Encore: Building Relationships and Fierce Conversations

April 13, 2016
Hosted by Lori Moss

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Welcome to the DEBUT of The Lori Moss Show…Better Job. Better Life. The first half of the show is the back story and inspiration behind The Lori Moss Show. Lori knows first hand about getting a sought-after job out of college and failing to maximize the opportunity due to professionalism-related issues in the early years of her career. How she discovered what was holding her back and what happened to turn things around. Fierce conversations! Difficult conversations! Tough talk! Who wants to dive into those awkward and sensitive professionalism conversations? In the second half of the show Wendi Smith, Regional Director at Evereve, a national specialty retailer, will be joining Lori as they discuss being on both sides of the professionalism conversation. How it transformed their careers and advanced the careers of others who took the “tough talk” plunge.

The Lori Moss Show…Better Job. Better Life.

The Lori Moss Show…Better Job. Better Life.

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The Lori Moss Show: Better Job. Better Life. talks about What Isn’t Being Said in Business That Keeps You Stuck. Lori Moss knows firsthand the impact professionalism has on careers. A young MBA grad with a great job, unprofessional and stuck. Fed up with being passed over, Lori Moss pioneered a Professional-ism Concept that works! In a few short months, Lori Moss TRANSFORMED from being stuck to being sought after.

The Lori Moss Show: Better Job. Better Life. covers all of your professionalism issues including the awkward, sensitive GEN topics that everyone knows about, gossips about, but never fully address. The general distracting appearance, behavior and interactions that stir things up. The gender blender. The generational gap. Lori Moss and her guests don’t mince words. Tune-in, TRANSFORM, and pump up your professionalism with the expert in professional presence.

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Lori Moss

Lori Moss

Lori Moss received her MBA in Finance at Golden Gate University, San Francisco. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and is a graduate of Corporate Coach U in Dallas, Texas. She is a three-time recipient of the Nordstrom Corporate All-Star Award for Excellence in Customer Service and also received the Nordstrom Regional Management Award for Increased Profitability through Employee Development.

Nominated by her executive customers for the Indianapolis Mayor’s Rose Award for Exceptional Customer Service in 2001, her clients have included principals from Eli Lilly and Company, Ice Miller, LLP and a United States Senator.

In 2011, after achieving what she set out to accomplish in her corporate careers, Lori Moss founded Lori Moss Concepts, a Professional Presence Development Enterprise. Lori Moss brings a wealth of experience advising and supporting senior executives, academics, politicians, principals from national legal, financial and real estate firms, classical artists, academics and professional athletes.

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“Change One Thing”

Discover What's Holding You Back and Fix It with the Secrets of a Top Executive Image Coach published by McGraw-Hill January 2009
“Change One Thing” is a superb book that gives excellent advice to help jumpstart your engine - Stephen R. Covey, author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People View Guest page

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Maggie Anderson

Maggie Anderson is the Executive Director of Integrating Woman Leaders Foundation, an organization dedicated to the advancement of women leaders. Maggie is the author of "Millennials: Entitled, Loyal, Productive" an article recently published in the Indianapolis Business Journal. Maggie is a champion for adventure, hard work and broadcasting optimism. A Butler University (Indianapolis, IN) graduate, Maggie has travelled to 23 countries, is fluent in Spanish and serves on the Centric Board of Directors, leads the local LEVO League Chapter, a gathering place for dynamic millennials who want to make a difference. View Guest page

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Jill Bremer

Executive Presence coach and trainer, Jill Bremer, AICI CIP, has been helping people get the edge they need to succeed since 1986. A Certified Image Professional, Ms. Bremer has appeared as a trainer and speaker for corporations throughout the country. She is on the faculty of the American Management Association and has served on the International Board for the Association of Image Consultants International. She is also a member of the Association for Talent Development, as well as the performing unions of Actor’s Equity Association, Screen Actor’s Guild and AFTRA. Jill has appeared on the “Today” show and CNBC and is frequently quoted in major publications and interviewed on national radio. She is the co-author of It’s Your Move: Dealing Yourself the Best Cards in Life and Work and a contributing author for Rude Awakenings: Overcoming the Civility Crisis in the Workplace and Skinny Bits: Wisdom For a Flourishing Image Business. View Guest page

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It’s Your Move: Dealing Yourself the Best Cards in Life and Work

In It’s Your Move, executive presence and communication skills coaches Jill Bremer and Cyndi Maxey use the analogy of life as a card game to introduce you to powerful strategies for improving both your business and personal life… no matter what cards you are dealt. Life offers you multiple options for achieving greatness: preparation, visibility, listening, learning, attitude, style, balance, flexibility and many more. Maxey and Bremer deliver simple, proven techniques for taking control of your life and career–presented in the form of a card game. You will follow sample players as they discover their “perfect hands,” while learning how to maximize your own strengths and play the game with wisdom, courage, strategy, and timing. Empower yourself to master dozens of simple techniques to maximize effectiveness and achieve your dreams. http://www.amazon.com/Its-Your-Move-Dealing-Yourself/dp/0131424815/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1463082252&sr=8-1&keywords=it%27s+your+move+bremer View Guest page

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K C Gauldine

K C Gauldine is an accomplished C-Level executive with more than 30 years of experience turning around small to mid-sized businesses, social enterprise and non-profits, and supporting entrepreneurs. She is President of LEAD Management Consulting, which helps executives drive enterprise-wide change by delivering quality project management and process improvement staffing and consulting services. KC is passionate about seeking the best of “what is” to help ignite the imagination of “what might be” in an effort to generate new knowledge that expands the “realm of the possible”. www.leadmanagementconsulting.com View Guest page

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Eric Halvorson

Eric Halvorson – Documentary producer for WFYI – Public Television in Indianapolis, former lead news anchor at WISH-TV in Indianapolis. Award-winning anchor, reporter and communicator. Interim adjunct professor of Political Communication at the University of Indianapolis. View Guest page

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Greg Krontiris

Greg Krontiris is a broadly experienced banking executive, revenue generator and team leader. He has held the roles of Chief Lending Officer, Managing Director of Wealth Management, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Credit Officer at Regional and Community Banks in Indiana and Ohio. As a primary change agent, Greg was instrumental in successfully guiding Home Savings and Loan out of the nation's longest running Cease and Desist order and creating over $150 million of shareholder value. He received National City Corporation's top sales award for new client generation. He has written training manuals for Commercial lenders, Trust and Investment professionals: “Commercial Lending at Community Banks” and “Selling to High Net Worth Individuals”. View Guest page

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Vince Lisi

Vince Lisi is the principal teacher and program director of Now Creations. Vince is an inspirational speaker and teacher. His teaching prepares college students to enter the workplace with guidelines and tools that will help them adapt and contribute in a meaningful way right out of the gate. Vince conducts weekly study groups in the tri-state areas of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana, USA teaching people how to bring ease and focus into their workdays and lives through meditation. A gifted counselor, Vince provides one-to-one Spiritual direction for those who desire to reach their highest potential in all things. www.nowcreations.org Vince has Master degrees in Philosophy from the Catholic University of America (Washington D.C.) and in Theology from the Athenaeum of Ohio (Cincinnati, Ohio). He is on the faculty of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Youngstown State University (Ohio) and Penn State University (Shenango Campus, Pennsylvania). View Guest page

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Kimberly Morse

Kimberly Morse is the co-founder and President/ CEO of Golden Intentions, Inc., an innovative 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that encourages the end-of-life conversation, preparation and celebration. Golden Intentions facilitates workshops and seminars and end-of-life celebrations throughout the USA.
For 20+ years Kim held management positions with large non-profit organizations including Lutheran Social Services and the American Red Cross. An inspired and compassionate facilitator and leader, Kim encourages honest, authentic communication as a critical tool for creating trust in business. Her passion for the professional development of her employees and managers led her to refine a process that now empowers families and individuals to have the most important conversations in an individual’s life…those occurring near the end.
Kimberly is a graduate of Western Michigan University and Oakland University. Visit the Golden Intentions, Inc. website at www.goldenintentions.org View Guest page

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Linda Rousseau

Linda Rousseau holds a leadership role at a Fortune 500 financial services company. Her career path was impacted by multiple acquisitions within her 30+ years’ experience in the insurance industry. As acquisitions sometimes do, they create a vacuum between jobs which Linda navigated with perseverance and constructive action eventually landing opportunities that expanded her expertise and influence in various operational and IT roles.
Linda was born with a physical impairment causing her to be wheel chair bound for most of her early childhood. She grew up in the ghetto facing financial, safety, health, job and educational challenges. In spite of these apparent barriers to entry Linda embarked on her quest to not only establish but enjoy a very successful career and reputation.
Today, Linda’s passion and fulfillment comes from her volunteer work with Dress for Success helping others launch their careers to achieve self-efficiency and economic independence. www.dfs.com View Guest page

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Wendi Smith

Wendi Smith is a Regional Director at Evereve, a national retailer dedicated to styling and inspiring moms to embrace their beauty and power. After 14 years of experience and continued success in the retail industry, Wendi discovered Evereve where her commitment to excellence and building strong business partnerships aligned with the company’s mission and purpose. Wendi has created a culture that drives results and builds leaders. Distinctive elements of her leadership are her laser focuses on employee development and refining the art of conducting the “fierce conversations” that most people avoid in the workplace. Speaking from the heart; not the hilltop of authority. View Guest page

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Elizabeth Kraft Taylor

Elizabeth Kraft Taylor was Sr. Vice President of marketing for Melvin Simon & Associates, the leading developer of shopping centers in America. Elizabeth was responsible for marketing all of the Simon-owned entities, shopping malls and the Indiana Pacers NBA team. Following her 18-year tenure at Simon, Elizabeth was named President/ CEO of the 500 Festival, an arm of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The skills she developed to survive a childhood of poverty and abuse, propelled her from department store clerk to senior vice-president of a national organization. Elizabeth gathered a staff of creative geniuses, broke barriers for women and learned to love herself and others. A renown public speaker, Elizabeth recently met with a standing ovation at The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) in Indianapolis. Elizabeth is the author of the book “Three Jews Walked Into a Shopping Center… “a delightful and eye-opening account of her tenure in the shopping center business. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Three Jews Walked Into a Shopping Center…

"Three Jews Walked Into a Shopping Center" is a memoir detailing Kraft's life from poverty to prosperity in the 1980's when she worked alongside the Simon Brothers.
www.threejews.org View Guest page

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Anna Soo Wildermuth

Anna Soo Wildermuth, coaches high potential leaders in leadership presence, communication and interpersonal skills for the C-Suite. Anna is the CIM founder of Personal Images is a recognized award winning international leader in the image industry. She is a past President of the Association of Image Consultants International, a Certified Image Master; also certified coach in both Platinum Rule Assessment and Stake Center Coaching, a Toastmaster ATB; and a member of the American Talent Development (ATD) and International Federation of Coaches.
Anna has been in the Chicago Tribune, New York Times and Wall Street Journal; quoted as an image expert in Success, Star and Crain's Chicago Magazines and featured on television's ABC7 Chicago, CNN Financial and Fox News. View Guest page

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