Real relationship talk for youth!

March 12, 2014
Hosted by Naftali Schwartz

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Engaging youth in developing effective communication skills in order to achieve successful relationships.

It’s Time to Go Back to Basics!

It’s Time to Go Back to Basics!

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It’s Time to Go Back to Basics! We talk about the traditional roles of men and women in the world. For example, women stay home with the children, cook, clean and look feminine for their husbands.

Men go out to work and fight in wars for their families. They are the sole providers.

Today, the world is so crazy that nobody knows who they really are because everything is unisex. Women are in the work place with men. Both of them contribute to society. They compete with each other!

Women claim they don’t need a man to support them today. Men don’t really feel needed.

This causes people to not want to get married. People no longer care about each other in the same ways as before. If people DO get married and have arguments, the marriage usually ends up in divorce because they refuse to learn about proper communication skills to work out their issues. Let’s talk. Let’s communicate.

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Naftali Schwartz

Naftali Schwartz

Naftali Schwartz is a warm and personable Relationship/Wellness Coach who provides his clients with hope, love, care and helpful inspiration in many areas of their lives. He believes that helping people with TLC (Tender Loving Care) cures most of their difficulties in relationships as well as in other areas of their lives. He understands not just the surface of their issues, but he sees the entire “picture” of their attitudes toward life. He knows exactly how to create a good rapport with each person he meets by understanding who they appear to be and who they are in real life. He knows that a person may have a title in his/her own profession, but ultimately, we are all human beings.

Naftali teaches people to listen to themselves talk about their situations, then gets them to change their thoughts as well as feelings about themselves. He understands that change takes time, and he works with people to see their outcome later on.

Naftali’s wife relates a story that perfectly illustrates how compassionate he is. On their second date, before they went to a movie, he asked her to join him in visiting a sick neighbor in a nursing home. The neighbor was in terrific pain. Naftali helped to make her more comfortable in order to ease her pain.

Naftali looks forward to reversing the “Divorce Epidemic” within the USA and globally. Lots of people seem to be against marriage, but we can learn how to work out our relationship issues by listening to each other.

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Josh Bernstein

Don Giberson

Don Giberson is a Destiny Coach who helps people find, follow and fulfill their unique soul purpose. He is a Master Law of Attraction Instructor who has helped to train and certify hundreds of Law of Attraction coaches and teachers. He is the founder of the Higher Consciousness Training Institute which offers programs for personal and global transformation. He is also the President of DreamCrafters, Inc., an international training and coaching company which offers programs and services used by clients in over 60 countries. Don is trained in a number of transformational modalities including Emotional Freedom Technique, Spiritual Response Technique, Ho’oponopono and others. Don has been helping business owners build thriving and successful businesses since 2005. Guest Don Giberson

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Laura LaMonaco

Since getting back to basics is a foundation, lets start with a topic where the foundation has broken. This could even be from the dating scene today, the expectations of marriage in the past to the divorce increase today. Laura LaMonaco is an actress, artist and entrepreneur. She has been a member of Toastmasters International since 2006 and believes communication is one of the biggest problems in society today. Her experience includes grant writing for non-profits, chairing various non-profits, mentoring youth and has previously been a foster parent. Today Laura is a professional public speaker, speaking in the areas of communications in business settings, post traumatic stress disorder, how to live a healthy life, and how to understand your loved one with PTSD, Increasing profit with better customer service and more. Guest Laura LaMonaco

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Desiree Luethy

Desiree Luethy, is the co-owner and co-founder of the Captivating Speakers and Captivating Kids program. Desiree was personally mentored and coached by Chanti Niven the creator of the Captivating Speakers and Kids program, initially through the Toastmasters International program, then in ongoing private coaching sessions and finally hands-on in business when she elected to join The Captivating Speakers as an intern. She is a qualified Captivating Speaker trainer and now runs classes, teaching kids valuable communication skills through our Captivating Kids program. Desiree also works as a volunteer for the 'Make-a-Wish' foundation and as a camp counselor for Ronald McDonald camp. She has collected many of her own awards for public speaking and is currently working on her Distinguished Toastmaster designation through Toastmasters International and has also competed in the World Championships of Public Speaking. Guest Desiree Luethy

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Chanti Niven

Chanti Niven, a master communicator and multiple award-winning public speaking champion and successful entrepreneur, is the founder and creator of the Captivating Speakers and Captivating Kids program. Chanti is extremely passionate about advancing oral and written communication skills and has tirelessly dedicated herself to this cause across the globe. She is a long-term Toastmaster (since 1984) and has achieved the highest designation that Toastmasters International can bestow, that of Distinguished Toastmaster. She has been awarded countless other awards for public speaking, including the title of ‘Best Speaker’ for one of the leading speaking clubs in Los Angeles, a title she was awarded for 4 years in a row. She has also served on the board of Toastmasters International as Area Governor and most recently chartered a club ‘Captivating Toastmasters’. This club broke all records from inception with 58 charter members members and a current membership of 67 strong. Chanti’s credentials and accomplishments in this field are too numerous to list. Guest Chanti Niven

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Neil Palache

Neil has been in the ‘money’ business since 1983. Although he has owned and run several businesses, today, he is the Founder and Owner of the Wealth Creator Company for Women located in Westlake Village, California. As its Missions Statement says: The Wealth Creator Company is dedicated to coaching and educating divorced and widowed women as they strive to establish their own financial well-being while moving towards and ultimately reaching financial independence. Neil is dedicated to empowering women as is shown by his involvement in many community and business organizations such as the National Association of Women Business Owners Ventura County, Women’s Economic Ventures and Women’s Festivals Santa Barbara. He has also started several groups such as the Women’s Money Forums and the Divorce Transition Professionals. Neil has been married to Stacie since 1987, has three beautiful children and lives and works in Westlake Village, CA. Guest Neil Palache

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Chuck Lewis Senior

The ‘Godfather’ and primary creator of the Lewis Approach verbal system. Co-author of the book, “Getting What You Want And Being Liked For It, How to resolve conflicts, problems, and situations with anyone about anything” Worked in the fields of psychiatric social work in the field of mental health for a period of 45 years. Married to his wife, Victoria Lewis, for 52 years! (He knows how to make relationships work!) Diplomat of Clinical Social Work L.C.S.W. (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) A.C.S.W. (Academy of Certified Social Workers) M.F.T. (Marriage and Family Therapist) Guest Chuck Lewis Senior

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