Thought Feeling Connection: The First Connection You NEED To Make!

April 11, 2014
Hosted by Dan Deigan

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The thoughts we have about attaining our true hearts desires, our big goals, our lifelong dreams, are all an amazing thing to keep, harness, and strive for. There is one aspect that most people forget. This part is “our feelings” we can have the greatest thoughts ever, to create the latest ad most innovative computer, company, or program that could change the way the word works just like Apple did for our personal computing, however, if our feelings don’t match our thoughts, we are doomed. This week, we bring back choice expert Rico Racosky to devote the entire show to helping us align out thoughts with our feelings. We have all been there, got a big idea, thought is was the best ting since sliced bread, then went to execute this remarkable idea only to find defeat around every corner. NO MORE! Today is the day you take back your dreams and start to create the life you have always wanted. Remember, it is your choice! Just 2 Choices, are you going to take the red pill or the blue pill?

Little Conversations Today

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Making a positive choice to change those negative “little conversations” we have in our heads is a key element if we are truly going to reach our most desired goals, dreams, and aspirations. Each week, Little Conversations Today brings together experts from all over the world to share their ideas, strategies, and action plans that help us find the gold nuggets in every adversity or challenge. These empowering “Little Conversations” we have will allow us to break through our fear and help us see that all that adversity and challenges we meet are simply trajectory moments that should help us go vertical toward our true burning desires.

Dan Deigan

Dan Deigan serves as an inspiration to others. His energy, passion, and “laugh” are infectious. He is a devoted husband, father, and the co-founder of both The Adversity Connection and Little Conversations Today.

Dan grew up in Lachine, Quebec. At the age of eleven his family relocated to Pointe Claire, Quebec which is a suburb of Montreal. Dan was not a confident young man. He was insecure and afraid so he looked to the rough crowd to cloud his fears and insecurities, but all this did was find him in trouble with law enforcement.

These battles lasted until the day his dad handed him a copy of Dr. Norman Vincent Peal’s book, “The Power Of Positive Thinking.” The concepts in Dr. Peal’s book as well as the intensive work he found himself drawn to by the world’s top personal development speakers like Brian Biro, Ed Foreman, Zig Zigler, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, and Wallace Waddles led Dan to create Little Conversations Today in 2010 with his wife Christine

Prior to Little Conversations Today, Dan was and still is a successful sales person in the expansive world of transportation. He lives in Ontario, Canada with his wife Christine, son Brendan, and daughter Jessica.

Dan is devoted to making not only a shift but a dynamic shift in the world today. He lives every day with the belief: “Impossible is just an opinion.”

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