Brand Frazzled to Brand Dazzled

October 29, 2014
Hosted by Kathy Bass, The Branding Lady®

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Welcome to the world of branding according to Kathy Bass. At the top of the hour, you’ll discover how self-esteem can either hold you back or make you dazzling along with examples of successful transformations to help you unleash your brand potential.

Branding can be tough to do on your own, but not with this show. You’ll find out what playing BIG really means in order to take you and your brand to the next level.

Then you’ll discover how it feels before, during and after rebranding yourself.

Be ready to find out the main obstacle to overcome feeling frazzled and learn some effective tips to become Brand Dazzled.

This will be your hour to bask in the joy of self-discovery with your own personal branding guide on your side.

Bonus: Guest Dena Patton, a global speaker, author and a transformational business coach, will be joining me to share her personal branding nuggets and ignite your greatness.

Power up!® Branding

Power up!® Branding

Archives Available on VoiceAmerica Business Channel

Discover how to package and express your voice in a way that fits your style. Get ready to release your brand potential!

Welcome to the world of branding where Kathy Bass and her guests discuss all facets of branding, along with tips and ways to build a stellar brand to help you take your business to the next level.

In this show we will explore how personality affects your branding, ways to change the brand image your audience perceives, success stories, and of course engaging, friendly conversation to discuss the unlimited areas of branding. Be ready to believe and understand, in depth, the potential and value your unique personal brand identity brings to world, no matter your age or status!

Power up!(r) Branding provides content that will unlock the door to actionable branding results. Anything of value takes work and the hardest part is getting to the essence of the matter. Together we can conquer the core challenges to build (or rebuild) your brand.

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Kathy Bass, The Branding Lady®

Kathy Bass, The Branding Lady®

“Who are you?” “What are you meant to bring to this world?” If you are ready to answer these questions and make your mark in the world, Power up! Branding is your show!

Kathy Bass, aka The Branding Lady(r), has always been a free spirit, but her journey didn’t truly begin until she was faced with a “Brand Identity Crisis” in 2010. She held 3 degrees, resourceful attitude, can do mindset, but also a fear of public speaking along with an unanswered question: “Who do you want to be when you grow up?”

After attending dozens of conferences, reading countless books, analyzing client success stories and conducting interviews, she now knows what works, what doesn’t, and that any endeavor must start with branding.

Branding, a commonly skipped step, is the reason why so many people struggle to see results or get noticed. It doesn’t have to be this way. This is the place to dive into the key elements to help you discover your own branding and business success from real personal experience.

Kathy’s theories, formulas and methods, combined with a marketing, psychology and design background, along with a desire to have fun while learning will generate simple yet powerful, understandable, and actionable results for YOU!

To date, Kathy has 30 keynotes, seminars, speaking events, and workshops un-der her belt, as well as serving as the Secretary and VP of Public Relations for Toastmasters, and Communications Director for Girls Rule!, a Phoenix non-profit.

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Anu Bhardwaj

Anu Bhardwaj, Founder of the Women Investing in Women DIGITAL, is extremely passionate about the economic empowerment of young women and girls in transforming our global economy. Prior to founding WIIW Global, Anu spearheaded the 2010-2013 U.S. Department of Commerce Private Equity/Venture Capital Certified Trade Missions to the Nordics and Middle East, representing over $175 billion USD private-equity and venture-capital interests in collaboration with the International Trade Administration, the U.S. Embassies in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman. Ms. Bhardwaj was also involved with the development of various Certified Trade Missions in collaboration with various US Embassies and Regional Private Equity Partners. Women Investing In Women is a global revolution (200K followers in over 100 countries) of passionate individuals, united, to foster economic empowerment for women, globally. We accomplish this through public-private partnerships, education, our global radio show, Women INVESTING in Women and Girls, information sharing through social media, and collaborations to promote financial literacy. Activities range from advocacy for global women’s issues, access to capital seminars for women entrepreneurs— to a broader dialogue towards increasing the number of women on corporate boards and in the global private equity industry. The 2013-2014 Women Summit Series took place in New York City, Stockholm, Phoenix, Silicon Valley, Johannesburg, San Diego, and Singapore. Next Summit is in Phoenix February 20-21, 2015: Future summits will be held in South Africa, Austria, Norway. Website: Facebook: Radio: View Guest page

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Bernadette Boas

Bernadette Boas is a sister, a daughter, an aunt and a friend; an entrepreneur and a professional shifter; an author, a speaker and a radio show host, and a people connector. Bernadette is a ball of fire.

She is also an ex-corporate executive—where her b*tch was born AND where she died!

Bernadette Boas is the founder of Ball of Fire, Inc. and creator of the mega-movement Shedding the Bitch™, born from her acclaimed book Shedding the Corporate Bitch. She grew up in corporate America, then in 2007 found herself in a parking lot, pink slip in hand—and it was then that she began to see clearly for the first time ever. View Guest page

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Marcela Daley

Marcela Daley is a dynamic, bilingual, goal oriented entrepreneur focused on results and Founder of Con Gusto Specialty Coffee. She is a former Industrial Engineer with a Masters in Supply Chain Management and over 15 years of experience in Cosmetics, Plastic and Paper product industries.

The seeds of her new brand, Con Gusto, were started on a random visit to the coffee growers at their personal farms in the hills of Colombia. That was the moment when Marcela discovered she was fascinated with the entrepreneurial efforts, logistics and loyal dedication of those who cultivated and processed the Colombian coffee beans. That extensive knowledge, combined with her desire to create an awesome customer experience, along with her passion for coffee creates a story behind each bag of coffee which are like mini-documentaries that connect us from that moment of sowing the seed until it is tasted in the cup.

Find Marcela Daley and Con Gusto Coffee here: Google +: Pinterest: Twitter: Website: View Guest page

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Brian Fanzo

Brian Fanzo is a proud Dad of 3 girls, born and raised in Pittsburgh and now living in Phoenix. He talks fast and tweets faster.

Brian is leading digital and social business change as the Chief Digital Strategist and Partner at BroadSuite. As a technology and social business strategist he has presented at numerous technology conferences as well as quarterly presentations for the Federal Government Joint Chiefs of Staff as well as on-site in Iraq and Afghanistan for the United States Army.

He has architected, deployed and managed Social Business solutions for the Department of Defense, United States Army, Defense Information Systems Agency and multiple Small Businesses.

As a successful leader in enterprise software deployment, digital training development and community management he has the unique ability to relate and lead teams of technology subject matter experts to execute on comprehensive business strategies utilizing analytics to prove ROI. View Guest page

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Aaron Kilby

Aaron Kilby is a self-motivated individual with a positive attitude, always open to learn something new and looking to push the boundaries of design and social media. He is also the dad to 2 crazy but awesome kids and really loves bacon … a lot.

Aaron is the Founder, Host & Moderator of #MediaChat since September, 2011. The Twitter Chat is about all things media related and his guests range from large brands (McDondald’s Corp, IBM), to apps and tools (Nestivity, , Hashtracking) and great thought leaders (Pam Moore, Jessica Northey, Ted Rubin) just to name a few! The mission is to: learn and share knowledge from guests on social and online media, apps, tools and anything media related

For his day job, Aaron, who studied at The Art Institute of York - Pennsylvania, is the Director of Marketing & Business Development at Artisan Colour. His experience includes working with national and international marketing teams to help develop and execute large multi-touch marketing campaigns, sales collateral, direct mail programs, retail in-store marketing, creative and much more.

His Artisan Colour team is an accomplished and passionate group of professional pixel artisans who revel in creating world-class results for local businesses as well as some of the world's most distinct global brands. They turn great photos into world-class images and beautiful editorial layouts into print-perfect press files by combining our expert skill-set with our amazing creativity and state-of-the-art technology.

Media Chat (Thursday nights at 10 pm EST): via, or any TweetChat app of choice

Facebook: Google +: Twitter: Website: View Guest page

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Andrew Kolikoff

Dedicated, charismatic and tenacious, Andrew Kolikoff always finds the solution needed to reach goals. He uses innovative ways to move business forward, and accelerate the learning curve. Besides that he has an uncanny ability to know what buttons to push and which doors to open (and not to open).

After more than 15 years serving as a Chief Science Officer, Not-For-Profit Founder, and University Adjunct Professor Andrew Kolikoff realized his talent was more communicating and selling the science than actually doing it. As a result, today Andrew has now become one of the leading consultants, writers, speakers, strategic sales and marketing strategists, and business and personal development mentors on as he calls, the "Inner Game" of Happiness and Success.

Andrew Kolikoff is the Principal of Synergy Sales & Marketing, Author of The Blind Spot, Mentor at SeedSpot and Founder/Creator of DreamSeats

You can find out more or get in touch with Andrew here: Synergy Sales & Marketing: LinkedIn: Twitter: Google+: Facebook:

Check out his new book, The Blind Spot, here: View Guest page

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Katie Lake

Katie Lake, a natural and talented gymnast who started at a young age, became part of the Zoo Crew Entertainment Team for the Phoenix Suns and performed on court entertainment, crowd involvement and promotions. From there she was proactively involved in the development of marketing campaigns at SheKnows, moved on to help manage a high volume chiropractic practice, and then played a key role as an editorial assistant at YAHOO!

While enhancing and honing her entrepreneurship and digital marketing skills at ASU, she started an internship at Ladies Who Brand, Inc. by attending trade shows, seminars and workshops to figure out how to create and deliver an awesome business audience experience, along with collaborating with the founder to co-host a 3-week YouTube edutainment series.

Katie Lake is a recent graduate from Arizona State University with a Bachelor's of Science in the field of Psychology. View Guest page

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Ilia Lerner

Ilia Lerner, Founder & Managing Director at Amur Spirits Limited, was involved in different industries, but always as a product design and strategy guy.

He accidentally got involved in Wine and Spirits when he was introduced by a friend to an owner of another upscale Russian vodka brand and started working as brand ambassador on the West Coast.

He came up with his own brand idea, and started his brand through experimentation and then, he suddenly realized that he was at the point of no return and really doing it. He quit his current job and committed 100 percent to developing the brand.

After year and a half White Tiger Vodka started selling in the US, and is now distributed in 6 different states and already in 50 stores in California. The top goal for White Tiger for the next three months is to start selling in some of the larger retail chains such as BevMo, Total Wine, Gelson's, and Whole Foods. View Guest page

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Dena Patton

Dena Patton is a global speaker, author and a transformational business coach who helps women entrepreneurs create GREAT businesses and become GREAT leaders. She also creates charity projects and ministry programs that change the world.

Her first career was in New York City where she owned a PR and marketing company that also had a publishing division. In 1997, at the age of 26 Dena sold that company to a start-up Internet company and stayed on as their Director of Marketing where they survived the first internet ‘bust’ and went on to build and lead a community of 70,000 members, which has become the number one global leader in it’s industry. In 1999 she shifted careers by following her calling to work with women.

She has worked with celebrities and top CEO’s, but also loves working with the everyday woman who wants to fulfill her greatest vision in life or business. She believes you can make a great living and make a great difference.

You can connect with Dena here:





LinkedIn: View Guest page

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Kim Schaefer

Kim Schaefer is Director of Communications for Downtown Project. Her work encompasses a wide variety of communications needs for the organization including the creation of content for, branding, media relations, social media, and community outreach. She represents Downtown Project as a regular speaker to conferences and organizations across the country. Additionally, she has been featured on Bloomberg News, National Geographic’s Brain Games, and the ABC daytime talk show The Chew.

Downtown Project is a group of passionate people committed to helping to revitalize Downtown Las Vegas. The organization has allocated $350 million to aid in these efforts through investments in real estate, education, small businesses, and tech startups. Downtown Project aims to accelerate collisions, co-learning, and connectedness through the serendipitous interactions of the people who live in and visit Downtown Las Vegas.

Find out more here: View Guest page

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Robert Smith

Robert Smith is an award winning storyteller, a long time member of Toastmasters International and was a member of the Utah Storytelling Guild for nine years.

He currently holds membership in The National Storytelling Network and the Storytelling in Organizations Special Interest Group. View Guest page

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Mary Beth York

Mary Beth York is a single mom and unstoppable go-getter who is on a mission to help women put their best face forward!

She has built her “M.B. York™: survival of the prettiest” brand from the ground up backed by a life long love of style and design, along with keen trending insights and a huge passion for fashion and beauty products. There is nothing more inspiring for her than being able to teach women how to recreate these trends for themselves at home. It's a fun cosmetic empowerment!”

Mary Beth, is recognized globally as a make-up artist, spa developer and the creator of her signature line of cosmetics Beauty Ammo. The makeup kits have become staples on the sets of such shows as “Desperate Housewives”, “One Tree Hill”, “The E!” Network” and “Dancing with the Stars” and have earned her gushing accolades from celebrities such as Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, Jenny McCarthy and Kelly Rippa. Having trained many of the top make up artists in Hollywood it's no surprise that MB's Beauty Ammo kit is often referred to as “Hollywood’s Secret Weapon”.





Website: View Guest page

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