The Secret to Letting Go: The Process of Owning

June 26, 2014
Hosted by David Cope and Peggy Lit

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Living from the heart not only involves a willingness to explore and uncover the constructs of the mind that limit the experience of one’s self but also a willingness to let go of these deeply ingrained beliefs about one’s self and life once they have been uncovered. Peggy and David have developed a remarkable method that allows individuals to consistently let go of the constructs of the mind. In this episode, Peggy and David will share with you how the revolutionary process of owning works to let go of limiting beliefs about one’s self. The process of owning is fundamental to living from the heart because without letting go a person will habitually revert back to the control of the mind. Because many of our spiritual beliefs inhibit the experience of living from the heart, Peggy and David introduce a belief of the week. In this episode, they will discuss the belief of karma and how living from the heart makes the need for this belief superfluous.

The Avatars: Ushering in a New Beginning

The Avatars: Ushering in a New Beginning

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For thousands of years mankind has experienced itself through the mind which has created the world we know. It has been foretold that this is a time of great change in the consciousness of the planet. What is the paradigm shift required to usher in a new reality?

Science has proven that the heart is a highly complex, self-organized information processing center. The capacity to live from the heart is innate to humans but has been obscured by the mind. Living from the heart cannot be understood or known from the mind. It is the transcendent experience of outgrowing the mind and living from the one’s innate experience. Peggy describes this experience as a religion of self, which is the belief in one’s self, not an external reality. Its basis is self love, the experience of being complete within one’s self.

Join Avatars Peggy and David as they share their fantastic voyage of inner exploration that unfolded the unique and fresh worldview of living from the heart.

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David Cope and Peggy Lit

David Cope and Peggy Lit

David Cope has been a business man all his adult life. His experience of expanding consciousness is the farthest thing he could ever imagine. Ten years ago he consciously set out to find answers to some of life’s most profound questions. He realized in an epiphany, a micro second flash of awareness, that all of his problems and answers lay within him. From that moment forth, he followed an unfolding of knowing that realized an amazing process of self- discovery. David has developed unique contextual material that has evolved over the years that teach and guide others through the experience of expanding consciousness.

David has honed the skill of bypassing the mind so that he can internally identify dissonance in an individual’s unique responses to statements. This gift allows him to keenly differentiate the language and intonation of the constructs of the mind to guide individuals to profound internal awareness. Much like a virtuoso piano tuner, David’s extreme sensitivity to the mechanics of the mind, the frequency of its tones, and the nature of self allows him an unparalleled window into human consciousness.

David does not have any educational degrees to define his consciousness acuity. In fact, he often shares that he has no teachers, reads no books, nor attends any workshops. It is from his inner unfolding that the concepts and experiences used to articulate his understanding are drawn, profound evidence that the answers are truly within all of us.

Peggy Lit grew up on a farm in a rural town in South Dakota. She never sought out “spiritual” awareness and was quite content living a “normal” life as a mother and provider. In 2005, something quite astonishing began that she was totally unprepared for.

As she looks back on her journey, she can now piece together the puzzle of her experiences of moving through stages of enlightenment. Though she acknowledges that her experiences of bliss and oneness where gems upon her pathway, she immediately knew at a very deep level, “This experience is not me, there is more.”

Early in her journey she believed that her smorgasbord of non-physical and spiritual experiences, which included a visit from Mother Mary and the Holy Spirit, were experiences that were happening to her. She became even more perplexed with the intermittent experiences of Ascended Masters Jesus, Lord Maitreya and Sanat Kumara in her. Over time, as she became more grounded in the experiences of her self, she understood, the profound realization that all these and many other amazing experiences were just Peggy, experiencing her self.

All of Peggy’s experiences provide the contextual foundation of her deeper awareness into the experience of her self and knowing who she is. She now shares her extraordinary understanding of the complexities of the human condition by guiding others through the maze of human consciousness and ushering in the transformative experience of living from the heart.

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