Self Love, does it really make a difference?

November 11, 2015
Hosted by Kerry Jehanne, MPS

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Join us as Medium Cyndi Langley takes you through her personal journey of healing by learning how important self love really is. After going through one of the most difficult years in her life, Cyndi was so consumed by emotion and stress that she lost her connection with Spirit, and with herself. After some physical wake up calls Cyndi has found a way to step through the muck and see the clear water on the other side even while still standing in the muck. We will be laughing, crying, and coming together as we are re-connected with our hearts, ourselves and feeling that love connection we all crave but seem to look outward for instead of going within where it’s always been. We will be doing a meditation and learning tips on how to truly heal yourself through love.

Quantum Leaps in Healing

Quantum Leaps in Healing

Archives Available on VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Channel

Quantum Leaps in Healing, hosted by Kerry Jehanne, is an exploration of powerful healing modalities that enable us to change our vibration, and hence our mental, emotional, physical, psychic and spiritual health.

Together we explore modalities such as Multidimensional Transformation, BodyTalk, and Quantum Techniques. Kerry dives into the power of working with prayer, essential oils, as well as angels and ascended masters.

Kerry also takes us on a fascinating journey into the realms of working directly with consciousness and the zero point field to shift our health towards a more harmonious state of being.

This exploration leads us to better understand how to transform our life-long, deeply embedded, unconscious beliefs so we may create the lives we wish to live.

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Kerry Jehanne, MPS

Kerry Jehanne, MPS

I am a practitioner of Multidimensional Transformation with a deep passion for my work and a tender compassion for my clients. With Multidimensional Transformation, a modality that works consciously with the zero point field, I help individuals and groups experience a vibrational shift towards a healthier and more harmonious state of being. I facilitate powerful and empowering healing journeys where people eliminate blocks and enhance emotional, mental, physical, psychic, and spiritual health.

My healing practice started as a result of my own journey through some treacherous times. As I felt more and more gratitude for my new life, and all the wonderful people and Divine beings that helped me create it, my purpose started to awaken in me. My life purpose, to help others heal, arose from the integration of this profound gratitude. I was inspired to offer others the same successful healing modalities that transformed my life.

My love of healing extends to the earth and to honeybees. I have a background in organic farming and have tended to honey bees for over 14 years. I am actively engaged in teaching people how to be intuitive beekeepers as well as giving talks on how our healing journey relates to the healing of the honey bees.

I am certified in Multidimensional Transformation, Transformational Breath(r), EFT and HeartMath. I hold a BS in Environmental Studies from SUNY ESF and an MPS in Agricultural Extension from Cornell University.

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