And what is Pathwork anyway? With Erena Bramos

December 1, 2015
Hosted by Cibele Salviatto

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We’ve been talking and exploring many of the Pathwork lectures in this show and you that have listened to it and are somehow puzzled by the many times I say: “the Guide says…” , well, you will like to listen to Erena’s description of this profound path of self discovery. I’m really excited to host one of the most brilliant persons I’ve ever met. She’s been my spiritual role-model master and an inspiration to the self development work I practice. Thus, join us and discover the sacredness behind the Pathwork lectures words and learn how this path can lead you to sustainably be the change you want to see in the world.

Sustainability From Within

Sustainability From Within

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Sustainability from Within is a process that aims to inspire, question and transform ourselves in order to fully engage our human dimension in the pursue of a better, fairer, more just, environmentally safer and economically equitable world.

Our show is about how to empower ourselves, as change agents, so that we can be the transformation we want to see in the world. It is an invitation to self questioning, to look within for the causes of the imperfections that we want so badly to change.

We observe the impact of duality in our lives and learn ways to integrate the “either/or” into “both/and” and test the results around us. We will share tools and exercises that will enhance the effectiveness of the transformations we seek in the inner and outer world.

It is an opportunity to break up with the illusion of separateness and tap into our true power, love and wisdom, to be and manifest our True Real Nature.

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Cibele Salviatto

Cibele Salviatto

Cibele graduated as a business administrator in the top business school in Brazil, and worked up the corporate ladder, starting as a financial analyst to become a director for one of Brazil´s main industrial conglomerate’s venture capital arm. After 10 years, she quit to start her own consultancy as a pioneer in the corporate sustainability arena in Brazil. Within a few years she had established herself with a solid presence in that marketplace, while working with major foreign corporations in the field as well, such as SustainAbility and BSR, giving speeches in the US and performing work and lecturing in Africa, and being invited as judge to top prizes in the segment. Her main clients were large corporations such as Alcoa, Basf, Fibria and Natura.

In addition, in 1997 she started her self-development and spiritual journey by participating in Pathwork groups and energy work trainings, which gave a special and unique touch to her consulting work. In 2008 she married her current Brazilian-American husband and ended up moving to Miami to help raise his 3 teenage sons.

In the USA, Cibele decided to attend the call to be in service and share her transformational path by becoming a Pathwork Helper and a Professional Integral Coach. Thus, 25 years after she left college, she blends her unique set of knowledge and skills into a program she calls “Sustainability from Within", her way of being the change she wants to see in the world.

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Barbara Azzara

Barbara is a Helper and Senior Teacher in the Pathwork of Self-transformation, training people in United States, Italy, Australia,Serbia and Brazil; master teacher of Love and leader of Inspiring Spirit .... Barbara's practice focuses on dealing effectively with the deeper meaning of fear as the only addiction on the planet. The essence of this work is to treat the wounded self with a loving kindness that opens the door to the ultimate exploration of the relationship to self, other, and the God within. She used to lead seminars with Emmanuel, the Spirit Guide, who teaches that Love and Fear can not occupy the same place. Through her work, Barbara has learned to bring compassion to the human journey. Her love is her work made manifest. View Guest page

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Rachel Biderman

As the Director for World Resources Institute Brasil (WRI Brasil), Rachel is considered a key mover and shaker in climate change throughout Brazil. She acted as the deputy-coordinator at the Center for Sustainability Studies at FGV Business School in São Paulo, where she coordinated the Low Carbon Management course and taught Sustainability Management in FGV MBA course. Among other activities, she is Board member of several socio-environmental organisations, including WWF Brasil, and was formerly the President of Greenpeace Brasil’s Board. With a strong academic record she was selected as a Fellow at the Science, Technology and Society Program at the Harvard JFK School of Government, received her PhD in Public Administration from, holds a Masters in Environmental Sciences from the University of São Paulo, and completed International Legal Studies at the American University Washington College of Law. View Guest page

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Dr. Fernando Bignardi

Fernando Bignardi is a physician that practices homeopathy and is the Coordinator of the Aging Research Center at UNIFESP, a first tier medical university in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is the creator and the director of "Florescer na Mata" a center for Medical Ecology located in the country side of Sao Paulo, nearby Atlantic Forest and where he offers the opportunity of experiencing Nature and by that achieving health. He has being a speaker in many symposiums and conferences about quantic Health and Sustainability and he has working as a consultant to big corporations in Brazil as well. View Guest page

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Erena Bramos

Besides being a Pathwork Helper, Erena Bramos studied psychology at Adelphi University where she completed all requirements for her Ph.D degree with the exception a dissertation. She interned for two years at the Postgraduate Center for Mental Health. She is a Certified gestalt Therapist, from The New Institute for Gestalt Therapy in New York, as well as a Certified Core Energetics Practitioner, from the Core Energetics Institute in New York. She has also studied Psychosynthesis with Tom Yeomans, and has completed a training in Past Life regression with Roger Woolger. In addition she has been a student of James Hillman, having attended a great number of his seminars and participated in a Hillman Study Group for a number of years. She brings to her a work a synthesis of all her training. She works with people to help them dissolve blocks which prevent them from creating to their true potential by addressing the emotional energetic, and spiritual dimensions of their being. View Guest page

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Dr. Roberto Cardoso

Roberto Cardoso is a physician under-graduated from the University of Brasilia, and holds a master and a doctorate degrees from Federal University of Sao Paulo (UNIFESP), both highly nationally and internationally recognized as first tier universities.
Dr Roberto has been a meditator for over 30 years. He has studied many different meditative techniques and traditions and has practiced sixty of them in depth. With this knowledge, he brought meditation together with his medicine practices and became a public speaker about the benefits of meditation in health and a teacher and researcher in meditation and stress in the academy.
Dr Roberto is the author of “Medicine and Meditation” , a book that aims to teach meditation practices and benefits without any religious or philosophical drapery, bringing practical, clear and easy steps to be followed by readers. View Guest page

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Jose Garcia-Piñeyro

Jose Garcia-Piñeyro is the President & CEO of SHOW WINNERS CORPORATION, a leading events promoter company located in Miami, Florida. With over 20 years of experience, S.W.C. and its executives have produced and managed over 40 top level Conventions, Fairs and Expos on a continental scale, serving industries of Construction, Health, Real Estate, Sustainability, Solar Energy and Water, among others. Some of these events have been classified in a top ranking level in the United States for several years. Jose Garcia-Piñeyro, engineer by profession, is an expert in marketing and sales, he has worked in the film industry for 20 years; in a separate field he is also an art promoter, record producer and award-winning composer. View Guest page

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Isabel Rimanoczy

Isabel Rimanoczy, Ed.D. has made it her life purpose to promote change accelerators. She developed the sustainability mindset, a concept she researched by studying business leaders who championed corporate initiatives with a positive impact on the environment and the community. She is the convener of LEAP!, is an international cohort of 36 academics from 22 universities on five continents promoting innovation and sustainability through learning-teaching-researching and community projects. She is the author of BIG BANG BEING: Developing the Sustainability Mindset and has published over 140 articles and book chapters. She has a blog on Huffington Post, and is currently Scholar in Residence at Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship, Nova Southeastern University, Florida. She earned her doctorate at Columbia University, has her MBA from Universidad de Palermo and a BA in Psychology from the Universidad de Buenos Aires. Isabel can be reached at View Guest page

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Graciela Rozenthal

L. Graciela Fandiño Rozenthal formou-se em Psicologia na Universidade de Buenos Aires. Desde1978 está trabalhando e ministrando cursos no Brasil. Foi membro fundador da Escola Freudiana de São Paulo em 1978 - Formou-se no DEP (Escola Energética do Psiquismo) em 1992 - É Helper de Pathwork desde 1997 e Consteladora Familiar atuando desde 2005. Realizou trabalhos sistêmicos em Constelações na Itália, Argentina e Brasil. É supervisora clínica na metodologia de Pathwork e Sistêmica. Atualmente desenvolve oficinas de autoconhecimento e grupos de estudos nas duas abordagens e tem trabalhado com as Novas Constelações. View Guest page

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Pamela Thesenga

Pamela Thesenga has been in recovery for ten years from serious drug addiction. She is a mother to two children, ages 6 and 9, and works full-time as a mother and house-holder. Her deep compassion for others has been evident in her past work with seriously disturbed children, seriously ill old people, and the homeless. She is currently engaged to be married. View Guest page

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Susan Thesenga

Susan co-founded Sevenoaks Retreat Center (, a sacred place in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. For many years she was a teacher and leader of the Pathwork, a contemporary psychological/spiritual discipline and she wrote a comprehensive book about this work titled The Undefended Self, which is used as a textbook in many healing schools. She and her husband introduced the Pathwork to Brazil, and she has taught throughout Brazil and the U.S. At the height of her work as a spiritual teacher, she was confronted with the greatest challenge of her life: the extreme drug addiction of her beloved adopted daughter Pamela. How she and Pam met that challenge, and discovered the greatest spiritual secret any of us ever finds, is detailed in their memoir, Love Unbroken: from Addiction to Redemption. A major and surprising tool in their recovery and continuing spiritual opening was their work with the sacred psychoactive drink ayahuasca in Brazil. View Guest page

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