Personal, Planetary and Interplanetary Changes in these Times of Change

October 30, 2014
Hosted by Holly Hawkins Marwood and Paul Marwood

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In this episode Paul & Holly introduce Holly’s father, a channel and author of 27 books. Who will share with you his personal story from Engineer to Channel.

He will share with you some very eye opening wise teachings from higher dimensions about the current great changes underway, Personal, Planetary and Interplanetary.

To ask questions about this or other topics call in live dial 866-472-5795. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Soul Genesis

Soul Genesis

Archives Available on VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Channel

Are you seeking new and different solutions to the issues in your life and in the world? The good news is that “Soul-ution Energy” abounds. You can learn to connect with and trust your Soul-Level Guidance, helping you to find your ideal place of Thriving in the Brilliance of your Heart and Soul.

Join us each week as we dive into a new topic of interest, hear the Higher Wisdom from the High Council of Orion and other non-physical beings, and receive the answers to your questions.

We will also reveal more about Soul Activations that you can experience to support your personal growth, and Soul Guidance to empower yourself by tapping into your Soul-level resource through the Akashic Records, and receive the answers that are right for every aspect of your life.

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Holly Hawkins Marwood and Paul Marwood

Holly Hawkins Marwood and Paul Marwood

From diverse backgrounds, Paul and Holly Marwood, an exceptional husband and wife team, offer a unique approach that comes from the balance of the male and female energies and their backgrounds as Engineer and Educator.

Holly’s passion is guiding people to fully embrace their innate ability to access their soul’s guidance and live in the brilliance of the fullest expression of their heart and Soul. Paul integrates his background in Engineering with his vision, clarity and heart-centered passion for helping others thrive.

Together they created Soul Genesis, which offers people a pathway to align their heart and Soul and thrive in their life. The Soul Genesis pathway to transformation guides people to a place of wholeness through Channeled Guidance, Soul Guidance through the Akashic Records, and Soul Activations which support your transformation to a more awakened and authentic life.

Paul and Holly are international speakers, trainers in spirituality, energy medicine, healing and transformational soul and life guidance. They both facilitate guidance sessions, workshops and seminars, locally and internationally.

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September 2014

Heather Coon

Heather Coon is an intuitive healer and spiritual life coach who lives in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. She works with several spiritual healing energies, Theta Healing, Divine Gold Energy, the 111™ Activation, the Universal Sphere®, The Tree of Life Crystalline Activation, the Akashic Records and is currently completing certification as a Law of Attraction Life Coach. She is extremely passionate in guiding and empowering clients with their spiritual path and soul journey, so they can be more engaged and connected in their lives. She assists clients across the country as sessions are easily coordinated at a distance. She can be reached by email at or 780-977-7436. View Guest page

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Talua Manning

Talua was born with the gift of clearly hearing and seeing all things that are in Creator form which strongly includes the Crystal Realm. She first started collecting rocks and crystals at the age of 5 not knowing that her life would involve healing others with the aid of the crystal realm. Healing clients and communicating with the Creator is something that Talua has done for 27 years. Guided by beautiful heart and like-minded souls Talua expanded from the Crystal realm to the Ascension realms and Celestial Ascension Healings. Witnessing miraculous healing work and empowering transformations in her clients is an everyday occurrence for Talua. Her love purpose is to be able to help people and animals to help rekindle their love for themselves and life. Talua is a Master Crystal Therapist in Canada, and a practitioner for the 111™ Activation, Universal Sphere® and the Tree of Life Crystalline Activation. Talua's contact details are or View Guest page

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John M. Tettemer P.E.

A very down-to-earth engineer, “channel,” and father of four, who channels guidance from “higher dimensional consciousness” about mankind’s current difficulties, nature’s growing concerns, and the planetary changes that are in the near future as a result. John, who is Holly’s Father, is the Author of 27 books most of which are Channeled. His books are available at no charge for everyone by simply going to Some of his books titles are: “Nature Speaks” “The Great Changes Underway - Personal, Planetary and Interplanetary - A New Beginning” (co-written with Holly Hawkins Marwood) “Spirit Nature Soulic Model” “Ancient Sacred Teachings from Tibet” and “A Passing Soul Speaks bringing Wisdom From The Other Side For Use Today”. View Guest page

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Yolanda Williams

Yolanda is a Reiki-Master Teacher in San Diego, California. She is also a practitioner of the 111™ Activation, Universal Sphere® and the Tree of Life Crystalline Activation. She uses the activations to help clients create immediate energetic shifts in their lives, specific to gaining clarity and living in alignment with their hearts. She began her journey into this work as a way to better understand herself and to help other people recognize their own light and energetic abilities! Her website is View Guest page

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