Peter LaFrance Talks About The Emergence of the Microbrewery

October 12, 2015
Hosted by Steven Nicolle

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Currently working on his new book entitled,“Five Gallons of Beer that Changed the United States Forever”, Peter Lafrance knows a thing or two about beer. On this episode, Lafrance talks on how the home-brewers of the 70's caused the Micro-brewery industry and farm-to-table movement to start and flourish. The home-brewing fad that developed when young folks came back from Europe and were disappointed with the food and beer they found when they returned to the United States and Canada was fanned by the burst of communication developments including the world-wide-web and the personal computer. The social aspects and anti-mega corporation sentiment fueled by a sense of creativity then took home-brewing to the micro-brewing level. The development of local loyalties, a result of social and political events, increased the popularity of the "craft" beers and local foods. This developed into the farm-to-table movement. Learn all there is to know on the emergence of the microbrewery!

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Steven Nicolle

Steven Nicolle has been working in the Hospitality Industry for over 35 years, starting with a bartending course he took in 1979. From that bartending course he worked in such places as England and Switzerland, to luxury cruise ships. It was a cruise ship where he met his wife of nearly 20 years.

Having been a Bar Manager, Restaurant Manager, Maitre D’, and Food and Beverage Manager to name a few positions he has held, Steven can speak from experience when speaking on any topic regarding the Hospitality Industry. From here or abroad, Steven has an opinion on what it's like to work in the industry.

A teacher of bartending, and currently employed as a waiter, Steven has his ear to the ground on what is going on in the Hospitality Industry. A blogger since 2008, he has appeared on CNN as a guest on-line and has been on the documentary program called the Doc Zone where he imparts some words of wisdom regarding service. A recent graduate of the International Sommelier Guild, his active pursuit of knowledge and serving others makes Steven a must listen to host each week.

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