The OCD Mind. Action Steps Toward Betterment

June 14, 2016
Hosted by Alexandra Janelli

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"OCD" is a term that is somewhat commonly used. However, for a condition that is so much a part of our vernacular, there is not much awareness about the manifestations of OCD symptoms, the toll it takes on the people and how people can get better.
Join host Alexandra Janelli in talking to Liz Funk, a writer, speaker, and coach who focuses on OCD. People with OCD tend to experience first symptoms between ages 16 and 24. Many people who have OCD—or who fall somewhere on the OCD spectrum—experience OCD mainly in the form of intrusive, irrational thoughts. If people understand the full range of ways that OCD can manifest, and have tools to manage anxiety that isn’t OCD but is certainly disruptive, they’ll be poised to be able to use their redirected mental energy to take on their goals and create lives of their own design. Liz teaches how everyone can benefit from learning how to observe their thoughts, choose what to focus on, and take good risks even when they feel uncertain.

The Mental Sherpa by Theta Spring

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Life is a journey. In fact, we all try to strategize and make life feel like we are in control of what happens. By making it predictable we can avoid confronting the unknown! However, the fact is that life never gets easier. You just get to know yourself better. The Mental Sherpa Show’s mission is to help you have a better relationship with yourself. By discovering yourself, you are able to navigate life with core foundational tools that can help solidify self-trust, self-confidence and see the world through the lenses of opportunity vs. feeling like a victim and at the effect of things in your life.

The Mental Sherpa show is not here to offer a one size fits all approach to people’s problems or issues. We are here to provide insight that you can utilize to help make sense of your particular situation. We are here to inspire. Our hope is to help mentally guide you on your path and journey of self-discovery and then in relation to how you experience the world around you.

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Alexandra Janelli

Alexandra Janelli is considered one of New York City’s premier coaches and hypnotherapists who has worked with Academy Award Nominee Actors, world-renowned photographers, singers, top-level executives and professionals across many sectors of business. She has also worked with students and children. As featured in Elle Magazine, NY Post, Mens Fitness, MTV, Swell City Guide, Dossier Journal, The New Yorker, Time Out Chicago and various other publications for her dynamic work and creativity.

Alexandra helps clients push through and past their blocks to achieve their goals with the power of her multi-dimensional approach.

Alexandra’s passion and commitment to each client and issue are immeasurable. Life isn’t always easy, but she provides new tools and perspective for clients to become the best they can. This is the driving force behind the Theta Spring brand and the woman who started it all. Alexandra specializes in the treatment of anxiety with a variety of clients and has been called "an expert in stress management and relaxation."

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