Heart Healthy

January 22, 2015
Hosted by Richard Flint

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Ok, here we are at the beginning of a New Year! Was one of your New Years resolutions to get in shape and do a better job of taking care of your health? How are you doing so far?

My guest this week and next is Michele Spear, founder of InSpearational Health, and we are going to talk about your HEART –our show is “Heart Healthy!” In our first of this two part series, Michele is going have an honest conversation with us about one of the top killers of people, especially women – heart attacks. Heart attacks kill more women each year than all types of cancer put together. Join us as we talk about “The Risk Factors.” You need to hear this information!


The Power To Be!

The Power To Be!

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One thing is true about life. The road you travel is never a straight line, nor is it without curves, hills or detours. There will always be signs you are moving too fast to see clearly. You need to be able to handle the unexpected and unpredictable events that come your way. That means YOU need a resource to help you prepare for the life you want by dealing with the life you have. That resource is Richard Flint and THE POWER TO BE. Each week Richard Flint guides you through life’s struggles with an understanding on why they are part of your life, why you battle with them, and give you insights and processes to control their effect on your life. As Richard says, there are only two directions your life can go: in circles or forward. THE POWER TO BE hour is about preparing you to go forward by unleashing the power that is within you.

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Richard Flint

Richard Flint

For over 30 years, Richard Flint has been traveling the globe playing in people’s minds and teaching them the process of becoming better. It has been said on more than one occasion that he knows you better than you know yourself.

Richard explores his philosophies and teachings with thousands of people on a weekly basis. This journey has led him through the world of university teaching, private counseling, author, TV personality, professional speaking and working as a private and business consultant.

As a university instructor he challenged the minds of young people to respond to their dream and not settle for what society tells them they can have.

As a professional speaker, Richard challenges people daily to face their design, challenge their behavior and seek to find the opportunity that lies in the midst of their daily journey.

As a private coach, Richard spends a year in the lives of people helping them reach inside, find their dream and achieve it.

Whether it's through his seminars, webinars, CDs, books, Morning Minute, consulting services, or his StarMaker Conference, the comments are the same. His insights are thought-provoking and his processes work. All you have to do is implement them. Richard can help you find the path to a better life!

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Dr. Scott Becker

Dr. Scott Becker has been altering the lives of families for 20 years. He has performed on the frontlines of both a Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine private practice, as well as excelling in the making of instantaneous decisions in the critical area of Pediatric Emergency Room Attending. Dr. Becker is sought after by area medical schools, and nursing programs for his ability to communicate medicine in a clinically relevant manner. Dr. Becker transitioned to the opposite end of the human timeline. His current expertise involves the worldwide movement which proactively manages Age-Related Illness. He now finds himself in the forefront of a paradigm shift of medicine practicing Age Management, Menopause, & Weight Loss. Currently the Medical Director of The Becker Hilton Medical Institute which has a location at the Contour Spa in Plantation, Florida. He has come full circle as a practicing example of “Getting Healthy From the Inside Out”. View Guest page

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Bob has over 40 years of Business Management experience within the Independent sector of the automotive aftermarket industry in North America. He has created Business Management development courses for automotive shop employers/managers, which are recognized as being the most comprehensive, industry specific courses of their kind in North America. In addition to writing articles for magazines in both Canada and the USA, Bob writes monthly Business Management articles for CARCARE Business Magazine, the most widely read automotive journal by industry business owners within Canada and writes a weekly BLOG for them as well found at http://www.autosphere.ca/carcarebusiness/category/greenwoods-blog/ For his achievements, Bob has received several awards including the very prestigious Northwood University Automotive Aftermarket Management Education Award in 2003, and in 2012 the Governor General of Canada and awarded the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. View Guest page

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Ann Hansen

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David Knox

David Knox started selling residential real estate in 1972 for a small company. In April of 1973 he was one of the first to join a brand new real estate company in Minneapolis called Burnet Gagner. He won top agent awards many times throughout 1974-1975. He was soon invited to be a guest instructor to teach new agents how to get started. By 1987, he proposed to start his own training company and have Merrill Lynch be his first client. Larry Biederman, the President of MLRA, accepted his offer and on June 1, 1987 David formed David Knox Productions. Today David has built an international reputation as a top sales trainer and keynote speaker in the real estate industry. As an authority on Pricing, Negotiating and Selling, he presents his seminars to more than 20,000 sales people a year in United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. His unique ability to combine humor with education keeps audiences entertained while they learn. View Guest page

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Kimberly Koehler

DatingCoachKK Dating & Relationship Coach, Author, Speaker http://datingcoachmn.com/ View Guest page

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Dr. Larry Markson

Dr. Larry Markson, Personal Empowerment, Practice & Business Success and Prosperity Coach to over 100,000 people for the past 27 years, has devoted his professional life to helping others transform their thoughts, actions and feelings until they are able to experience the fulfillment of their life's goals. He believes that your business, practice and/or your personal life are waiting for a leader (YOU) to show up and that, "Who you are 'inside-the-skin' determines how well what you do works." Now, in his fifth decade of sharing the secrets of success with audiences from only 25 at The Cabin Experience to over 8,000 as a Keynote or Special Guest Speaker for outside businesses or organizations, he has learned that it is "successful people" who build successful businesses and lives - and that…. "Success comes FROM you, not TO you." View Guest page

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Jo-Anne Oliveri

Jo-Anne Oliveri, CIPS, TRC, Founder and Managing Director of property management business solutions company ireviloution and author of Find Your Property Manager NOW: Hire the right agent and make more money is an international real estate identity who has trained over 500 agencies and thousands of agency owners and property managers worldwide. With over 20 years’ real estate experience, she is seen as a leading authority and thought-leader on all things property management, and regarded as a prominent industry trainer. She is a regular contributor to the leading Australian real estate publications and regularly speaks at the industry’s top Australian and North American conferences. Passionate about bringing positive change to the industry, she empowers property managers with cutting edge operational and customer service strategies. Visit ireviloution.com View Guest page

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Steve Sands

Steve was a 13-year-old when he started roasting hogs for family and friends. He advanced to cooking barbecue on street corners and finally at a car wash dubbed the Scrub and Grub where people could enjoy a BBQ sandwich, tenderloin, chicken or ribs while getting their car washed. It became so popular the Scrub and Grub gave way to a catering business featuring his signature BBQ pork sandwich developed from his own secret recipe. After developing the successful brand “Boss Hogg” Steve has gone back to a one man operation. Selling amazing barbeque and working the farm, he spends his time among his customers creating a love connection between barbeque and people. View Guest page

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Matt Sederstrom

Matt Sederstrom, Owner/Operator of 4 Honest-1 Auto Care facilities, Regional Developer Honest-1 Auto Care Wisconsin, grew up on a diversified farm in Southwest Minnesota. Matt holds an AS Degree in Industrial Automation Systems, BS Degree in Chemistry and a Master of Science in Business Management. Matt served as a Vice President of Marketing and Project Development for fuel ethanol facilities at Fagen Inc. from June 2001 to August 2013. He has been a board of director of numerous ethanol facilities while at Fagen, Inc. Matt started Seed Inc. in 2010 when he opened and operated his first Honest-1 Auto Care in Eagan, MN. Since then, Matt has opened and is operating locations in Anoka, Uptown Minneapolis and Maple Grove, MN. Matt and Hunter Fennell recently started a Seed Development and purchased the development rights for the state of Wisconsin where they plan on opening 20 Honest-1 Auto Care facilities in the next When not working, Matt enjoys exercise, shooting/hunting, golfing, flying and classic cars. View Guest page

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Michele Spear

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. It kills more women each year than all cancers combined. 90% of women have at least one risk factor. Are you at risk?

Some women do not know they are at risk because they have no symptoms until a heart attack. Many women do not know the symptoms of a heart attack. They miss them and their doctor may miss them. Heart disease has been considered a man’s disease, even though it is becoming more prevalent among women.

Women are at risk too. We need to know whether or not we are at risk. We need to know what we can do about our risk.

Hi. I am Michele. I am a Certified Wellness Coach. I am at risk for heart disease.

My mission is to work with women that struggle with cholesterol and/or have a family history of heart disease. They want to live a healthier lifestyle, using a natural approach. I am here to offer encouragement, provide an education, and assist with exploration.

You can learn about me, what I do, and how we can work together by reviewing the information on this website and/or by contacting me. www.inspearationalhealth.com View Guest page

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Robyn Thompson

Several years ago, Robyn began sharing her knowledge on buying, renovating and selling homes so others could start to take control of their financial situations. Over the years, she has taught hundreds of classes on and shared the platform with best selling authors, TV stars, governors, the super wealthy, and some of the best speakers in the world. Robyn's passion is helping people dig out of their financial mess and teach them techniques to obtain financial independence without needing money or credit. Robyn's purpose in life is to help individuals take action to reach new financial levels that most people only fantasized about. www.RobynThompson.com View Guest page

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Jennifer L. Todd, CPA, CGMA, MBA

Jennifer L. Todd, president and CEO of Todd & Co. CPA Group, Ltd. has been a Virginia certified public accountant since October 1999. Working exclusively in public accounting since graduating Magna Cum Laude from Christopher Newport University in 1997 with a degree in Accounting, Jennifer has many years of experience working with business owners and nonprofit entities. Jennifer also graduated from Florida State University with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information Systems. She specializes in using the latest technology to maximize the value that she provides to customers of the firm. Jennifer has been named four separate times as a Virginia “Super CPA” in the area of small business consulting by Virginia Business Magazine and her peers in the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants. She has also written for Virginia Business’s website and have been featured in an article on Entrepreneur Magazine’s website. Ms. Todd has also been a guest blogger for Kashoo.com a provider of cloud-based accounting software. In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys listening to audiobooks, playing with her two miniature schnauzers and spending time with her husband Doug. Jennifer has lived on the Virginia Peninsula all of her life. She was raised in Yorktown and has lived in Newport News since 1991. Todd & Co CPA Group, Ltd. is Jennifer’s passion. She has created a firm that is purposely different from other CPA firms you may know. The firm’s best-in-class cloud-based systems allow Jennifer and her team to provide unique services with no geographic boundaries. Offering unique packages of services that take care of taxation, bookkeeping and strategic planning needs all rolled in to an easy to budget fixed monthly price makes it incredibly easy to do business with Todd & Co. Jennifer invites you to call today for your no-cost, no-obligation consultation to find out how we can work together to solve your accounting, t View Guest page

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