From A Different Universe

April 23, 2016
Hosted by Michael Daly

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Alien activity on this planet
Tracking Devices
Knowing when you have been contacted
Acknowledging abductions MUFON
Common experiences among people who have been abducted
How much does government know and cover up
Bigger Picture - what does activity mean for us and how Ailen contact will be handled in the upcoming future

The Awareness Marketplace

The Awareness Marketplace

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Our show has the purpose of allowing you to hear and participate in discussions about feeling better and raising your vibration despite life’s sometimes daunting challenges. We feature a topic every week, with established guests who share their expertise and experience related to the week’s topic. We will also take your questions on a variety of topics, and each program concludes with a segment called “Words of Wisdom” where we set the vibration high.

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Michael Daly

Michael Daly

Michael Daly was born in Dublin, Ireland and was very aware of the spirit world as a child, often seeing and being frightened by multiple beings. He relocated by himself to the United States as a 22 year old man in search of a lot of spiritual answers. He enrolled in the Southern California Psychic Institute’s beginner classes and became a reader healer and teacher there for the next 20 years. While completing thousands of hours of readings, healings and teaching there, Michael took to studying healers in various parts of the world, and worked with Philippine healer David Oligan during his first pilgrimage there. Michael also worked with an experienced team of healers providing long distance healings and phone readings while on the trans-medium program at the Southern Californian Psychic Institute in Costa Mesa, California. In 2015 Michael wrote and taught the curriculum for his own class which was called “Raising Your Vibration.” Recently Michael has studied and participated in a Mindfullness class and is in the process of writing his first book.

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April 2016

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March 2016

Rev. Jose Barron

Rev. Jose Barron began his training as a child, when his grand-mother exposed him to different kinds of alternative healers and medicines for her many health concerns. As a young boy he also was able to witness spirits coming around him and telepath with them. Later in life he joined The Southern California Psychic Institute where he would perfect how to read a person's aura and heal auras and charkas. Rev. Barron continued his education in The Hypnosis Motivation Institute and graduated as a hypnotherapist there. Here he learned how to help the conscious and subconscious mind overcome fears, phobias, mental blocks and help people reach their creative personal goals. Under the guidance of enlightened spiritual master Maha Vajra Jose was granted Full Priest in Mahajrya Esoteric Buddhist Tradition . Rev. Barron is co-founder of The Meditation Studio which is located in El Paso, Texas. Here people lean how to mediate, overcome obstacles, and reach personal goals. View Guest page

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Joel Hipps

Joel Hipps worked under the founder of The Berkley Psychic Institute, Lewis Boswick, and became a leading teacher and healer in their organization. Together with his wife Barbara he co-founded, The Southern California Psychic Institute which teaches students in simple short classes how to use fun tools to define their spiritual space. The Institute also offers people the opportunity to learn how to use their inherent psychic abilities in a two year clairvoyant program, and offers members of the public, clairvoyant readings, healings, and long distance channeled healings and readings. Joel has appeared on national TV and various radio shows and has lead overseas spiritual pilgrimages. View Guest page

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Dr. Tara Jessup

Dr. Tara Jessup is a Chiropractor who leads who works with a growing practice from her office in Ontario, California. Her journey has lead her incorporate the tool of tapping TFT as used by Roger Callahan along with conventional methods used in adjustments with her patients. Dr. Callaghan uses TFT to release many different issues in workshops and personal one on one appointments. View Guest page

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