Moving Forward Series: From Substance Abuse - for the Alcoholic/Addict and their Family Members

March 16, 2015
Hosted by Dayton Ann Williams

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Recovery from others, substance abuse, relapses, the unknown, or ourselves is an ongoing process. However, you have a choice on how you will live your life. Will you be a spectator or participant? The spectator watches life go by without taking an active role in decision making. Things simply happen to them instead of them deciding what’s going to happen. Unable to effectively manage day to day life situations, the spectator is forced to continue to live in the problem. The participant is mentally prepared for daily trials and tribulations. They look towards each new day’s events with excitement. Participants make things happen for themselves. They are actively involved with life. They are choosing their destiny and relish it daily! Our success is based on restoring people to their maximum capacity and placing value in their life by designing a personalized program based on their dreams, plans and agenda to achieve life’s rewards. Join us and learn how to be a participant again!

A Light for the Soul That Weeps

A Light for the Soul That Weeps

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This program answers the questions “How will we respond?” “What do we intend to do now that it happened?” As we focus on our thoughts, feelings, and choices, that which is our responsibility, we create harmony in our inner world. The grief or loss we experienced becomes the catalyst to knowing and being our unique expression of the Divine in this time and space, to understand the true meaning of our presence and connectedness in this world.

My deep desire is to offer a passageway of thoughts and feelings that begin to resonate within you and nurture you as you heal. We will never be the person we were before our loss. Yet, as we embrace the process and honor the changes that will transpire, we will change in ways that we cannot yet imagine. We will re-engage in life from a new perspective. Having experienced contrast, perhaps the deepest pain we have ever known, we will ultimately experience abundance as never before. Although healing is an inward journey, you are not alone.

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Dayton Ann Williams

Dayton Ann Williams

I spent my life focusing on ‘what I did,’ working hard to grow and expand personally and professionally; to heal. I accomplished much, yet was left with a feeling that it wasn’t quite enough. When I directed my attention to being responsible for my thoughts, feelings and choices, to making happiness my focus, to embracing ‘who I am,’ I experienced the magical melding of my physical, emotional and spiritual nature. I was compelled to go beyond my experiences, beyond my perceptions, beyond my belief systems and discover the magnificence of this time and space, to embrace the beauty within my soul, to walk with others on their journey.

I am a Certified Professional, Spiritual, Relationship and Bereavement Coach, an author, speaker, Level 3 Traditional Reiki Practitioner, and a former Certified Senior Project Manager for IBM. In my journey I overcame alcoholism through developing a spiritual way of life and practice that has spanned over30 years. A commitment to embracing life from the perspective of love supported my own healing after the death of my eldest son, SGT Tyrell Williams, USMC, and a relationship where my partner’s crack and alcohol abuse would fuel domestic violence, financial devastation, and the destruction of a dream two years in the making. From a heart-felt desire to help others, I offer a unique approach to healing and wellness. For the soul that weeps, I offer a light as you awaken to the beautiful and divine being of love that you truly are.

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February 2015

Tony Begenwald

Director – East Coast, Marines Helping Marines Foundation

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA Tony enlisted in the U. S. Marine Corps. At the end of his service he attended Penn State University graduating with a BSEE. He accepted a position with BFEC becoming a Pioneer on NASA’s Manned Space Flight Program and the first BFEC employee to receive NASA’s prestigious Manned Space Flight Awareness Honoree award. Tony joined the MCL Free State Detachment and has held many MCL leadership positions. He is the Chaplain for the Dept of Maryland MCL. In 2003he assumed coordination of activities at the Bethesda Naval Hospital for wounded Marines and FMF Corpsmen which became the Marines Helping Marines Foundation in 2007 where he is the East Coast Director. He has made over 575 visits to the Hospitals providing material, financial, social support and has taken wounded warriors to golf tournaments, fishing trips, and ball games. For the past 11 years he has conducted monthly cookouts, Christmas Day dinner, and raised over $400,000 for the program. View Guest page

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David Casti

David Casti is a patented inventor who participated in creating many of the key technologies used by the Internet every day. In his journey as an entrepreneur, he has made hundreds of millions of dollars for his investors, has consulted for numerous Fortune 500 companies, and built the largest Oracle® database in the world at the time and a website that had 10 million visitors during its first day of operation. David achieved these successes and many more in his life by studying and applying the timeless truths that have been passed down for centuries.

David published a 4.5 hour online program on this topic with his co-author Mike Dooley on Hay House Radio in August 2014. A revised and expanded program on this material is currently under development with collaboration from current academic researchers and scheduled for publication in July 2015. Please visit for more information. View Guest page

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Alex Garrison

Founder of TAG The Alexander Group

Alex is a U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran, former International Security Consultant, Small Business owner, developer and consultant. He is the Founder of TAG The Alexander Group, a highly successful and private alternative program for alcohol and drug abuse. TAG became a reality, after two years of extensive research, because of a death bed promise to a long time security consultant associate who had died from alcohol abuse after three unsuccessful attempts at treatment. This individual was the third associate who had chosen the path of self abuse. All these men were well educated and highly specialized in their fields. In its simplest form TAG gives people the tools to design a life, respect themselves and their abilities, and reach potential they never thought possible. In other words, TAG excels in getting in touch with the importance of dreams, plans and goals and restores meaning and purpose to an individual’s life. To reach Alex, send an email to View Guest page

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