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February 4, 2016
Hosted by Marie Jackson

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This Time Share is a bit like a vacation timeshare. You can take a time out from your schedule, take a break and a breath, and when you return to your day, you can see things differently – broader, bigger, deeper.
Weekly topics explore the subject of metaphysical spirituality, a field of study seeking to know life’s essence beyond what we recognize as physical - conversations offering perspectives to deepen our comfort with questions bridging the gap between materialist science and ideology or faith.
This first episode features just the host, Marie Jackson, introducing the format of the show, profiles of the regular contributors and some of the topics we will be exploring month by month.
February's topic is "Ego isn't a bad thing; it's a tool, a vehicle transporting our character and self. We lose our way when the outer vehicle does the driving instead of the inner navigator."
Marie begins the conversation with understanding Intention and the law of attraction.

Time Share: Living Reality – Navigating the Dream

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Realizing our goals and dreams begins with having the freedom to explore, be curious, ask questions and be willing to see things from different perspectives. Sometimes, that freedom is obstructed by beliefs, backgrounds and social or family expectations that no longer serve us. We’re left wondering how to find our way back to who we truly are. The intention behind our existence is to be creative, imaginative, loving, receptive and generous. Knowing and living this intention can be a challenge in everyday life, work, school, relationships and culture. Time Share offers conversations, tools and ideas to help us to see things differently allowing us to navigate our way to our true spirit, our true intention of joy and fulfillment.

Marie Jackson

Metaphysical spirituality has been a major interest of mine even before I knew it had a name. Since I was in pre-school, I asked questions of the adults around me and while their intentions were good, the questions remained unanswered. I am retired from a business career and am now in that place that everyone talks about when they say “when I retire I’m going to.” In my case, it was to get a degree in the field I loved, metaphysical spirituality. I have a Bachelor’s and am in the thesis stage of my Master’s. I recently moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with my husband and little dog. I have a client practice and am looking to continue my pro bono work in the Department of Corrections, much like the program I had when I lived in New Jersey before moving to Philadelphia. My work is to help people manage stress, achieve goals and realize personal power by staying connected to the spirit of who they are in daily living.

I focus on Intention and the Law of Attraction to find our way in this energy dimension, while living the spiritual aliveness behind it all. In this way, we Live the Reality and Navigate the Dream.

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