The Point of No Return on the Path of Enlightenment

April 27, 2016
Hosted by Brigitte Boyea and Saint Germain

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Once we make choices that were sealed into our auric field by the Hierarchy of Light during auspicious days like the Wesak Festival, tremendous transformational forces are unleashed. As we gain momentum in redirecting our life on our path of enlightenment we come to a point of no return. It happens ever so silently, but we know when it is upon us. This can be a very frightening moment. What if we made the wrong choice? What if the direction we are moving towards is creating more limitations and responsibilities we can’t handle? In this episode St. Germain will support you in this process further. You will receive an energy infusion to give you the strength and courage to welcome the new life that is awaiting you with open arms. Always have trust and faith that something greater than you guides, directs and supports you at all times.
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The Power of Transformation - Pathway to Enlightenment

The Power of Transformation - Pathway to Enlightenment

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In these times of great change and transformation, old structures and belief systems are being released. This will ultimately lead you to let go of everything that is no longer in alignment with your heart and true divine purpose. It can be exhausting and sometimes very frightening. We like to hang on to what we feel has given us a form of safety in the past. Only total surrender to the guidance of our Divine I Am Presence will allow us to walk the path of liberation safely and effortlessly. But you don't have to do this alone. There are many divine Masters and Angels of Love and Light who are here to help ease the intensity of these times of birthing a new paradigm on Earth.

Join Saint Germain and other Masters and Angels of the Light, channeled by Brigitte Boyea. Receive loving support to help you stay balanced and in a place of love and peace during this time of awakening and transformation to a higher consciousness.

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Brigitte Boyea and Saint Germain

Brigitte Boyea and Saint Germain

Brigitte Boyea, born and raised in Germany, has been an intuitive healer all her life. Having completed extensive training in many different healing modalities, Brigitte offers effective tools of self-empowerment and self-transformation to assist her clients in their individual healing processes.

Maintaining a continuous connection to the Divine Hierarchy of Light, her readings and healing sessions are always supervised by the presence of Angels, Ascended Masters and other Beings of Love and Light.

Working primarily with Saint Germain, Master of Transformation, and his violet flame as her guide, Brigitte’s messages offer a deeper clarity and understanding of life’s circumstances and one’s role in them.

Clients leave her classes and individual sessions empowered and ready to make choices that will unleash great transformational forces affecting every aspect of their lives.

One way she uses to bring enlightenment to the world is by hosting Ascended Master retreat weekends throughout the year. During these three day workshops, much healing and deep inner transformation takes place.

Brigitte offers her services and ongoing classes out of Clinton, New Jersey as well as locations around the world. She can be reached for individual long distant sessions via phone, Skype, email or Facebook. For more information, please visit her website.

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