Philly Sports Jabronis with Guest Ed Condran

August 9, 2013
Hosted by Joe Darrah and Mike Greger

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The Philadelphia Eagles kickoff their 2013 preseason schedule live in Philly during our episode, and the Jabronis will be there to look up stats on the Internet and share with listeners. Oh, wait, you people don’t need us for that! But you do need to hear our opinions on how this team can or cannot be successful with their fourth- and fifth-string wide receivers being relied on at an unprecedented rate to this point. Hmmm, maybe one of us will get summoned to take the field the way things are looking? Or maybe Jonathan Papelbon will get a shot since he doesn’t seem to want to be a Phillie anymore and doesn’t remember how to close out games. And when’s the last time any athlete in Philly has so quickly worn out their welcome in this town as Papelbon? Maybe Antonio Bastardo? Probably not high-profile enough, huh? Are some fans seriously not happy that Chase Utley has been extended by the Phillies? Are these people drinking bleach or something? We’ll be here to debate it, and encourage you to debate with us!

Philly Sports Jabronis

Philly Sports Jabronis

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The Philly Sports Jabronis provide Philly sports fans with what they can’t live without: Lively conversation and attitude-filled debate. We’re just like any Philly fan. We’re opinionated, we’re unapologetic and we like to think we’re intelligent enough to know what we’re talking about. As longtime reporters and journalists, we have inside access to all Philly’s teams. Heck, we’ve even tried out for some of them. Our hearts beat with the passionate pulse of the Philadelphia sports fan, because that’s who we are. We’ve lived Philly sports every day since God graced the green earth with our presence. We are Philly sports, and you will be too.

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Joe Darrah and Mike Greger

Joe Darrah and Mike Greger

Joe Darrah was born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia. He learned his first lesson of Philadelphia sports fandom in the late 80s as he proudly paraded around his parents’ living room in Wissinoming Park, clad in his Chicago Bears Walter Payton jersey. Under the icy stare of his grandfather, Joe had suddenly become the enemy. He quickly learned that it’s not the wisest of choices to wear anything other than eagles green on a football Sunday.

Today, Joe still greatly admires Payton, but also admires the city he grew up in and the passion its fans have for its sports teams. We claim a personal stake with each win and loss. We follow our teams and demand that they understand our expectations. And we express our emotions feverishly on sports-talk radio.

Joe has brought the same intensity he’s lived with as a fan to his professional career as a sportswriter. He’s covered the sports scene through the high school, college and professional ranks, and has committed himself to maintaining the pride of being a Philadelphian who’s never afraid to express his opinions—and, yes, he’s got lots of them.

Mike Greger grew up in the Philadelphia area bleeding Eagles green, watching Randall Cunningham break his opponent's ankles and praying for a Super Bowl. When that didn't happen, he ditched his rally towel, because there's no cheering in the press box, and embarked on a career in sports journalism and started covering the Eagles and Phillies for Metro Philadelphia, as well as serving as NFC West Editor for Mike also contributes as an active member to the Pen and Pencil Club and Philadelphia Sports Writers Association.

Mike is a hybrid, a sports junkie at the core, with an insane addiction to pop culture and the hip hop music scene, majoring in poetic justice. Basically, he sees himself as the living, breathing version of Roc Nation Sports.

Mike is a little bit Chad Johnson, mixed with Tupac Shakur and blended over rocks with Larry Bird. He never takes himself too seriously, but when he’s trying to prove his point, he brings serious heat. He never antagonizes, but don’t antagonize him! There are important points and opinions he wants to get out, and WILL get out, but he never forgets that sports is a beautiful distraction for people.

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