world of chi (an energy flow of force that exists around us in our environments and also within us.) in order to create an embellished lifestyle of good health, wealth and wholeness in the world of visibility. She has been on Lifetime’s hit show, “America’s Psychic Challenge where she demonstrated her perception as a clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. Her love for finding truth through clues in the ethers has fueled her adventurous journey throughout the world. Through Torii Allah and her intuitive expertise we will learn how "Feng Shui' can change one's life, in business, love and family dynamics. View Guest page

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Bill Austin

Bill Austin is a remarkable spiritual healer, teacher, artist and writer living in Holiday, Florida. He specializes in assisting Healers, Light workers, Spiritual Teachers and highly evolved souls to awaken their innate healing gifts and to create a life of fulfillment. Bill Austin has studied and incorporated many different energy healing techniques and has authored several books on healing, spiritual growth, and psychology. His humility as a missionary is the catalyst for his international success. His powerful work holds a high frequency as it resonates from his heart to others while mirroring its Origin. Bill works with the angelic realms and is the founder of several spiritual healing and enlightenment modalities. He is the official guide for Spiritual Growth on SelfGrowth.com – which is one of the largest online self- improvement communities. He offers free group healing sessions each month that attracts thousands of participants. His website is http://www.HealwithBill.com View Guest page

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Adiliah Barnes

Adilah Barnes is best known for her dynamic role as “Anne Marie” on the pop culture television series, “Rosanne”. Adilah. She is an award-winning actress of stage, television and the Motion Picture Industry. Her one-woman show entitled, "I Am That I Am: Woman, Black” has traveled to 41 states with performances on three continents. She’s also appeared on numerous television shows including "Gilmore Girls," "Cold Case," and "Body of Proof," as well as the movies "Erin Brockovich" and Basic Instincts.” The sultry voiced Leslie Stoval appeared in Bay Area radio with KMEL-FM before moving onto serving up music and stimulating topics for twelve years at KBLX-FM in San Francisco, California. She has also worked in broadcasting at KMEL, KDIA, KSOL and KRE and is a graduate of Stanford Universit View Guest page

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Juliet Beynon

Project Director Juliet Beynon of K9 connection, a powerful nonprofit program in Los Angeles shares how she re-shapes the lives of teens in challenging situations by placing them in interactive contact with shelter dogs to build and create trust, solid foundations and win-win behavioral attitudes View Guest page

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Dr. Stacy Brightman

Dr. Stacy Brightman, Los Angeles Opera’s Director of Education and Community Programs, is directly responsible for the oversight and production of the company’s Education and Community Programs which currently serve 160,000 students and family members annually. She is responsible for developing new programs, supervising in-school and community opera commissions, productions and tours, creating and leading teacher seminars, and partnering with schools, community organizations and volunteer groups. View Guest page

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Robert Cabral

Robert Cabral founded Bound Angels after an accidental trip to a local animal shelter. Since that day he’s been working to make the world a better place for animals living in our nation’s shelters. His background is varied and includes martial art master teacher, photographer, and author, however he is always focused on is making the world a better place for those who can’t help themselves. Through Bound Angels, Robert has formed solid relationships with rescue groups, animal rights leaders, shelter workers and management. His background, unique ability in canine behavior, passion and simple behavior assessments has helped to save the lives of countless dogs sentenced to death at local shelters. He has developed the Shelter Angel Video Program which features adoptable dogs in movies on the Bound Angels YouTube channel. Robert’s authored books “Selling Used Dogs” and “Desperate Dogs Determined Measures” have an emphasis on shelter dog’s behavioral issues and how to save them. View Guest page

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ChanChi is an “ITEC”, internationally certified and licensed paramedical aesthetician and wellness lifestyle coach with over 15 years in the Wellness industry. She is the creator of a progressive cutting edge, treatment called, “ChanChi’s Yoga for Your Face Non-surgical Face Lift”. Her passion is authentic in the healing of the body, mind, and spirit through fitness, fashion, nutrition, and skincare with natural applications. Chan Chi is a modern day sage who stands alone with her elixirs, tonics and technique. "Yoga for your Face Professional Skincare” combines paradigms of ancient wisdom, modern day trend, and progressive fast forward treatments that revolutionizes the way skin receives vital nutrients. ChanChi professionally holds 4 yoga certifications and a sports nutrition degree. Single-handedly, CHANCHI IS REVOLUTIONIZING AN ANCIENT ESOTERIC AND SCIENTIFIC WAY TO CARE FOR THE SKIN View Guest page

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Dr. Wayne B. Chandler

Dr. Wayne B. Chandler is an author, inspirational speaker, practitioner and healer. Author of “Ancient Future: The Teachings and Prophetic Wisdom of the Seven Hermetic Laws of Ancient Egypt.” Chandler is an Anthrophotojournalist specializing in ancient African and Asian civilization, philosophy and culture. As a motivational speaker and workshop facilitator, he has lectured throughout Europe, East Africa, the Caribbean, Canada, and the United States. Chandler is also certified in the powerful healing techniques of Bio Electric Energy Management Systems, Pranic Healing & Medical Chi Gung. Dr. Chandler is a martial artist with over 25 years of experience Contact: waynebchandler@gmail.com Dr. Chandler's Mission: Committed to empowering others to become more healthy, happy, and enlivened through the alignment of mind, body, and spirit. View Guest page

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Stacey LL Couch

Stacey Couch, CSP, CAC has dedicated her life to nurturing the sacred bond between humans and nature. She works as a publicist and journalist for Mother Nature, empowering people with the ability to form a real connection with their own souls. As a child, Stacey practiced energy medicine, read Clarissa Pinkola Estes, and studied power animals. Early on her mother taught her new age spirituality. Today Stacey Couch owns Wild Gratitude LLC a shamanic practice that offers individual healing, spiritual consulting and workshops. With Decades of experience with wildlife, rescue animals, and spiritual studies, She is able to make the world of shamanism easily accessible to others. Stacey is author of the book,"Gracious Wild" and also writes for a number of blogs including The Mindful Word and SageWoman. Her writing can be found at www.wildgratitude.com. Stacey lives on a 38-acre small mountain farm outside of Pagosa Springs, CO with her husband, two cats, dog, chickens, and two mustang mares. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Grand Master Roosevelt Gainey

Internationally recognized Chi- Gong Grand Master Roosevelt Gainey teaches what was once forbidden in the world of Martial Arts. Presented with numerous awards in “Martial Arts”, Grand Master Gainey of, “The Body of Energetics” and “Taoist System of the Living Art” will share vital information and secrets on the Art of Chi-Gong, Kung Fu and the Breath.” This is a system based on a natural way of breathing and moving View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Chris Griscom

Luminary Chris Griscom is an internationally acclaimed Global Spiritual Teacher and Healer. She is the author of 14 books, which have been translated into 13 languages, and is the world’s leading authority on reincarnation. Ms. Griscom founded The Light Institute of Galisteo, a renowned spiritual healing center located in Galisteo, New Mexico, and The Nizhoni School For Global Consciousness. The wisdom of her books such as “Time is an Illusion” “Soul Bodies” “The Healing of Emotion-Awakening the Fearless Self” “The Evolution of God” and “Ecstasy is a New Frequency” combined with her Institute, lectures, classes and interviews have catapulted her through the years as an eminent spiritual leader of global stature. Her love for the earth and compassion for all life has fueled her courageous journey. Tune into “Why We Are Here” with Visionary Host Sharon Rose Washington as she speaks with the energetic life force of light, Chris Griscom. View Guest page

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Summer Hassan

Soprano Summer Hassan recently completed her master's degree at the University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music. Recent engagements include her Carnegie Hall debut as the Second Niece in Britten’s Peter Grimes with the St. Louis Symphony, Norina in Donizetti's Don Pasquale and Anna Maurrant in Weill's Street Scene with CCM opera. She recently covered Vendulka in Smetana's The Kiss at Opera Theatre of Saint Louis. Other roles have included Mimi in La Bohème, the Mother in Hansel and Gretel, and Betty in The Threepenny Opera with Janiec Opera Company at the Brevard Music Center; and Vitellia in La Clemenza di Tito and Dorabella in Così fan tutte with Oberlin Opera Theater. She was a 2013 winner of the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions-North Carolina District and was a winner at the Corbett Opera Scholarship Competition at CCM.(www.SummerHassan.com) View Guest page

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Robert Hooks

Robert Hooks (born Bobby Dean Hooks, April 18, 1937) is an American actor of films, television and stage.[With a career as a producer and political activist to his credit, he is most recognizable to the public for his over 100 roles in films and television.Hooks has been regarded, variously, as a gifted artist who broke the color barriers in stage, film and television before the term "colorblind casting" even existed, and a leading man when there were no African American matinee idols. He originated roles on the New York stage in such classics as Dutchman, A Taste of Honey and Where's Daddy? for which he won the Theatre World Award. He was the first African American lead on a television drama, the original N.Y.P.D. Hooks was nominated for a Tony for his lead role in the musical, Hallelujah, Baby!, has received both the Pioneer Award and the NAACP Image Award for Lifetime Achievement, and has been inducted into the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame. He also won an Emmy. View Guest page

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Leeta Kunnel

Leeta Kunnel of "One Love Beauty" a Healing Arts Company, creates vibrationally infused mixtures made from living, organic wild flowers and uniquely selected semiprecious gemstones. Leeta has over 27 years of training in Eastern and Western Holistic disciplines, meditation, Body Energy Work and has studied plant medicines since 1985 View Guest page

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Jeff Kutash

Famed Producer- Choreographer,Golden Globe, Emmy Award Winner, Jeff Kutash was born in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Jeff Kutash has a rich legacy and is known for his work on Headlights and Tailpipes, Knights of the City and Steele Justice.

As a celebrated producer and choreographer Kutash has worked in Las Vegas with Elvis Presley. Jeff has also choreographed John Travolta, Michael Jackson, James Brown and Tom Jones among many other high profile celebrities.

The Jeff Kutash Dancers" appeared regularly on Saturday mornings on "Upbeat" , hosted by Don Webster, a syndicated TV dance party. He is also known for the long running Las Vegas show "Splash". View Guest page

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Mac McDonald

Vintner- Expert Wine Maker Mac McDonald, owner of “Vision Cellars” Vineyards shares with us his expertise on the art of "winemaking". When he is not harvesting his wines to perfection he travels the world celebrating and educating wine devotees on winemaking, and how to enjoy a good glass of wine. Mac McDonald's flavorful wines have been in the White House and loved by a few U.S. Presidents. The U.K.'s Prince Charles has also had the pleasure of tasting Mac’s earthly elixir know as, “Vision Cellars.” View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Brian McKnight Jr.

You may know him as the son of R&B singer Brian McKnight, but McKnight Jr. is much more than his name. He is a real deal - “real” talent. Brian McKnight Jr. not only has an amazing voice with perfect pitch that makes the girls swoon--he is also an established songwriter and producer who plays the piano, drums and most recently, the guitar. We are blessed to have Brian McKnight Jr. with us on the Empowerment Channel show “Why We Are Here”. It is a major honor for our Visionary Host, Sharon Rose Washington to have the usage of his “Futuristic Music” as the theme song for “Why We Are Here”. The song written and sung by Brian McKnight Jr. entitled, “Luna” is about the magical moon and his awe for its beauty and captivating power. It’s lyrical loveliness and illuminating mystic lends a feeling of wonder and excitement to the introduction of the show “Why We Are Here”. The intrinsic voice and notable writing style of young Brian McKnight Jr. stands on its own in a world of musical masters and performance artists. May he climb onward and upward with a fortuitous career for many more years to come! His luminary celebrity stems from hard work, determination, raw talent and an example of what a DNA rich ancestry can do for you if you heed the call. Brian McKnight Jr. affectionately known by some as “Archie” expresses his music with a modern-sexy yet edgy sound that really touches the heart! Brian McKnight Jr. (an old soul) has earned his well -deserved place in the music industry. Watch out for this handsome multiply talented ray of light for he is about to capture the music industry and the souls of fans all over the planet on many levels! Just watch this laid back artist as he takes the world by storm! View Guest page

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Charis Milona

Charis Milona, a beautiful Spirit with a heart of gold has studied and practiced in the Metaphysical Arts for over 25 years. Her first astrology teacher was Frances Sakoian of the New England School of Astrology. Charis Milona is multi-gifted in the realm of spiritualism as a Master Astrologer, Clairvoyant, Tarot Reader, Numerology Expert and Dream Interpreter. Charis provides instrumental ancient information that gives way for her clients to act on their own natural inherent intuition which ultimately contributes to a more expansive life and a higher vibrational world. By combining skill with faith, she lovingly guides many toward greater awareness and their own magick written in the patterns of the stars in the heavens. Check out Charis Milona’s show "Journey with Astrology" on YouTube and Public Access Television. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Peter Moon

Peter Moon who rose to prominence in 1992 when he coauthored "THE MONTAUK PROJECT: EXPERIMENTS IN TIME" with Preston Nichols, is the publisher of the Montauk Project book series and Sky Books. The Montauk Project is a colloquial term on Long Island that refers to an admixture of legends and actual scientific experiments that occurred in the wake of the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment. The Montauk Project included the exploration of psychic abilities of large groups and sought to integrate such with electronic technology so as to affect transmission and amplification of mental frequencies via ordinary radio frequencies. The spectacular nature of these experiments and their natural development eventually led to manipulation of matter and the penetration of time itself. Author, Publisher, investigative Conspiracy Theorist Peter Moon goes where no man or perhaps even woman has gone before as he talks of all things not explained inclusive but not limited to Time Travel, The Paranormal and ET's. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

George Noory

George Noory is an American radio talk show host. As of 2010, he is the weekday host of the late-night radio talk show Coast to Coast AM. He is heard across the United States and Canada on many AM and FM stations as well as on XM Satellite Radio. His show is one of the most listened to overnight programs. The program is syndicated by Premiere Radio, a division of Clear Channel Communications. Noory was born in Detroit, Michigan, but he grew up in Dearborn Heights. He now resides in Los Angeles, California and occasionally broadcasts from, and frequently mentions on air, St. Louis, Missouri. Noory became a guest host for Coast to Coast AM before replacing Ian Punnett as the Sunday night host. His first show was on April 28, 2001. On January 1, 2003, Noory took over week-night hosting duties from Art Bell. With Noory as host, "Coast To Coast" remains one of the most listened to late night talk radio shows. George Noory also, hosts Internet show, “Beyond Belief” and Television History Channel's, “Ancient Aliens” He is popular worldwide with current event topics surrounding UFOs, ancient aliens, conspiracy theories, alternative medicine, life-after-death and all unexplained. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Terri L. Orbuch, PhD

Terri L. Orbuch, PhD better known as "The Love Doctor" is a rising multi-media presence, with live radio and television shows out of Detroit, magazine columns, advice CD's, bedside inspirations-at-a- glance books, and national speaking engagements and workshops. She has appeared on "The Today Show" "Wendy Williams" and "Katie Couric "among others. The Love Doctor is the new face in town among relationship advisors, with an important difference-- unlike doctors Phil, Laura, and Brothers, Dr. Orbuch is a professor and a nationally funded research scientist, in addition to being a marriage and family therapist. One of this country's most trusted relationship experts, Dr. Terri Orbuch has published over 40 articles; been quoted in such national publications as USA Today, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Reader's Digest; and authored five books. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Renée Piane

Renée Piane is an international relationship reinvention expert and dating consultant who helps busy, successful people heal their hearts so they can find true love. She is known as the “Love Designer” because she assists people with clarifying their vision and developing an action plan to create the lifestyle aligned with their goals. Her “inside-out” approach entails examining one’s “love lineage” to discover the habits and imprints that people have learned from their families and the unspoken beliefs that may be influencing and holding them back from love. She openly shares her personal journey of how she removed her roadblocks to finding love. The pioneer and president of Rapid Dating & Networking, she is also a sought-after inspirational speaker and the author of the newly released “Get Real about Love—The Secrets to Opening Your Heart & Finding True Love”. With 20 years of experience, Renée has dedicated her life to helping people to find love. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Jacqui Pitman

Jacqui Pitman began her casting career in the late 80’s with the hit dating show, “Love Connection” and Fox’s Hit “STUDS.” Pitman dropped out of casting for a little over 10 years to be a TV Producer. In 2001, she took a sabbatical from producing to be the Casting Director of the Mega Hit “Big Brother 2” for CBS. Pitman also created and executive produced the MTV hit show NEXT. Casting is the backbone of a great reality show so Pitman decided to marry her TV development and casting skills together to form Partypit Productions Inc. and Pitman Casting Inc. Pitman Casting is a full service reality television casting company located in the heart of the television industry in Burbank, CA. Pitman Casting to date has cast over 75 projects. Some of which include reality shows such as: Syfy’s “Face Off, 1,2,3 and 4” and “Hot Set.” TLC’s “Four Houses,” TNT’s “72 Hours,” Bravo’s “Who Wants to be a Supermodel?”, Discovery’s “Dual Survival” and CW’s “Plain Jane.” View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Magenta Pixie

Magenta Pixie has been receiving information since 1993 from a collective group of Light Beings that she affectionately refers to as the "White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine" or simply "The Nine." She originally opened up to this connection through regular meditation. She started to release the messages from these Light Beings in 2008 in video form on you tube. Since her arrival on the YouTube scene in 2008, Magenta Pixie has gained over 25,000 subscribers and over 6 million video views. They, "The Nine", say 'United we stand, Divided we fall' and that it is time for the lightworkers, the mediums, the researchers, the scientists and all those with differing perspectives on the consciousness raising now taking place on Earth to come together as a collective force and bring forward their knowledge in whatever way it may be. It is the time of the gathering of the like minded and the place you can freely network, share your information and harness that amazing lifeforce energy that is magnified so brilliantly when you are together, is here on "The Internet." They speak of the many clues left for you everywhere and that the journey towards Enlightenment and Ascension is akin to a "Cosmic Treasure Hunt" and that "you left these clues for yourself!" Magenta continues to bring forward these messages in video form on YouTube. Magenta Pixie works as a spiritual coach and Intuitive energy reader with clients around the world via Skype. Her mission within this private practise includes helping others raise awareness of self, reach higher states of divinity, alignment, personal transformation & higher connection. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Ray Podder

Ray Podder is a Designer, Strategist, Author, Digital Architect, Alchemist and the founder of GROW. Combining the next stories of us with the latest decentralized technologies to solve for universal sustainability. Synthesizing art, innovation, science, regenerative economics and evolutionary strategy towards serving the highest quality of life for all life. Ray’s journey towards solving for universal sustainability started back in 2010, when he accidentally stumbled upon deep systemic flaws in our current socioeconomic paradigm, while architecting and designing smart grid energy infrastructure apps and the energy efficiency web portal for California. Upon realizing the futility of his then vocation, he left his 20+ year career as a designer, creative director and digital strategist, to author ONE, a 400+ page book about our decentralized energy independence, and how everything connects to everything else. Since then, he has been passionate about putting his ideas into action. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Dee Roman

Dee Roman knows all too well that your thoughts and emotions shape your reality. In her book, “The 40 Day Fast From Negative Thinking”, Dee illustrates how to apply Biblical Scriptures to everyday life in a practical easy to understand way, to combat negative thinking. As an Empowerment Facilitator, her life’s mission is to restore, and equip women across the globe involved in the sex industry and victims of trafficking to live healthy, vibrant whole lives. Dee is associated with “Treasures” a Los Angeles based out-reach program that is rapidly duplicating itself through-out the world internationally. The root of Dee’s endless contribution and compassion comes from her strong Christian faith. As a liaison she is in the business of uplifting women who have fallen on hard times and are struggling to get up and stay up. She helps those with broken dreams to heal and to find strength that ushers in the engagement of self- love and self –worth which ultimately leads to service to others. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Margo Romaro

As an Independent Producer and Director, Margo has worked on over 100 projects. Her current position as CEO of Blank Page Entertainment, Inc. allows her to help create a working environment that supports individual creativity and team work. The goal of BPE is to create content with integrity, entertainment and value. BPE Specialties: advertising, art direction, budgeting, com, production, and radio. Margo Romero and partners have produced several feature films, including “SIBLING RIVALRY”, “HOOKERS FOR JESUS” and the just completed, “BUTTERFLY”. BPE produces indie commercials and music videos, high end wedding and special event videos, demo reels, television pilots and sizzle reels. BPE provides production and post-production loan-out services. They also provide Writers, Directors, Producers and Designers for Hire, as an additional service. Margo Romero works as an editor / casting story developer on Shark Tank - Expedition Impossible - The Job - Pay Load - The Mole-The Apprentice. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

S'Roya Rose

Intuitive Counselor and Transformational Coach S'Roya- through her Spiritual magazines as a Publisher, her private counseling sessions and her Goddess workshops has been transforming lives for over 20 years. As an "Intuitive Awakening" Specialist she helps one to understand their purpose and mission in life. S'Roya Rose ushers into the world much needed tools such as AVALON her bi-monthly magazine, that explores the many paths of inner transformation and the re-balancing of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Shadoe Stevens

Shadoe Stevens is one of the most recognized voices in the world, but that’s just the beginning. For decades, Shadoe has been an innovator and star of radio, television, film, visual arts and New Media and the Internet. Whether you know him from American Top 40, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Dave’s World, Hollywood Squares, Fred Rated for Federated, Cabo Wabo Radio, Top of the World, MentalRadio, commercials, or Artwork, Shadoe has defined his career through innovation and thinking out of the box, while creating compelling entertainment programs. He has written several children's books “The Big Galoot “series and is a world critically acclaimed artist . For information and to visit his works go to Shadoe.com The deep thinker and warm hearted voice expert Shadoe Stevens is married to beautiful model Beverly Cunningham and is the father of three.For many years, he has had a distinctive career and made his mark by captivating us while creating new paradigms of programming. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Leslie Stoval

TC Thompkins

TC Thompkins is a Marketing CEO and music professional with over 40 years of outstanding accomplishments in the music business, from the development of many artist’s such as Sade’s first US release “Diamond Life”, to working with Luther Vandross, Teddy Riley and Guy, not to mention his undertaking of assisting in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” to become the largest selling CD in Music History. TC works his magic behind the scenes and can see into an artist’s potentiality like no other. As an entertainment consultant and marketing specialist. Thompkins Marketing, one of the nation’s leading Media companies is a full service promotional and marketing company offering world class entertainment services. In earlier years TC held the position of vice President of CBS Records now known as Sony Music where under his leadership, Epic and Associated Labels became the number one urban label in the world View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Eli Villanueva

Innovator, Eli Villanueva is LA Opera’s Education and Community Engagement Resident Director. The Marriage of Figueroa was written by Eli Villanueva and LeRoy Villanueva especially for LA Opera and is based on Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro. The Story

“The Marriage of Figueroa” takes place in historic Alta (Upper) California at the fictional Mission Aguas Frescas where everyone is preparing for the wedding of Gov. Jose Figueroa. Gov. Figueroa enters and proclaims that he will take their beloved mission and make it his own home and the campesinos are expected to fix it up for him – for free. The campesinos use Mozart’s opera, “The Marriage of Figaro,” to show the Governor the error of his selfish ways. The opera within this opera reveals the truth about Figueroa’s greed, and through Mozart’s music the townspeople help him realizes that stealing doesn’t pay, restoring joy and harmony to the town. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Heather West

Dance Instructor and Fitness Expert Heather West of "Luscious Maven Pole Dancing Studio" is a rare find with classes ranging from pole to exotic dance and burlesque. Heather West presents a fitness agenda that rivals the average gym work out. Stretching, Yoga and Pilates meet the pole and dance floor in classes that combine exercise with dance art.West has created a physical environment where women feel beautiful, connected, strong and supported. View Guest page

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Verdine White

Verdine White is no stranger to compliments. As Earth, Wind & Fire's one and only bassist for 42 years now, he's used to fans stopping him to rave about a new album, a new song or a recent gig. But lately, White has noticed the sentiments have taken on a deeper, more emotional tone. "People thank us for just being who we are," he says. "All the music we've made, the shows, making people feel good – those are big moments in everybody's lives. And it's very meaningful to hear those kinds of comments. That's why we do what we do." The accomplishments of Earth, Wind & Fire, now celebrating their fifth decade in the business, are considerable: over 90 million albums sold, six Grammy wins (with 20 nominations), the distinction of being the first African-American group to sell out Madison Square Garden, along with induction into just about every "hall of fame" invented. And, of course, there are the songs: Shining Star, That's The Way Of The World, Getaway, September, Mighty Mighty, Let's Groove, Sing A Song – stone-cold classics, each and every one, all of them driven by Verdine's exquisite bass playing, by turns thunderous and supple, full-bottomed funk and high-minded jazz. View Guest page

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Bruce Wiseman

Bruce Wiseman, U.S. President of “Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights International is the former Chairman of the Department of History of John F. Kennedy University. He is a board member of the National Foundation of Women Legislators and the author of Psychiatry: The Ultimate Betrayal. Mr. Wiseman has testified before Congress and has appeared in more than 800 radio and TV interviews, including CNN, Fox National News, NBC's Dateline and The Montel Williams show. View Guest page

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Daryl “Dogman” Young

Daryl “Dogman” Young celebrates over 40 years of service in the dog training industry as the Owner of “K9 Basic School of Dog Training”! He has been working with dogs since the age of 10 as a kennel boy in Oakland, California, and has loved every minute of it. He loves dogs and he loves his job allotting him the drive to continually seek new and better ways to train dogs professionally. The K9 Basic School specializes in training protection dogs and family pets. Their approach is simple as they tailor their training program to suit every owner and their dog’s needs. After careful examination of the dogs breed, age, sex, and temperament a program is specifically then designed to fit their needs. Internationally worldwide, Daryl “Dogman” Young has extensive experience in working with dogs of celebrities and high profile clients. Whether working with protection dogs or family dogs Daryl “Dogman” Young of “K9 Basic School of Dog Training” is the one to contact at: purepitt@aol.com View Guest page

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