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September 26, 2013
Hosted by Angela Sharpe

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The way we do business has drastically changed and entrepreneurs and startup businesses have to keep pace with the changing times in the economy, social media, mobile apps and technology changes daily. How do you keep up and know how these changes affect you? .More importantly, where do you go to get answers to these questions? If you take time to keep up with all the changes, then is your business suffering? If you are unsure what is next and seeking answers to make important decisions, may I strongly give you a suggestion, Mentors! You do not have the luxury of waiting for business to just happen, in this economy and ever growing competition. You have to make it happen! There is so much more you have to navigate and sort through on a daily basis. There are more rules and regulations than ever before. Don’t try to do this alone, there is help available and we will discuss how mentoring can be your most valuable resource and productive use of your time. Join us to discuss mentors.

A Sharpe Outlook: Best Practices For Success

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A Sharpe Outlook provides business discussions that enable entrepreneurs, visionaries and business owners the insight needed to achieve self-determination and empowerment. Through our industry specific educational materials and toolkits, WE OFFER businesses the opportunity to develop strong business infrastructure, information technology, strong governance and a skilled workforce. We answer your concerns with today’s industry experts. With our Ask Me segment, we answer your specific questions and gauge our programming to meet you at the point of need.

A Sharpe Outlook uses unique and holistic methods to educate, inform and empower you to be your best self. Our weekly discussions are informative and the valuable resource materials and toolkits can give leaders the valuable information necessary to achieve sustainable business enterprises, develop independence, improve economies and strengthen cash flow, which fosters new business and enables private sector companies to flourish.

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Angela Sharpe

Angela Sharpe is the talk show host for A Sharpe Outlook. Statistically, most businesses fail in the first three years. With her holistic style, she makes difficult information very easy to understand. What you don't know can hurt you, so the mission is always sharing information and best practices in order to achieve success. She develops and shares business tools to help avoid pitfalls. She is an author and a conference presenter in the areas of Housing, Grants, Strategic Planning, Financial Management, Budgeting, Audit, Start-ups, Business Development, Process re-engineering, Systems, Credit, Resources and other operational information. Angela is a seasoned professional with over thirty five years of experience at a senior management level and possesses considerable skill gained from numerous organizations and industries. She has worked for Fortune 500 to Fortune 100 companies and is a conference presenter for existing businesses and start-ups. The industries covered in her years of experience, are retail, consumer goods, software, gaming, banking, manufacturing and nonprofits. Currently, she develops curriculum and training materials for use in private industry, native communities, nonprofits and women/minority owned businesses. She is a leadership trainer and coach using webinars. For additional information, visit

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Robert Q Benedict

Robert Q Benedict – Design Strategist As a founding member of Context Partners, a social innovation design firm, Mr. Benedict designs networks, challenges and prizes, as well as network based business strategies. His clients currently include Nike’s Girl Effect, The Rockefeller Foundation, and the Black Male Engagement (BMe). Since 2007, Mr. Benedict has worked growing social entrepreneurs first at Ashoka and then at Context Partners. As a team of entrepreneurs, design thinkers and brand innovators who understand how an engaged community can drive your business forward. What brings us all together, are beliefs in the power of relationships, and our expertise in the art and science of Community-Centered Design. He sees networks as the key for building relationships between organizations, their customers, grantees and clients that create long-term results. Formerly of Ashoka, Mr. Benedict holds an undergraduate degree in design and a Master’s of Science in Organizational Management. He currently lives in New York City. View Guest page

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Darryl K. Hairston

Darryl K. Hairston was appointed Associate Administrator for Business Development in August 2010. In this position, Hairston is responsible for the management of the SBA’s 8(a) Business Development Program, helping socially and economically disadvantaged entrepreneurs gain access to opportunity. Prior to appointment, Hairston served in a number of senior level management positions within Management and Administration, Gov't Contracting and Business Development and Division of Program Certification and Eligibility. His career with SBA began in 1978 as a Business Management Specialist and he held various positions in SBA branch, district and headquarter offices. Prior to joining SBA, Hairston was the Budget and Marketing Director for the Transportation Div. in the Governor’s Office of Economic and Community Development in W. Virginia. He is a native of Institute, W. Virginia and holds an MBA from Marshall University and a BA degree in Business Admin from West Virginia State University. View Guest page

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Chris L. James

Chris L. James is assistant administrator for the Office of Native American Affairs at the U.S. Small Business Admin. James is responsible for coordinating and directing SBA programs within the Office of Native American Affairs, to promote and enhance small business services and opportunities for Native Americans, including reservation-based Native Americans and tribal governments. Prior experience, James was an associate program manager at the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Community Development Financial Institutions Fund CDFI. James earned a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship from Western Carolina University. He is a member of the Indian Affairs Executive Working Group and chairs the sub-committee on economic development. He was previously an active member of the Certified Entrepreneurial Council, Blue Ridge Entrepreneurial Council, Nat'l Assoc. of Developmental Organizations. View Guest page

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Scott Meyer

Scott Meyer is the bro-founder of 9 Clouds. He and his brother John started the business to teach the power and potential of online technology through humor, practical examples and brotherly banter. Mr. Meyer translates digital media buzz into action steps to inspire and educate the audience in social media, digital marketing and education that improves the digital literacy of businesses. Meyer writes and hosts the Digital Homesteading blog and podcast focusing on growing rural business and community At the 2013 conference, Meyer shared how digital homesteading provides new opportunities for rural businesses and entrepreneurs and how digital media changes the possibilities of what can be done from the frontier. Scott presents at conferences offering education in entrepreneurship, social media education, step-by-step implementation of new media, strategy think sessions, monitoring and analytics, the present and future of marketing and proven 9 Clouds success stories. View Guest page

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Mariana Pardo

Mariana Pardo is the Director for the HUBZone Program which at the United States Small Business Administration (SBA). As Director, Ms. Pardo is responsible for issuing final determinations on firms applying for HUBZone certification, the continuing monitoring of certified HUBZone small businesses and adjudicating protests of eligibility, regarding HUBZone contracts. In December 1998, Ms. Pardo joined the federal workforce as a Business Opportunity Specialist in the SBA’s Small Disadvantaged Business Certification processing unit. In July 2006, she became Director of the 8(a) Business Development Certification and Continuing Eligibility. On May 2008, she became Director of HUBZone Program. Under her leadership, the HUBZone team developed and implemented new business processes to reduce fraud, waste and abuse. Ms. Pardo was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and moved to the US in 1973. She lives in Fort Washington, MD and holds a Masters in Technology Management View Guest page

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Abe WalkingBear Sanchez

Prior to serving as a Corporate Credit Manager, Abe WalkingBear Sanchez was a small business owner. He entered the business consulting and training field in 1982. He is the developer of the copyrighted Profit System of B2B Credit Sales and A/R Management. As the endorsed Credit Consultant for STAFDA and PEI members, he spoke to over 300 Vistage CEO Groups, internationally. A founding member of the Int'l Profit Centered Credit Group, with members in Mexico, Malta, UK and South Africa, Sanchez was both a panelist and speaker at the 2007 World Credit Congress in Mexico City, Dublin and Sydney. Sanchez was the keynote at the 2013 World Credit Congress in Johannesburg. He authors 100+ business articles and is contributing columnist to The Wholesaler, Industrial Distribution and Progressive Distribution Magazine. He is the author of "Profit Centered Credit and Collections" and co-author of "Foundations of a Business 2007" and "The Best Kept Profit Secret: The Executive's Guide to Transforming a Cost Center". View Guest page

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Yusef B. Shakur

Yusef Bunchy Shakur is an author, father, youth mentor, speaker, community organizer and bookstore owner. He has overcome the odds of growing up in a fatherless home with an abusive and alcoholic mother. This lifestyle led to a notorious street gang; which contributed to his imprisonment at age 19. During incarceration, he became acquainted with his estranged father, who played an integral role in Yusef’s development from a hardened criminal into a responsible adult. Released after 9 years in prison, Shakur was determined to make a difference in his community. His contributions derived from his personal mission to “Restore the Neighbor Back to the Hood.” He has organized community events in the City of Detroit. Shakur's epic journey is told in the critically acclaimed documentary, Detroit’s Native Son. He is co-founder of Formerly Incarcerated and Convicted People’s Movement (FICPM). He travels sharing his story at workshops, trainings and lectures and has numerous awards as an agent of change. View Guest page

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John Tschohl

For the last 31 years John Tschohl has solely focused on helping organizations drive a service culture and create a customer experience through his technology that is built on practicality, simplicity and common sense. With his focus on empowerment and the power of the social media, Tschohl has the ability to passionately communicate the power of the service strategy to top executives and their workforce. John’s technology and books are in 11 languages and available in over 45 countries. Tschohl has authored several books that are recognized and highly esteemed by senior executives as the most powerful must-reads in Customer Service. His message is based on common sense built around his 41 years as a conference speaker, designer of training programs and developing a high performance workforce. John Tschohl is known by some as the “Guru of Customer Service” by USA Today, Time and Entrepreneur Magazines. He has been featured on Good Morning America, CNBC and PBS. Author of 7 books. View Guest page

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Jim Warner

Jim Warner has worked in the software development & engineering fields for over 30 years. He has extensive experience in computer software and technology, manufacturing and management. His career includes Hewlett Packard, Rockwell International, Intuit, Kintera and Blackbaud. For the last 18 years he has focused on solutions for nonprofit organizations. Jim is particularly passionate about simplifying processes and developing solutions that meet end-user needs. Jim has also practiced and taught stress management programs throughout his career. He is currently a volunteer instructor for Project Welcome Home Troops, which offers stress management programs to service men and women with PTSD. View Guest page

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Ken Yancey

Ken Yancey currently serves as CEO of the SCORE Assoc. At SCORE, Mr. Yancey was responsible for developing SCORE into one of the most efficient and effective job creation and business formation engines in the nation. Since 1964, SCORE has helped more than 10 million entrepreneurs. Each year, SCORE provides small business mentoring and workshops to more than 375,000 new and growing small businesses. More than 11,000 business experts volunteer as mentors in over 340 chapters, serving local communities with education. Yancey empowers and inspires SCORE Chapters and its volunteer mentors across the nation. Recognized as one of the nation's leading advocates for small business, Mr. Yancey represents SCORE nationally with media, industry leaders and Congressional testimony. He serves on the Small Business Advisory Council of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and alongside President Obama, First Lady and Dr. Jill Biden; he was involved in the launch of national Joining Forces Initiative in 2011 View Guest page

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