Multidimensional Living As Beings Of Light Incarnate

April 21, 2016
Hosted by Darlene Green

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This is the program you have been waiting for! Danielle Rama Hoffman is a master teacher. The conversation today with Danielle and The Council of Light is transformative. You will learn more about living a multidimensional life as a being of light incarnate, as we move to the experience of unity consciousness. This message is carried vibrationally as well. You have been asking for clarity for the next steps, to your highest expression. “Danielle’s work was an answer to my prayers. If you are ready to follow the calling of your soul, I suspect she is an answer to your prayers as well”. With Love. Darlene Green On today’s program, Danielle has a special offer for our listeners.

The Inner Frontier

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The Inner Frontier is a journey of awakening consciousness. As we search for the deeper meaning of life, the inner frontier is a place within our being where the answers reside. Beyond the habitual and reflexive way of operating in life, this is a path of awareness where our unique authentic expression dwells. Available through a perspective shift, life has the possibility of being a reflection of our true divine nature. As we release the thoughts, beliefs and actions that encumber our journey, what is revealed more and more is our true essence. Life transforms as we are connected to the miraculous. Our inner guidance and inspiration becomes the navigational reference in life's choices. The deepest whispers of our soul are heard. The path to awakening is as beautifully unique as each being inspired to undertake the expedition.

Darlene Green

A leader in the movement of transformation and awakening consciousness, Darlene has been developing programs on living consciously since 1998. She writes from the perspective of living authentically from our true divine nature.

Always present in her life have been the deep whisperings of something more and a promise to fulfill. Being clairaudient and clairsentient, Darlene’s sensitivities directed her to the study and practice of vibrational healing modalities for over 20 years. Through profound occurrences and synchronistic events, she now connects consciously with The Divine Light Council, present since childhood.

Darlene is a Scribe, meaning she translates streams of light and consciousness in to form through her writings. Having remembered her soul’s purpose, Darlene’s work, in collaboration with The Divine Light Council, creates an environment that supports the expansion of her client’s remembering of their own unique divine expression.

The Divine Light Council is comprised of many thousands of light beings, present at this time in the evolution of consciousness to support the living of a life fulfilled from the deepest soulful expression possible.

The book, The Divine Remembering; Awakening to Your Soul’s Light is a book in process, written in collaboration with the Divine Light Council.

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