You Have the Power to Transform Financial Systems?

May 13, 2015
Hosted by Mara Evenstar

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When we think about changes that are needed in our world, I often think about the financial systems that are not set up to truly support and sustain all humans. Here is an area ripe for transformation. And like many of our other conversations on this show, we look at the personal within the context of the culture and systems. Regardless of your financial situation, how financially literate are you? Do you know how the financial systems work, do you know what your money is doing? Join me as I speak with Angela Barbash, founder of Reconsider, an impact economy research and development firm, co-founder of Revalue, a registered investment advisory firm and she co-launched the Detroit Regional Chapter of the Social Enterprise Alliance. Angela is passionate about empowering people through knowledge and she is a thought leader in financial education, local investing, social impact investing, and creating ways to serve values-driven investors.

The Art of Transformation

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Transformation is more than just change. It is a change so radical that a shift in identity or form occurs. Even positive transformation is unsettling. How can we become allies with this powerful force? How can we move through our transformations with less fear and more grace? How do we become the artists of our own transformation?

Often we perceive that change is happening to us, rather than from us. However there is an alternative way to experience change and transformation, and it is one that works with the natural patterns of our world. This alternative way of experiencing allows and empowers us to be artists and creators of our own lives.

Here, on The Art of Transformation, we playfully explore transformation from several dimensions. We search out the patterns and mechanics of transformation at work on our personal, cultural and institutional levels. This deepened understanding allows us to participate with change more fully in all aspects of our experience.

Mara Evenstar

I believe that within each of us is a drive toward wholeness and unitive experience. Personal, spiritual, and professional growth are different aspects of the same impulse, to actualize our full potential and experience our true selves. To support this I continue to learn, practice and teach transformative arts, which I have been doing for over 20 years.

As a consultant, my practice is supported by knowledge of the human condition through studies in psychology, religion and spirituality, anthropology, integral theory, organizational leadership, and the arts. I have a BA in Anthropology and a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology, specializing in spiritual psychology and organizational development. I am working on my doctorate in organizational leadership and social transformation, studying directly with Jean Houston.

My practice is grounded in professional, real-world experience with research and development in education, business, and technology. In this arena, I have led high-performing teams, designed and built software systems and processes in support of furthering human knowledge.

My practice is also expressed through co-creating organizations, notably New Myth Works, where my partners and I design and deliver programs that support human awakening and potential. I was awarded the 2014 Soaring Phoenix award. “Your journey of hardship, perseverance, transformation and accomplishment are an inspiration!” That is the Art of Transformation in practice!

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