The Syns I Choose- Synchronicity and Synthesis

July 11, 2013
Hosted by Maria Rodriguez

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Episode Description

Synchronicity, meaningful coincidences or God Incidents as some call them, appears prominently on the journey to Leading a Spirit-Driven Life. They are a vital aspect of having a kinetic relationship with Spirit, of receiving messages from above (regardless of whether above means God to you or simply a Higher Consciousness) and of making choices that are Spirit-driven rather than our usual emotion- or logic-driven ones. As our awareness heightens, we experience more of these awe-inspiring coincidences and can interpret them better, especially as our channel broadens with our intuitive sensations, thoughts, images and dreams. Synthesis involves the gathering, holding and sorting of the details so that we can better connect the dots, make the links, and interpret the messages that are all around us. The more we synthesize, the more clarity we gain, enabling us to follow where we’re being led, becoming more empowered with each step. Tune in for more about these Syns you choose. Bridges of Love

Cour de Grace

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Cour de Grace, the Heart of Grace, will uplift you. Each week your host, Maria Rodriguez, will be sharing her own Power Phrases, bite-sized pieces of higher wisdom that facilitate our personal and collective transformation, shifting us inside and out. Her words have a healing power, helping you to embrace yourself as you are and move toward who you want to be, becoming a more active co-creator in your world.

Cour de Grace will inspire you. Inspiration can bring about Transformation, as you listen and then act with trust and with intention. The richness already within you is given the freedom to bloom, furthering you in every area of your life.

You are here because your heart knows there is more. More beauty, more joy and more truth. If you are ready to be more, create more, love more, live more, even breathe more, then come.

Maria Rodriguez

Healer, Teacher, Circle Leader. Maria Rodriguez has served in these ways in her 25 years as a clinical social worker. These roles have been enhanced by Maria's gifted Channeling. She receives words, processes and images full of wonder and of truth that can speak to us all, adding Infinite Possibilities to our lives.

Maria believes that together we can see more clearly, shift more deeply and move forward more swiftly. In light of this, she developed a model for Breaking Our Toxic Shame Cycles: Healing Ourselves and Our Relationships, a model that has led many to profound spiritual and psychological transformation. Maria is also the founder of Sacred Spaces, her counseling work of partnering with each person to remove these barriers and to access and embrace the Sacred Spaces, within us, between us, and around us.

Through Cour de Grace and the VoiceAmerica talk radio show, Maria will share much of the wisdom she has gained from the pain and triumphs of her own journey and from being a co-journeyer with others. Maria believes that none of us need live any longer bound by shame and that our journey is one of moving towards leading a life we love to live, ever uncovering the essence of who we are, bringing higher intentions wherever we tread. All with grace, for the good of all that is.

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