12 Shows About Empathy in One Roundtrip

July 8, 2015
Hosted by Lou Agosta

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Episode Description

This show will be about how the past 12 shows have expanded empathy in the community, review the past 12 shows, saying how each has contributed to a conversation about empathy. This is like a summary or an index to the entire body of work on empathy. So in case you are wondering which conversation is most relevant to you, this is a good place to start. Hear about David Howe’s book What is Empathy and Why It Matters. Learn from James Garbarino about Listening To Killers: Lessons Learned from My 20 Years as a Psychological Expert Witness in Murder Case. Key term: “Listening”. Hear about how empathy is tracking software innovation as Affectiva in their implementation of Ekman’s Facial Action Coding Scheme. Get your mind blow – like really – in the work of Alice Dreger on what happens to social justice when empathy collides with the agenda of political advocacy groups and her book Galileo’s Middle Finger. Empathy is like oxygen for the soul - get some here and breath easier all week.

A Rumor of Empathy

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A Rumor of Empathy is committed to providing a gracious and generous listening, empathy, in conversation with its guests and listeners. Join the host in chasing down and confirming or debunking an unsubstantiated report of empathy in the community and engaging in an on the air conversation in transforming human struggle and suffering into meaningful relationships, satisfying results and contribution to the community. When one is really listened to empathically and heard in one’s struggle and effort, then something shifts. Possibilities open up that were hidden in plain view. Action that makes a difference occurs so that empathy becomes less of a rumor and an expanded reality in your life and in the community. When all the philosophical arguments and psychological back-and-forth are over and done, in empathy, one is quite simply in the presence of another human being. Join Lou for an empowering conversation in which empathy is made present.

Lou Agosta

Lou Agosta’s commitment is to provide a gracious and generous listening empathy, in conversation with his guests on the show and the empathy consulting and psychotherapy work he performs with individual and corporate clients. Graduating as an unemployed philosopher from the University of Chicago with a Ph.D. on Empathy and Interpretation, Lou trained in data management technology and consulted in technology with Blue Cross of Illinois, Greenbrier and Russel, Giga Information Group, and IBM before realizing that the world does not need more data, the world needs expanded empathy. After undergoing over ten years of psychoanalyses, dynamic psychotherapy, and related training to recover from childhood and adolescent traumas, Lou teaches empathy in the history and systems of psychology at Argosy University. He is the author of three books on empathy from Palgrave Macmillan including A Rumor of Empathy: Resistance, Narrative, and Recovery, forthcoming from Routledge. Lou says that when all the philosophical arguments and psychological labels are over and done, in empathy, a person is quite simply in the presence of another human being. Join Lou and be present for an empowering conversation in which empathy is made present and makes a difference.

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