How to Be Attractive to The Person You Are Attractive to

July 18, 2014
Hosted by Mark Owen with Co-Host Sherrie Nattrass

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Mark discusses the way younger people get together and how different it is as we leave college and get older. Learn why dating is more important after we are out of school. How can individual differences work to our advantage? Learn what the real opposite of love is. Find out how to avoid feeling self conscious. Guest Bob Stahn answers the question of what creates the gap between the person you want to date, and the person who is attracted to you, and how to overcome it. Learn how to intentionally invite those you wish to date into your relationships, creating a better opportunity for them to be attracted to you. Some people who want to date are too protective to let another person in. Learn how to open up, feel safe, and be receptive, and, the first thing you need to focus on to be attractive to the person you want. Mark's challenge to help you find the person you want to date and how people can change in ways that make a significant difference in finding dating success.

Events and Adventures Presents The Single Show

Events and Adventures Presents The Single Show

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Events and Adventures Presents The Single Show, with Hosts Mark Owen and Sherrie Nattrass. The Single Show is not a reality show. It is a show about the reality of being single. Our show focuses on interests, questions and insights relevant to today’s singles.

Our show features expert guests, ideas, contests, transformations and success stories. The Single Show is a resource for single people who are looking for ways to live happier, more fulfilling lives. Our core belief is that you are most attractive when you are relaxed and having fun!

If you are single, we’ll help you move confidently through the always changing world of being single.

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Mark Owen with Co-Host Sherrie Nattrass

Mark Owen with Co-Host Sherrie Nattrass

Mark Owen is the Founder of Events and Adventures, a members-only social club for single adults that has tens of thousands of members in various cities throughout the US and Canada.

His club takes its members to every kind of social gathering in every corner of the globe where they find companionship and even love.

Owen says club members don’t want to sit at home, but want to go out and make real relationships with other people. Events and Adventures is based on the simple concept that when you relax and have fun, that is when you are the most attractive to other people, and it helps if you are in the same room with them.

Owen started Events and Adventures in Seattle in 1987. His vision was to take the pressure out of dating and put groups of like-minded singles together in fun and adventurous settings.

Events and Adventures has a 27-year history that not only pre-dates the rise of the Internet but also major dating companies like eHarmony, established in 2000, and, in 1993.

Mark says that finding someone to spend the rest of your life with is a very basic thing. It doesn’t matter what the culture is, people are not meant to be alone!

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  • 7/18/2014: How to Be Attractive to The Person You Are Attractive to Listen Now
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Joshua Castilleja

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Dr. Kris Heap

Dr. Kris Heap is an expert in cosmetic dentistry, author, speaker, life coach, and founder of Successify, with the mission to teach people how they can succeed at home, at work, and in their personal lives. Dr, Heap says that there are thousands of “experts” on the topic of success, and that you could spend a lifetime reading everything they have to say. His goal is to boil all of that information down into small steps that you can implement to “successify” your life! What does “successify” mean? In much the same way you would accessorize your wardrobe or your car, successify is the act of adding success to your life through the formation of positive habits. Kris Heap provides people with uplifting quotes, stories, and strategies for achieving the goals you have set for yourself. He also offers seminars, books, videos, life-coaching, and personal stories. View Guest page

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Jef Rawls

Director & Producer Jef Rawls has been acting and performing for nearly 25 years. His background includes Film, TV, Video, Commercial, Radio and Stage. Jef has performed live improvisational comedy virtually every weekend for the last 17 years. In fact Jef has over 5,000 improvised shows under his belt, both as a performer and host. In addition to live performances, Jef hosted ABC Channel 15’s kid’s educational program – “WHAT’S UP?” (This TV show won an ‘Emmy Award’ for best local children’s educational program). His acting career also includes over 50 children’s educational videos, over 30 commercials, music videos, independent and feature films, and a variety of stage and theatrical performances. He was also the host & producer of “Breakfast Epiphanies” a comedy talk radio program on All-Comedy Radio. Jef is currently working on a project in which he will play the lead roll in a feature film due to start filming in September. View Guest page

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Dolf de Roos

Dolf de Roos is a New York Times and International bestselling author, speaker, and consultant to the wealthy. He teaches at events and institutions in over 16 countries including Tony Robbins’ Wealth Mastery and Trump University. He also worked with Robert Kiyosaki for a number of years and wrote the book in the Rich Dad’s Advisor series on real estate. He was on four thousand five hundred radio stations daily for over four years. In 2003 Dolf was appointed Visiting Professor of Real Estate at the University of North Texas. He shares with his audiences how to build wealth, and how to value the people, moments and opportunities that are priceless. View Guest page

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Bob Stahn

Bob Stahn is a Licensed Clinical Professional (mental health) Counselor and a Master Addictions Counselor. He received his Education Master’s degree in Counseling from Boston University. Bob has been working in the fields of psychology and substance abuse since 1983. He has in-patient and out-patient experience working with adolescents and adults. An Air Force officer, he enjoyed living in the diverse cultures of Japan, Turkey, Germany and the USA. Since 1994 Bob has been the owner and Clinical Director of Well Spring Counseling. He served as the President of the Idaho Association of Substance Abuse Professionals for six years and during that time he served as a national board member of NAADAC—The Association for Addiction Professionals. He now chairs the local chapter of SPAN (Suicide Prevention Action Network). Bob loves life, God, nature, his country and his family. He and his wife, Donella, are the proud parents of 11 children and 15.5 grandchildren. View Guest page

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