Grief - An Ending With a New Beginning

July 7, 2015
Hosted by Melody Dawn

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Grief represents an ending with a new beginning. It is the normal and natural response to loss of any kind or the change in any familiar pattern or behavior. Grief is not limited to death. Endings with new beginnings occur in all relationships, when we marry, separate or divorce, when we change schools, graduate or attend university, when we move for the first time, become parents or empty nesters, and when we change careers or retire. You can learn to develop the skills to move through each life transition as gracefully as a tree loses its leaves to make way for new life. All Seasons Coaching has been established to support you through each life transition. Melody Dawn will help you move through each ending to create your new beginning filled with joy and happiness. This is the final episode of Fifty Shades of Grief, an ending with a new beginning. Melody and Sandra will share their experiences from both sides of the radio and what they plan to do next.

Fifty Shades of Grief

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Grief is a universal experience. It is the normal and natural response to significant loss of any kind. Unfortunately most of what we’ve learned about grief is not normal, natural, healthy or helpful.

There are close to 50 losses that can produce the wide range of emotions we call grief. The list includes death, divorce, moving, loss of career, finances, health, trust, safety, relationships, loss of love and compassion, plus many more.

We all experience loss in our life. When we do people tell us to let go and move on. Not knowing how to let go can result in us hastily moving on but becoming emotionally stuck. This feeling can be the result of unresolved grief and can become a real road block in life. It may prevent us from realizing personal and professional success, health, vitality, and joy.

Tune into Fifty Shades of Grief and let the loving cadence of Melody Dawn’s voice touch your heart as you learn how to process your grief and awaken to your real potential.

Melody Dawn

Melody Dawn is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, a Certified Professional Life Coach and the mother of two insightful young ladies. She is an intuitive, caring and heart centered coach who is patient, honest and direct. She understands that the willingness and courage to accept change will come to different people, at different times, in different ways.

Her amazing way of conversing will support you in identifying your grief and moving through painful emotions as you begin your recovery process. Using a gentle yet persistent approach she creates the ideal safe place for recovery, self reflection, learning, and growth.

Melody’s loss experiences include a miscarriage, spouse’s depression, father’s diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease followed by Alzheimer’s and his eventual passing, as well as a heart breaking divorce resulting in the loss of relationships with extended family and friends. These life events have taught her how to cultivate moment to moment awareness, patience, acceptance and forgiveness. She has learned how to gracefully let go and accept all life transitions. She will be honored to walk alongside you as you learn to do the same.

Melody is dedicated to providing heart guided wisdom and insight along with practical tools to support you in recovering from grief and restoring vitality. Her voice will touch your heart and take you a notch deeper than you’ve ever been willing to go as she inspires you to awaken to your full potential.

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