That Crisis Thing: Facing It With Dignity

December 29, 2014
Hosted by Michael Friedlander

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The Chinese word for “crisis” is made up of two Chinese characters. The first is “danger.” The second also offers an “opportunity.”

Many see a crisis only in the context of danger. In doing so, many show their worst personality traits as they react to the perceived danger. Many lash out at those around them. Many are abusive and are too quick to focus on who is to blame for the crisis.

Many of those who face the crisis of cancer, however, offer a remarkable role model to the rest of us. Although they have every reason to feel resentful, disappointed, angry and bitter, many face their crisis with an almost overwhelming dignity. By doing so, we can all learn from them how we might handle our non-cancer crises.

Our guest, Dr. Arash Asher, has devoted his life to supporting those with cancer and their families and loved ones. He is Director of Cancer Survivorship and Rehabilitation at the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Dreamers, Winners – And Making A Difference

Dreamers, Winners – And Making A Difference

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Our show is about dreamers who have realized their dreams and who became winners as they made a difference for the better in the lives of those they touched.

For us, a “winner” is anyone who did so without giving up – and without cheating or acting unethically. Anyone, therefore, can be a “winner.” You don’t have to finish first or run a major company. You don’t need wealth or fame or a collection of toys. What you do need is to have realized your dreams and to have made a difference for the better in the lives of those you touch.

. On our show, we’ll have conversations with winners about what helped them become winners – and who helped them get there. We’ll also talk about other inspirational winners like Nelson Mandela. In doing so, we hope their insights will help you to realize your own dreams.

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Michael Friedlander

Michael Friedlander

Michael Friedlander is a South African-born international business attorney and consultant. He now lives Los Angeles, California.

After arriving in Los Angeles in 1979, Michael’s legal and consulting work has focused on assisting clients in the structuring, negotiating and drafting of their business transactions.

Since 1997, he has also been the CEO of an international music company; the CEO of an international architectural design company; and the CEO of an international strategic consulting company.

Michael has also written three books, “Detecting the Scam: Nelson Mandela’s Gift” is about how Nelson Mandela’s negotiating skills can help us detect and avoid scams. “Come Dance With Me” is a diary about how hope, laughter and finding balance can help deal with life’s challenges – including cancer. “Dreamers, Winners and Making A Difference,” (to be published in 2015) is about how Nelson Mandela realized his dreams and became the iconic winner he was.

Michael is an accomplished and entertaining public speaker who has created a number of business programs, including “10 Hidden Treasures of an Ethical Workplace,” “10 Powers Of Negotiation,” and “The Duck School: The School Of Common Sense.”

Michael graduated with BA and LLB degrees from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. He also studied at the Sorbonne in Paris and at McGill University in Montreal.

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