Staying Adult With Your Family Over the Holidays

December 22, 2015
Hosted by Maria Danly

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Episode Description

How do your parents or siblings know exactly what to do or say to waver or shatter your confidence in seconds? How is it that you can we arrive at a family gathering feeling powerful and happy, only to be reduced to a hurt child or an angry adolescent in moments? Legendary Leaders focuses today on preparing all of you leaders to have enjoyable holidays with your friends and family. Family members have a way of pushing our buttons reducing us in moments from confident adults into hurt children or angry adolescents. You'll learn the top secret techniques to stay in your centered adult self without succumbing to any family patterns that may be painful for you.

Legendary Leaders: Answering The Higher Calling

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In these times of rapid change, chaos and crisis, the world is hungry for a new breed of leaders. These leaders must have a strong vision, and be prepared with innovative skills to lead us into a positive future ahead. Maria Danly works with individuals like you, who are deeply committed to your own personal and spiritual growth. She knows that the brave souls doing the inner work necessary for real transformation are the ‘Legendary Leaders’ of our time. If you hear a higher calling and want to answer that call but don't know how to do it, this radio show is designed for you. You'll listen to inspiring stories of visionary leaders from legend and in history who went before you. You’ll receive insights in conversations with current legendary leaders of our time and you'll gain wisdom from Maria’s channeling as she answers listener's questions, live on the air. You'll be given practical tools and easy techniques to do to become the legendary leader you are destined to be.

Maria Danly

Maria Danly has been an innovator and creative force for more than 40 years. Among the first group of women admitted to Princeton University, she created the first female a cappella singing group, the Tigerlilies, and co-founded the first mixed singing group, the Princeton Katzenjammers. After graduating with honors Maria co-wrote the music and lyrics, as well as illustrated a children’s book and audio package called ‘Lullaby River’ published by Alfred Knopf in New York City. Maria also illustrated books for Walt Disney and was hired to compose TV music for Jim Henson’s ‘Mother Goose Stories.' In the 90s, she harnessed three decades of personal development study to become a life coach. Maria earned her CPCC, Certified Professional Coaching Certificate and went on to become a leader and trainer for the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael where she taught thousands of coaches worldwide how to create fulfilling lives for themselves and their clients. In 2008 Maria received her Masters Certificate from the Academy of Intuition Medicine, becoming a California Certified Medical Intuitive. Today Maria, uses her breadth of metaphysical knowledge, along with her ability to channel conversations with Higher Selves, to help her clients understand the root cause of their issues and find transformation for permanent change. She has coached and consulted professionals at the highest level of business and speaks to audiences about Legendary Leadership and effective leadership success.

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