I vote for the BIG O!

November 26, 2014
Hosted by Lynn Radice

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Outperformers! Do you ever wonder if you could create an entire team of outperformers and stars? The employees who would out-produce all other employees, and drive profits? Do you wonder if these employees are created or if it is possible to duplicate, train, or hire them? Employees who are the top performers would engage other employees to stay ahead of the pack as well. It can be a way to transform a company.

My guest today, Mark Hordes, will show us how we can create STAR Performers who will go above and beyond. Yes, it is possible! I vote for Overperformers everytime! Mark will show us it can be done.

Come listen tonight 8 PM EST. Please feel free to call in at 866-472-5790.

You can email questions to:lynnradicelive@gmail.com. We are always on-demand at voiceamericabusiness.com. There is a lot of great information that we have shared. With 20 years in recruiting, it is time I share the information with my audience. Come listen!

Lynn Radice Live: Get a Job! No Excuses

Lynn Radice Live: Get a Job! No Excuses

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Welcome! You have entered the exclusive job search community of Lynn Radice Live. This is a job empowerment show! Lynn will use real time job search challenges from weekly emails and actively help her audience. Lynn will re-energize job applicants. Lynn will not take excuses for being unemployed. If you are an executive, a recent college graduate or anywhere in between, Lynn can help.

We have heard your cries for help! Be different! Be unique! Stand out! Get hired. How many times have you called and emailed a recruiter for help with no reply? Lynn will take your calls and emails, and is eager to help. You cannot afford to miss this show! Get READY! Let’s Get Hired!

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Lynn Radice

Lynn Radice

Lynn Radice is an expert motivational speaker, career coach, CEO, executive recruiter, thought leader, and job search maven. She is best known for candid self-help job hunting advice, and for creating creative job search strategies. Lynn empowers candidates! Lynn inspires millions to re-energize their job search. She has placed top executives and college grads globally. Lynn will not take excuses for being unemployed or for not finding a new career. Lynn has placed people in Poland, Spain, Canada, the UK, Romania and many others. She has traveled to Myanmar, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Africa, France, Switzerland, Spain, and Morocco, speaking with candidates and gathering best practices.

Thousands of people have endorsed her. Lynn is an expert and a powerhouse in recruiting.

Lynn is also an aspiring entrepreneur. She has multiple companies and now, a radio show. With hundreds of people asking for personal advice on their personal job search, Lynn created a momentum of social change in recruiting. She wants to be your go-to recruiter for all job hunt strategies. Her no excuses approach to finding employment works! Lynn has been called a one-woman global connector.

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