Staying healthy: Information about vaccination

September 9, 2014
Hosted by Dorrin B. Rosenfeld, DC with occasional Co-Host Robert M. Woolery, DC

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We will be discussing immunity and vaccination, why, when, and how it works, or does not, to inject an infectious disease into the body. To answer these questions, we need an expert on vaccination to explain herd immunity, infectious diseases, natural vs. artificial immunity and the side effects and diseases related to vaccination. Dr. Kristine Hicks will talk about the results of various studies, and the ingredients used in these vaccines. She will also offer alternatives in the case one does not vaccinate their child.

Miracles of Chiropractic: Turning on the Power Within

Miracles of Chiropractic: Turning on the Power Within

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This show is about how Chiropractic can help you whether or not you believe in it. This drug-free alternative to traditional medicine has the power to positively unleash the body’s own healing energy. Medical research is constantly demonstrating how Chiropractic care saves time and money compared to the Western Medicine paradigm of “mask the symptoms with drugs.”

You can realize that many of your conditions are fixable or can be helped. Complementary healing methods can often work together with spectacular results.

On the show we will talk about what “adjusting” means, the specific benefits of upper Cervical Chiropractic, several complimentary healing methods, how DC’s benefit chronic conditions, and specific neurological conditions like epileptic seizures or fibromyalgia. We will talk about this using current research, specific cases, and philosophy.

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Dorrin B. Rosenfeld, DC with occasional Co-Host Robert M. Woolery, DC

Dorrin B. Rosenfeld, DC with occasional Co-Host Robert M. Woolery, DC

Dr. Dorrin graduated from Amherst College with a degree in Philosophy and Women's Studies. She then joined the Peace Corps to teach HS Chemistry in Belize, Central America. While there, she was hit by a tortilla truck while walking, and spent the next year and a half in a hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. After escaping the hospital, she returned to Belize and met a chiropractor. He made such a positive change in her life, she graduated from Chiropractic School, and has since been able to make a similar impact on others. Her special emphasis is patients with traumatic or acquired brain injuries.

Otherwise, she has been involved with Toastmasters International for almost ten years, in leadership and speaking roles. In the 1990’s, she was certified in Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation, Activator Methods, and Blair Upper Cervical Technique. In 2013, she published a chapter in a Chicken Soup for the Soul Collection: The Well-Adjusted Soul (Feel-good Stories from the Heart of Chiropractic). She is also currently a mentor for students at Amherst College.

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Dr. Kristine Hicks, DC

Kristine is committed to the process of mastering the art, science and philosophy of Chiropractic. Her approach is an integration of low force and structural adjustments to restore communication in the body allowing for a greater expression of life. Kristine is a practicing D.C. in a family wellness based practice since 1997. She specializes in Chiropractic care for pregnant women and babies, is a birth educator, doula and has lectured on various topics ranging from homebirth, vaccine risks, pregnancy and Chiropractic, and family wellness. She works closely with the midwives in her community and one of her missions in life is to empower families to make informed choices in pregnancy, birth and raising children. View Guest page

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Dr. Dennis Campbell

Dr. Dennis Campbell, an upper cervical chiropractor practitioner. With 28 years of practice, Dr. Campbell has been recognized within the upper cervical specialty as a pioneer in the use of digital x-rays and CAT scan technology and was awarded the Blair UC Chiropractor of the Year award in 2004. Dr. Campbell is certified as a Blair upper cervical field practitioner and an Instructor and is currently teaching students in major chiropractic colleges and to field practitioners in California. He is currently a sitting board member on the Blair Chiropractic Society as well as a member of the ICA Council on Upper Cervical Care. Dr. Campbell runs a private practice located in Wasco in the heart of California’s farmland in the San Joaquin Valley. View Guest page

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Jennifer Franco

As a clinical nutritionist, Jennifer conducts Nutritional Consultations with clients in her Southern California Offices as well as virtually across the country. The purpose of a nutritional exam is to evaluate the functional health clients and determine their specific nutritional needs to further support their personal wellness goals. Jennifer has an educational background in Kinesiology and is certified in clinical nutrition as well as an AFAA certified personal trainer. She attends and teaches regular seminars and classes to further her education and commitment to her clients and peers. When Jennifer is not in the office seeing clients, she is passionate about educating both the general public and other health care practitioners. Jennifer continuously strives to practice and maintain a true wellness lifestyle. As a sports enthusiast, she enjoys everything from professional team sports to her own personal athletic ambitions such as snowboarding, surfing, hiking and completing her first marathon in 2008. She maintains a healthy lifestyle by maintaining physical fitness, a positive mental attitude, whole food nutrition and receives regular chiropractic care. View Guest page

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Gene Golfus, MD

Professional experience - Began 1985, Retired May, 2014 Staff Anesthesiologist, Department of Anesthesiology - Kaiser, Vallejo, Ca. Special Assignments: 2013: Facilitator for thinking and discussion of ERAS, Enhanced Recovery after Surgery, Vallejo and Vacaville Kaiser Permanente 2013: Trial of the Cheetah Nicom, Noninvasive cardiac output monitor. Presented to Northern and Southern California equipment committees as first clinical user 1995 - 2001: Napa/Solano Kaiser Vallejo, Ca. Medical Director of the Operating Room and Perioperative Services 1997-2001:Northern California, Co-chair of the Regional Perioperative Management Group (RPMG) 1987-96:Assistant Chief of the Department of Anesthesiology, Kaiser Vallejo 1997-98: International Consultant re:OR Management Kaiser International 1997-2000: Co-chair - Surgical Services Collaborative Practice Council, Napa Solano, Kaiser (A startup of a quality oversight group, to develop multispecialty, systems wide approach to the Operating Room and Periopertive services.) Education: 1983 - 1985 Mayo Clinic Rochester, Mn. Anesthesiology Resident 1979-83: Internal Medicine Resident , Hennepin County Medical Center Minneapolis, Mn. CHIEF RESIDENT 1982-83 View Guest page

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Craig Maurer, DC

Julie Laura Rose

Her path began as a hobby to stay out of the offices of Dr’s who were prescribing antibiotics, but not helping her sore throats and swollen glands. She began taking high dosages of Vitamin C. She then progressed to studying natural healing, including bodywork, herbs, foods, and nutrition systems. At 15, she read about how acupuncture was used post-surgically to stop pain in Chinese medicine. That became her goal. However, there were no colleges for acupuncture in the U.S., so she spent the next 20 years studying herbs, foods, “qi” (life force energy), and fundamental ways to address and reverse imbalances that become illness. She got to school with much experience about natural healing in many cultures, and the mental/emotional/physical connection that can lead to imbalances we call illness. She spent five years in Latin America (including Peace Corps in Costa Rica), and seven years at New York Newsday, winning six awards for excellence in journalism. She spent the final 15 months before graduate school at Lincoln Recovery Center, in the Bronx, volunteering to learn the auricular acu-detox protocol (acu-detox on and as an apprentice to an herbalist. She has a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 1996, she became a state licensed acupuncturist, from at the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences. She is nationally certified in acupuncture and Chinese herbalism. Her learning centers around the many factors in people’s daily lives that can cause or contribute to disturbances of physical or emotional well-being Her learning has led to the conclusion that most imbalances that lead to a chronic problem are “repetitive strain injuries”: too much of anything, even something good, can cause an imbalance. Her goal is to empower people to change their condition and avoid recurrences. View Guest page

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Brian Wamsley

A Young Living Distributor, also with a passion for living life to its Highest and Best. He loves being in relationship with people wanting to make a difference in their lives. He brings over 20 years of customer service experience in both the computer and medical industries. He has spent the last ten years on a path of wellness that has spanned a variety of modalities including coaching and healthy catering. With this learning he have achieved greater health and happiness - he has reversed Congestive Heart Failure which has greatly increased his mobility. This recovery has helped him find a passion for helping others along their wellness path. Last year, he was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils. Following a dream of being self-employed, he is now a full time YL Distributors and committed to sharing these amazing products with others. View Guest page

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Katherine (Katt) Wamsley

A Young Living Distributor with a passion for living life to its Highest and Best. As trained Organization and Relationship Systems Coach, as well as a background in Hypnotherapy, she loves being in relationship with people wanting to make a difference in their lives. She has spent a decade on a path of wellness that has spanned a variety of modalities including coaching and healthy catering. In 2013, she began dealing with a rapidly debilitating back injury that had her having to step back from a job she loved and spend much of her time bedridden. After a year of limited success through traditional methods of treatment and a high reliance on medications she was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils in April of 2014. From the first night of receiving their products, Katt has been completely medication free and rapidly returning to her previous activity levels. Visit to learn more and start living highest and best! View Guest page

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Robert M. Woolery, DC

Dr. Bob entered Chiropractic as a healer after 25 years of physical trauma and industrial poisonings as a welder. In this profession, he found the research to explain his own health issues stemming from his previous history. Reading with a critical eye has allowed him to see both the personal and professional applications of these studies. He believes this knowledge is available and should be shared. Due to his own neurological trauma (from a car accident as a child) and resulting behavior, he has become knowledgeable in the balance mechanisms of the human body. His special focus is on these brain stem/body connections. How these connections form in whole and damaged human beings is not just theoretical; but, as seen from his own history, a practical and fruitful source of inquiry. View Guest page

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