The Art of Bringing Play and Connections into the Workplace

November 24, 2015
Hosted by Fi Mazanke

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What would your life look like if you were able to thoroughly enjoy your work and you made connections leading to terrific other unique opportunities? That's a question that Tony Esteves wants to answer on the show. Tony is known to put his phone down and to make more human connections which lead to more fun-filled work experiences. Tony has lived and worked in over 35 different countries. Tony brings his international experience and anecdotes to the learning arena. Tony has a unique gift of juggling and uses juggling to teach focus and time management to his audiences worldwide. Now Tony is living his dream by performing, teaching and inspiring people to reach their full potential at conferences and events around the world. He does this through the spirit of play.

Direct Connect Empowerment with Fi

Direct Connect Empowerment with Fi

Archives Available on VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel

Direct Connect Empowerment with Fi features the coaching principles that have been successfully used by Fi and her clients for over 14 years. Her show will highlight empowering concepts and, most importantly, people who are integrating these concepts to live a more fulfilled lifestyle. You will gain an understanding of how others have applied these tools so that you can have an opportunity to practice these concepts weekly to directly impact your life and see vast improvements.

Fi will feature guests who have transformed their lives using these very fundamental ideas. Fi’s guests have been through the Direct Connect Coaching program or are aligned with the concepts that the program offers.

The interviews will include compelling stories about how to overcome obstacles to get the results you are looking for. The stories are a means to inspire you to reach your own level of greatness and to begin a movement of happy and empowered people.

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Fi Mazanke

Fi Mazanke

Fi believes in the unlimited potential of the human spirit. People are here with a unique purpose which is to be used to live an abundant life. Through greater awareness, individauls can move into a deeper level of their own strengths to live a more fulfilled life.

For over 14 years, Fi has been coaching thousands of people to directly connect to their passions and utilize those passions to inspire others. Fi has worked with a diverse client base and has learned that the universal principles that Direct Connect Coaching has to offer apply to all people.

Fi delivers insightful and empowering workshops and key note speeches to audiences with the same underlying intention in each message. The key to a person’s greatness exists within. She supports clients in unlocking that greatness.

With the use of a tool called the Birkman Assessment, Fi understands her client’s passions, strengths and needs for success. The Birkman Report is a fundamental tool that drives clients to a greater understanding of their gifts and talents. The Birkman Report allows clients to work more efficiently both individually and as a team by keeping team members energized in their strengths.

Fi forms a strong trust with both clients and audiences alike. People feel open and receptive to the concepts that Fi teaches. If you are looking to harness the power that exists within, tune in to see where awareness meets truth and inspiration ignites.

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