Transforming and Healing Your Relationship with Money to Create an Inspired and Abundant Life

July 13, 2015
Hosted by Tracey Gibson and Diane Lloyd

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MONEY – it’s a word that strikes fear in the hearts of many however it doesn’t have to be that way. 70% of people live paycheck to paycheck, and 76% of people feel out of control when it comes to money. This is the reality, and yet guilt, shame, and blame keep most people from sharing their financial stress and overwhelm with anyone because they feel they are alone, like they’re the only ones who didn’t get the “money memo” growing up. Not true! Cultivating a powerful and healthy relationship with money can be an incredibly transformative and healing journey if we allow it to be. With simple awareness of our beliefs about money and a willingness to examine which beliefs support us and which beliefs we’d like to shift, we can open doorways to an inspired and abundant life of our dreams.

Create Your Inspired Life After 40

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Are you living the life you dreamed about as a child? Is there tension between the life you want and the life you are living? Do you want to shift your life in a different direction? Would you like to connect with people who have navigated this journey to create an inspired life?

We are coaches, but more importantly we are two women who paused one day to ask themselves some really important questions. These questions started us on a journey to make small but important changes toward feeling happier, fulfilled and excited about the future. We are passionate about helping women ask themselves these important questions and find the courage to follow the answers that come. We will have juicy and meaningful conversations and bring in experts with interesting stories to share their thoughts and ideas about the journey to create a life you love. We help you design and achieve your inspired life after 40.

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Tracey Gibson and Diane Lloyd

Tracey is passionate about helping individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations discover their brilliance. Her motto, “Let your colors burst” comes from her belief that there is magnificence in everyone. Her coach approach builds internal strength that gives you the ability to move forward and achieve that which seems impossible. Tracey is a Certified Executive Coach from Royal Roads University and brings life experience, an interest in health and wellness, and the skills of a successful leader to her clients. She believes you have everything you need to create the life and career you really want. Creating an inspired life is a journey she is passionate about sharing with you. Tracey walks the talk as a run leader, nature lover, active mom, wife and community volunteer on the West Coast of Canada.

At the age of 40, Diane redefined what “success” really meant to her. She was able to connect to who she truly is and learned to listen to the inner voice that had been silenced for many years. She now walks the path to create her version of an inspired life and lives her purpose as a professional coach, speaker, and workshop facilitator. Diane founded Inspired Results Group, a coaching firm dedicated to helping people and organizations find their inspiration and reach their full potential. She received her Executive Coach training at Royal Roads University and is credentialed with the International Coach Federation. Diane loves spending time outdoors with her active family, hosting dinner parties, experimenting with yoga and reading compelling novels.

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Marsh Engle

Women and men from across the United States, Europe and Canada have sought out Marsh Engle to help them make spectacular leaps in their career and business - while inspiring transformation in their personal lives. Why? Because of her remarkable ability for identifying hidden gifts and talents, undervalued strengths and overlooked opportunities! An acclaimed multi-published and award-winning entrepreneur, Marsh is passionate about providing you with the guidance, resources and inspiration to zero in on your greatest value and find ways to bring it to life in significant ways ― as fast, energetically and enthusiastically as possible. Her work in the field of women's success, creativity, leadership and signature brand development promotes solutions to define vision — in career, in business and in life — while providing tangible resources, specialized coaching and training's. View Guest page

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Lisa Fehr

One of Lisa’s strengths lies in seeing obstacles as stepping stones. She has cleared many obstacles in the last 20 years. Overcoming significant injury to her wrist, she completed her Bachelor of Music degree with a Major in Piano Performance. While recovering from multiple injuries and raising a young family, Lisa operated a very successful home-based business for 10 years, earning countless incentives during that time. Four years ago, yet another injury left her with limited mobility and trying to cope with considerable pain. Tired of feeling sidelined from life, Lisa made the decision to take control of her health by rehabilitating her body through exercise. Since then she has run a variety of races, including 5k, 10k, many half marathons, and 2 full marathons. Married for 16 years, Lisa is the proud mother of 5 children (ages 5 to 14). She approaches her training and her life with the motto “do the best you can with what you’ve got right now.” View Guest page

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Kelley Grimes

Kelley Grimes, M.S.W. is a counselor, speaker, self-nurturing expert and founder of In Truth & Beauty and the creator of the Self-Nurturing Practice System™ a proven step-by-step process that guides you through exactly how to nurture yourself consistently in order to achieve a more peaceful, meaningful and authentic life filled with truth and beauty. Kelley empowers overwhelmed and exhausted women to live with more peace and meaning with practical acts of self-nurturing. She works with clients individually, in workshop and at retreats, and offers her beautiful handmade products as tools to be used in the daily practice of self-nurturing. Kelley also serves non-profits teaching self-nurturing to women overcoming domestic violence, homelessness and other major life challenges. She is married to an artist, has two teenaged daughters and loves to sing. To learn more about Kelley and receive your free Top 5 Ways to Create Peace in Your Day visit View Guest page

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Alison Hendren

As an Executive Coach and Coaching Educator since 1996, Alison has seen the transformative power of coaching in maximizing the full potential of people. Passionate about what coaching can do and how it can affect every aspect of how we live, work and communicate, Alison's vision is that EVERYONE learns how to coach. To realize that vision, she created Coaching Out of the Box® 8 years ago and in that time over 10,000 people in 38 plus countries have experienced the Flagship 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program™. Alison led a faculty team at Royal Roads University for 12 plus years with the Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching Program at Royal Roads University and was pivotal in it achieving the reputation as the most highly respected Executive Coaching Program in Canada. During her leadership over 1200 leaders from all parts of Canada plus the US, Europe and Asia have achieved the rigorous CEC designation. She is also Charter faculty for the Executive Coaching Program at the University of Texas at Dallas. She achieved the Master Certified Coach designation in 1999 and is one of only 700 coaches worldwide to achieve this designation. Alison’s eclectic background brings a full set of strengths including business startup and development, leadership, strategic thinking and authentic frankness coupled with warmth and compassion. View Guest page

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Erin Kurt

Erin Kurt is a Speaker, Radio Personality, International Parenting Expert to Working Mothers, co-author of The Yummy Adventures of Celia and Cedric: A Read & Bake Book Series and creator of the How to Get Your Child to Listen in 1 Day or Less Program. She is also the founder of which is a website that offers simple, loving and highly effective parenting and life tips to busy parents who want to raise happy, healthy & resilient kids. ErinParenting has an international audience of mothers (and fathers) who seek a fuller, happier, less stressed life with kids. Erin Kurt and her ErinParenting Method has been featured on radio, newspapers, magazines such as Mother & Baby, Fitness First, and Todays Parent, as well as on top Parenting Websites and Hollywood sites for Celebrity Moms. Erin is also the Mindful Living Family Expert on the Mindful Living Network. View Guest page

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Beth Marshall

Beth Marshall is inspired to serve others by helping them learn how to proactively manage their financial lives and improve their financial health. In Beth’s 18 years of professional experience, she has served as an auditor, an executive business advisor and consultant, an organizational change agent, and a financial independence advocate which all blends together to offer a unique and diverse perspective and approach to her work in the financial literacy arena. Beth’s passion is to work with self-motivated and high energy professionals and entrepreneurs to help them heal and transform their relationships with money by teaching them how to use their money as a divine tool in an intentional, authentic, and proactive manner that allows them to maximize the amount of freedom, choice, and peace that they have in their lives. Beth believes that it is a divinely human right to be able to understand your finances, and that everyone can be financially successful if they are willing to learn. View Guest page

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Stacey Martino

Stacey Martino helps people who feel stuck, frustrated and helpless with the challenges that intimate relationship brings. Stacey firmly believes that it absolutely does NOT take two to tango! She consistently proves that one person can transform a relationship! Through targeted, strategic coaching, programs and live events for her Relationship Transformation System®, Stacey empowers you to create your unshakable love & unleashed passion without needing your partner to participate in the process in order for you to get the results you want in your relationship! Trained and certified by Tony Robbins, Stacey is a certified marriage educator and divorce preventionist. An international best-selling author, Stacey is a sought-after relationship expert appearing on numerous media outlets and telesummits. Stacey has been featured by Anthony Robbins, Your Tango, BlogtalkRadio, Bloomberg, Yahoo, QVC and is the Relationship Expert for Aspire Magazine. View Guest page

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Karen McCoy

Karen McCoy is a trainer, competitor, sports nutritionist, motivational speaker, author, business owner and mother. Karen has sweated it out in gyms for 30 years, winning bodybuilding shows in Alberta and BC. Her mantra: to teach women how to build physical, mental and emotional health through strength training, clean eating, and spiritual awareness. Karen is known for her candid approach, and her lectures are always a sell-out. Her new book, One Rep at a Time, is her journey through her darkest night (which lasted 8 years) as she struggled to find meaning in her son’s illness – and her fight to reclaim her own health - with lessons learned from unexpected places. It includes her unique 8-Week BLISS Body Makeover Program that offers practical advice on building health and wellness on all levels – physically, nutritionally, emotionally and spiritually.

“In this journey of mine, I learned the biggest lessons of all, that health and wellness is built with the integration of ALL levels of our being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.” View Guest page

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Stephanie Merchant

Stephanie Merchant is the Founder of The Nutrition Mom, LLC. She is a Food & Lifestyle Expert, a best-selling author and speaker. Stephanie helps families create healthy habits that last a lifetime. Through food choices and through life choices, busy Moms are finding balance and nourishment without struggle and stress. Stephanie’s own personal story of transformation from being an overworked, overweight, and overwhelmed Mom to The Nutrition Mom has been featured on the Dr. Oz Show, SHAPE magazine and many other media outlets. Discover Stephanie’s Simple – Healthy – Solutions and begin your own transformation at View Guest page

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Lynda Monk

Lynda Monk, MSW, RSW, CPCC is a Writing for Wellness Coach, Speaker and Bestselling Author. She is the co-author of Writing Alone Together: Journalling in a Circle of Women for Creativity, Compassion and Connection, as well as the international bestseller Choosing Happiness: Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul. As founder of Creative Wellness, Lynda offers workshops, coaching programs, retreats and products that inspire women to engage in the transformational power of creativity and expressive writing for self-care, clarity and personal growth. Get your free copy of her Writing for Wellness Getting Started Guide at View Guest page

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Carmen Spagnola

Carmen Spagnola is a professional intuitive and a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Regression. At the heart of her work is her desire to help people connect with their intuition and put more soul in their lives. She is a best-selling author and has a weekly show, The Numinous Podcast, which has listeners in over 44 countries and has been #1 on iTunes “New & Noteworthy”, “What’s Hot”, “Spirituality” and “Society & Culture” lists. You can visit Carmen at View Guest page

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Tami Tate

Tami is the founder of and prolific blogger at where she shares her passions in life with her audience. Tami has spent the past year "re-inventing" herself and has ventured from experienced event planner to the new world of social media with a vision to create a business model that provides university students with the opportunity to work as social media experts for business and non-profit clients. Following her heart has been her journey this year and with the support from coaching has been able to give herself permission to create a new vision and stay the course to creating her version of an inspired life. View Guest page

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Sybil Verch

Conceive. Believe. Achieve. Sybil lives by this motto and has been the master of her own destiny from a young age. She grew up in Victoria, British Columbia and earned her Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Victoria. She has earned the designations of Canadian Investment Manager (CIM), Portfolio Manager, Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI) and was one of the first in Canada to attain the Chartered Strategic Wealth Professional (CSWP) designation which is now the Certified International Wealth Manager (CIWM). Always one to work hard in the face of challenges she is conquering the once male dominated Financial Services Industry. Sybil was promoted to the role of Western Regional Manager for Raymond James Ltd., in September 2014, mentoring and coaching other investment professionals to exceed their clients’ expectations while raising the profile of Raymond James Ltd. Sybil is Chair of the Womens Advisory Council at Raymond James and plays an integral part. View Guest page

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