How to Heal any Block in 3 minutes. All you need is YOU!

May 7, 2015
Hosted by Jessica Alstrom

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Episode Description

Join Jessica as she takes you through a guided self healing modality that affects time, space and reality in as little as 3 minutes. Many times in life we feel blocked or stuck in a pattern or rut that feels limiting or even sabotaging yet we lack the tools to free ourselves. Understanding that our cells carry trauma and our subconscious mind is responsible for 95% of our point of attraction. We must make the unconscious conscious & move into the trauma to recode the cell memory. This process is what Jessica refers to "Time Travel. Her regressive process works on all plains of energy fields & acts as a rewiring of the quantum computer known as the body. Once the story is remembered & then retold from an empowered state of being the cells and DNA of the body can move back into alignment. The results from this technique are mind blowing and instant! Join us as take you step by step into the quantum field to unlock your true potential to heal and create.

Transcendence: Wellness Through Awareness

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Our mission is to aid in the healing and awakening of the masses through holistic energetic healing services and awareness based education. Spiritual transcendence unfolds when we fully align with body, mind and soul, then transcend darkness into light. Our show is all about educating you through this process, guiding and assisting in both awakening and integration through powerful tools and spiritual education that helps us not become just spiritually evolved but spiritually empowered to live a creative joyful and prosperous life here on earth. Our job is to remind you why you came and help you unlock the unlimited tools you have within yourself. The show covers topics such as accessing higher levels of consciousness, soul retrieval and time travel healing techniques, manifesting using the power of the moon cycle, different types of healing and how they assist in integration, on air and virtual readings and much more!

Jessica Alstrom

Jessica Alstrom is a Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Life Coach, Medical Intuitive and Owner of Transcendence Wellness Center. Through the use of both her traditional education and extrasensory skills, her fundamental work is educating wellness through awareness. Attaining a BS in Nutrition, MS in Biochemistry and background expertise in quantum physics, childhood development, energetic communications, physiology, epigenetics and healing arts she has built a platform to integrate her extrasensory abilities into modern day practice. As an extrasensory, she is able to view the quantum field, time lines, thought forms, emotional blocks and beliefs allowing her to work as a medical intuitive, quantum healer, quantum hypnotherapist and emotional translator. These talents enable her to assist the world in its transformation via teaching the awakening and integration of the planet, within workshops and one-on-one life coaching. Over the past ten years, Jessica’s journey has been a solo ride. She learned early on that the truth behind life comes from a place deep within us, buried below the programming of childhood and society. Through meditation she learned to look within, asking questions only to herself and waiting for her own reality to deliver the answer. She learned to trust the information the Universe brought her, whether in the form of people, places, circumstance, or events and challenged every belief she carried, remembering how to create her own reality and heal her life!

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