Encore: Firewalk- Life Lessons based on Courage and Love

June 15, 2016
Hosted by Karen Leavitt

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Pat is a cancer survivor or "thriver" as she now likes to call herself, a former Oncology RN, and the author of "Firewalk'. She says "her cancer diagnosis was a "WAKE UP" call and allowed me to transform my life in breathtaking ways. It was a process for sure, but I learned that when you allow change to occur from the inside out you can indeed create health and well being in the body, mind and spirit". Pat offers this to anyone who seeks a path to wholeness her life's experiences, wisdom and gifts! "You can learn to live in the "moment" and live each day with love, gratitude, and grace. No matter what circumstances you came from, change and growth are always possible!"

The Sky’s the Limit

The Sky’s the Limit

Archives Available on VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel

The Sky’s the Limit is a motivating, inspirational program which is based on my journey from medical professional to patient, highlighting people from all walks of life and various stages of overcoming adversity, their challenges and awakening to the rediscovery of themselves, a transformation. I engage with a number of successful life coaches, authors, athletes and everyday people who discuss their journey and process as well as exploring the concepts of Eastern and Western medicine. We are all learning life’s lessons every day and living in the moment, no matter where we are in our journey.

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Karen Leavitt

Karen Leavitt

Karen Leavitt is a restorative coach. With her background as an accomplished career nurse, and a survivor of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Karen has a unique perspective on how to navigate life-changing events. Utilizing her skills in health and wellness, public speaking, advocacy and teambuilding, she guides others to achieve healthy, balanced, successful lives, regardless of their circumstances.

Karen is happy to be returning to VoiceAmerica after a life changing event resulted in a traumatic brain injury post-concussion syndrome. Now, Karen has a dynamic purpose and passion that is igniting her to guide others. A former successful career nurse, advocate, “natural care giver,” and athlete, Karen brings positivity and resilience grounded in reality through her own journey and experiences. Her mission is to educate, empower and inspire others to live their truth and passion as she engages in heartfelt, meaningful conversations around life’s situations, and circumstances. #thegiftistheshift

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June 2016

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May 2016

Jay D Allen

Jay D. Allen is a transformational thought leader who has inspired thousands. Through his book, talks, seminars and videos...he shares tremendous insight and understanding into the purpose of life, the journey and evolution of the soul and how we can be loving and conscious participants in this perfect Divine plan. His teachings not only connect the dots, but more importantly, connect, unite and transcend all major religions, science, and spirituality with the awareness of the Universal Law of Life.

www. Humansinhealing.com View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Karen and Colin Archipley

Colin Archipley - retired Marine Unit Leader Combat Veteran served three tours in Iraq. He specializes in using Organic Hydropnics as a growing technique. Along with his wife Karen who's a business owner and co-founder of Archi's Acres. She brings her marketing savvy and entrepreneurial spirit in co-creating the VSAT program. Currently Karen spearheads all marketing/branding for Archi's Acres and, coordinates all public relations. Karen sits on the board of Directors for CCOF, Executive Committee, San Diego Farm Bureau, and Community Outreach Committee for Farm Service Agency. Karen has been awarded for teaching Intro to Agribusiness at MCAS Miramar, Transition Readiness Seminars. Karen and Colin were awarded the Champions of Change by The White House in August 2104 for Veterans Entrepreneurship. www.archisacres.com View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Rosie Babin

Roslinda "Rosie" Babin is the Founder and CEO of Help Our Wounded a non-profit organization that provide direct assistance, resources and support to our wounded and those who care for them. She is an Army veteran herself and a former paralegal and an administrator. She continues to care for her son full-time since he was wounded in Iraq, but has decided to put her experience to work to help other wounded and their families. Today she speaks before civic and veterans groups to inspire and motivate them to fill the gaps where the Department of Defense and Veterans Administration falls short in meeting the needs of our combat veterans. She works with the members of Congress to keep the interests of wounded warriors front and center and she helps families find their way to a new state of normal that's happy and whole. Rose is married to her high school sweetheart, Alan, Assistant Chief of Police - Round Rock Police Department. Round Rock Texas. www.HelpourWounded.org View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Patricia Bateson

Pat, is a wife, mom, sister, and grandmother. She is a certified hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master. Pat is a Tong Ren practioner, certified in basic aromatherapy, Acustone treatment and Tui Na (Twee-Na) massage. She was a Registered Nurse with more than thirty-five years of experience, of which the last seventeen were spent in the field of Oncology. Pat is a cancer survivor herself and is also the author of several articles published in Breast Cancer Wellness, and Coping Magazine. Most recently she is a published author her book "Firewalk - The Fear Awakening to Love" is about walking into the symbolic fire of fear. Feeling vulnerable and alone yet never giving up. This 258 page book gives the reader practical tools that allow you to crossover into the realm of possibilities where courage, healing, and tremendous insight can be found. www.path2healing.us View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Josh Blue

Josh Blue (born November 27, 1978) is an American comedian. He was voted the Last Comic Standing on NBC's reality show Last Comic Standing during its fourth season, which aired May–August 2006.] Blue has cerebral palsy, and much of his self-deprecating humor is centered on this. Blue was born in Cameroon, where his father, Walter Blue, a professor of Romance languages from Hamline University, was teaching in a mission. Blue grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota and graduated from Como Park Senior High School in 1997. He began his career as a comedian while seeking a creative writing degree at The Evergreen State College. During college, he went back to Africa to volunteer as an intern at Parc de Hahn, a zoo in Senegal. At one point for a joke on a busy weekend, Josh locked himself in an empty animal exhibit for 8 hours. A bewildered crowd threw him bananas and peanuts anyway, to which Josh quips "that was the best day I ate in Senegal!" View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Tim Bransfield

On August 14, 2002 the world went dark for Tim Bransfield. It was on that fated night that an automobile accident would put Tim in a coma for the next sixty days. Surrounded by family, and friends those close to him hope and prayed that Tim would emerge from his coma and rejoin life. Tim did come out of his coma and was catapulted like millions of Americans into the new world of traumatic brain injury. But Tim's story is one defined by sadness and hardship. Tim Bransfield has chronicled his journey back into his new life in his latest book, "A Life Interrupted". In his book he shares triumphs, his pain, hardships and his deep and meaningful appreciation for those who helped him along the way. "These people I truly care for, the ones who mean the most to me were always there when I needed them. " shares Tim View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Mai Vu Coach

Mai Vu, is a lover of learning and personal growth, Mai holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Masters degree in Organizational Development, is a CPCC - Certified Professional Coactive Coach, a Reiki 2 level healer, a budding yet amazing energetics healer and a lifelong practitioner of yoga and Vipassana meditation.
"I am dedicating myself to work with divorced women who are dating again because this is where the stability of life resides: in US, WOMEN. When we are happy, grounded, in love, balanced with career, children, and romantic relationship, we are juicy, sexy, confident, and have overflowing love to give to life. Everyone around us will benefit from it. When we are unstable, either looking for love, or struggling with the many pieces of life, we are a mess and have very little hope to give. Furthermore we DESERVE to be loved, to be in great relationships, to have our children respect us and to learn from us and to be deeply happy."
www.MaiVuCoach.com View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Bobbi Courtney

Bobbi is a psychotherapist with a Master's degree in Social Work from Smith College Graduate College. She is a certified Reiki master, and she has extensive training in many kinds of somatic movement such as Continuum Movement, Somatic Experiencing, Sensation and Em' ocean - including the aquatic body psychotherapy, Bobbi is the co-author of Nalu- The Art and Science of Aquatic Fitness Bodywork and Therapy. It is about body-centered psychotherapy work based on WATSU, Waterdance, and her own modality, which is called Wave M'ocean She is the founder of Essence-of-Life Therapy and creator of Aura Infusions. Bobbi brings a rich background of knowledge in Holistic therapy, somatic psychology, shamanic deep imagery (through the Institute for Visualization Research), and is certified in Integrative Aquatic Body Psychotherapy, given in Wienacht, Switzerland through the Center for Somatic Psychology. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Debra Crosby

Debra Crosby was a television host and producer for years. She now owns her own training studio called "Present to Prosper" where she coaches authors, coaches, experts, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and luminaries how to Master their Story, captivate their audience, inspire action and attract clients using the TED Talk Blueprint for Successful Speeches. After a health challenge, today she is inspired to share her story of hope and healing through the Spiritual Practice of RADICAL FREEDOM. Debra will be sharing information sessions and will be facilitating day long workshops about RADICAL FREEDOM so others can learn how to apply the practice in their lives. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

John Davis

John at the age of twenty two in college suffered an accident to his back while helping a friend that was life changing. He preserved beyond his diagnosis. with his spiritual belief and zest for life to become a stunt man, comedian, fight director, college professor, life coach, keynote speaker. He is known as "The Corporate Action Hero" and today he speaks to groups, using his own experience, and humor to engage with others as only he can helping them to learn and recognized the role fear plays in their life, along with blocks and barriers, assisting people in this process. He has several workshops: "The Hero Builder Workshop; The Action Hero Customer Service Workshop; The Action Hero Leader"something for everyone. Everyone is worthy of success and a life they love living. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Ryan DeRoche

Since the age of 14 Ryan has worked in the bicycle industry as a lead mechanic. Early in his career he learned that he had a knack for strategizing, logistics, and event coordination. He prided himself on customer relations and community outreach. At the age of 28 he went to work for Trek Travel as their Global Logistics Manager. There he oversaw both the North American and European bicycle equipment fleets for all of their luxury cycling tours. During the time he worked with them he honed his skills for operations management and logistics. Ryan is a result oriented leader within the bicycle industry. Advocate for disability rights. Advocate for Shared trail use in State and National parks Consultant for medical therapists and peers to help with all subject matters involved with the life of a person with spinal cord injury.
www.RyanDeRoche.com View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Rev. Denise DeSimone

Reverend Denise DeSimone, is an author, motivational, and inspirational public speaker, and workshop leader, with an extensive background in Interfaith Ministry, and a wide range of holistic healing practices. These healing practices include: Sound Healing, Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Reflexology, Shamanism and Process Therapy. Denise's book, "From Stage IV to Center Stage" is an extraordinary story of courage, strength and inspiration. She travels extensively throughout the United States speaking and teaching. The Journal of the Kentucky Medical Association says this of Denise's book: "This is a remarkable story. Relying on alternative medicine as part of her therapy, she eventually became schooled and recognized as a practitioner of this type of medicine. Bringing to the story this perspective as well as her careful observation of her own course gives the reader a completely different experience than other books of this type". www.denise@denisedesimone.com View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Monica Dubay

Monica Dubay is a spiritual teacher, healer, writer, catalyst for transformational leadership. She is on a mission to empower women who want to crush fear, shamelessly love themselves and boldly lead from their hearts to change the world. Her transformational program called "Heal Your Mind Heal Your Life", brings participants into their hearts to quickly release fear and blocked emotions. Monica's Mission is to help others undergo mind/body transformation, through a release of core beliefs using efficient healing processes. Her Vision is that the unstoppable power of compassionate leadership united with divine love will take over the systems of the world that are based in competition, greed, and ego. Her dedication to her own healing is evident in the fearless maverick style of healing that she embodies as its combined with true compassion and divine guided wisdom.

Facebook page Touch of Your Life View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Sheila Duncan

From adversity in her family, Sheila suggested to her 12 year old niece that they sit down and write a book about it. The result was the creation of lovable, huggable character her niece named Trouble. Their first book "Here's Trouble" was very successful, Trouble is now a plush toy, inspirational jewelry, and the best part of this story is what Trouble represents to children all around the world. The message behind the storybook is quite simple, Trouble helps kids deal with whatever is troubling them. Trouble the dog gives them someone to hug. When they hug him they smile and don't want to put him down. The second book "Where There's Trouble There's Hope" introduces us to a rescue dog named Hope. The message of this book inspires children to always have hope, to believe in themselves and their dreams. Sheila and Trouble the dog have been featured on CNN- American Journey, MSNBC's - Your Business as a Socially Conscious toy, Radio Entrepreneurs, Magic 106.7 Exceptional Women Entrepreneurs, Success Magazine. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Erik Dunton

Erik Dunton,Therapeutic Musician, Motivational Drummer, and Remo Endorsed Health RHYTHMS Endorsed Facilitator. Erik believes that music should be, not only valued as a form of entertainment, but also as a vehicle of positive change in the lives of individuals. He uses the power of music, rhythm and song to produce non-musical outcomes. "I believe everyone is born musical, everyone has rhythm, everyone has a heartbeat" In 2007 Erik founded the group therapeutic drumming business, Positive RE:Percussions in Nashville, TN, before recently relocating it to Austin, TX in the summer of 2015. Through his company, Erik works with children, well elderly, individuals with special needs, elderly in memory care, at-risk youth and many other populations. Through this work, at hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, addiction recovery centers special needs camps, group homes. He has been a to part of the positive change that rhythm and music brings to lives. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Howard Falco

In late 2002, in the middle of ordinary life, this married father of two went through a sudden and extraordinary expansion of mind. The dramatic depth and breadth of this shift in consciousness and understanding unveiled the answers to many of the largest and deepest questions that humanity seeks answers for on a regular basis, such as, "Why am I here?", How do I create my deepest dreams and desires", and "How do I achieve lasting peace and fulfillment?". Howard has authored two books, about the understanding of life and the power of personal creation. His first one is titled, " I AM: THE POWER OF DISCOVERING WHO YOU REALLY ARE (2010), and his second book, "TIME IN A BOTTLE; MASTERING THE EXPERIENCE OF LIFE, (2014, both by Tarcher/Penguin). For Howard, the most thrilling revelation of his new insight is that everyone has the opportunity to experience this awareness and the freedom, joy and creative power it brings. www.HowardFalco.com View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Melanie Fleming

She is an accomplished executive leader, Melanie has spearheaded marketing, public relations, and communications programs for Xerox Corporation, Wang Laboratories, JuniorNet Inc,OpenPages Inc., Thomson Communications, and The Kennek Foundation. Melanie has helped to orchestrate hundreds of fundraising events, raising more than $2.7million to benefit local and national charities that help children and families Passionate about her clients and creative ability to help tell their stories. Melanie has received numerous journalism awards including three Bell Ringers, in addition she has secured awards for clients including Boston Business Journal's CFL of the Year,Philanthropic Partner of the Year 40 Under 40. She provides strategic consult to Founder Sheila Duncan, skillfully positioning her as an expert resource to the media on important topics including: children's health, and well-being., talking to children about difficult topics, leadership, entrepreneurship, women in business. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Sacha Fossa

Sacha L. Fossa, is a Sex, Relationship and Intimacy Coach, Advanced Certified Tantric Educator (ACTE) and Holistic Healer who helps individuals and couples get the Best Sex and Love Life they have always wanted. With an MA in Health Arts and Sciences, 20 certifications in the healing arts and 10 years of practice, she offers coaching, healing, and bodywork from a place of academic, experiential, and embodied knowledge. Having personally walked the path of sexual trauma, and depression to awakening and healing, she empowers others to heal and release trauma and have more pleasure. Embracing pleasure as a way of life is the new healing paradigm she seeks to inspire, guiding clients to more wholeness, vitality, romance, sensuality. Her business Sacred Temple Arts, offers sessions, programs and trainings in person, by phone or Skype.
Contact Sacha through her website sacredtemplearts.com and sign up for a free initial Best Sex & Love Life Consultation. You receive a discount on sessions when you mention this broadcast. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

David A Grant

David A Grant is a freelance writer and traumatic brain injury survivor based out of southern New Hampshire. He is the author "Metamorphosis, Surviving Brain Injury", a book that chronicles in exquisite detail the first year-and-a-half of his new life as a brain injury survivor. His newest title, "Slices of Life after Traumatic Brain Injury" was released in early 2015. David is also a contributing author to "Chicken Soup for the Soul Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries. As a survivor of a cycling accident in 2010, he shares his experience and hope through advocacy work including a public speaking as well as his weekly brain injury blog. David is a regular contributing writer to Brainline.org, a PBS sponsored website. He is also a regular contributing writer to Brain Injury Journal Magazine as well as a columnist in "HEADWAY". David is the founder of TBI Hope and Inspiration, a Facebook community with over 14,000 members including survivors, family members, caregivers David's Blog: http://surviving-brain-injury.blogspot.com TBI Hope and Inspiration on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TBIHopeandInspiration TBI Hope and Inspiration Magazine: http://www.tbihopeandinspiration.com View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Sherri Henley

Sherri Henley, Founder & CEO of Business Over Coffee International (BOCI). Sherri has mastered the art of collaboration through digital citizenship. In addition to effectively managing one of the fastest growing collaborative business networks of the mid-South. She hosts regular radio and television programs on media channels including BOCI Radio, Sherri Henley Intelligence, Digital Citizen University In 2014 Sherri launched iShare Agency, LLC, bringing experts together for projects management, brand development, and speakers bureau. She is the author of "Come Into Your OWN- A 31 Day Experience" and published 'The Power of Collaboration in Business", "Digital Citizen 101- Harnessing the Power of Your Audience. As a result of her work to bring everyone together the mission of "Business Over Coffee International" gubernatorial and mayoral proclamations proclaim the first Thursday in December "BRINGING EVERYONE TOGETHER DAY'.
http://sherrihenleyintelligence.com View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Mandy Hogan

Mandy Hogan is the executive director of Windrush Farm Therapeutic Equitation, Inc. in North Andover, Massachusetts. Graduating from Wheelock College in Boston with a degree in education and a focus on special education and having a special affinity for horses, students with special needs and the outdoors, Mandy started teaching with Marj Kittredge, the founder of the program, at Windrush Farm in 1975. Mandy is a PATH Intl. Master Instructor, an ESMHL, certified faculty member, and a Massachusetts certified riding instructor She is active on the Advisory Board of the Essex Agricultural and Technical High School and multiple committees for PATH International, the organization overseeing equine assisted activities and therapies Mandy actively instructs students of all abilities in the therapeutic and recreational programs at Windrush Farm. She actively PATH = Professional Assoc of Therapeutic Horsemanship International ESMHL = Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Coach Rita Hurry

Coach Rita is a qualified as a coach since 2003. She coaches clients across the globe. As well as being a Law of Attraction Coach & Radio Show Presenter, hosting "Your Missing Link to the Law of Attraction" on LOA Radio Network www.loaradionetwork.com/coach-rita, Rita is a Chakra Energy Healer and Meditation Coach. She has recently been awarded the Best LOA Coach of 2015. Coach Rita has a huge passion for life and believes that once individuals embrace themselves for who they are and not afraid to shine; this becomes the true beauty of life. "I love it when my clients gain that ahh-haa moment. When it finally clicks that they are the centre of their being and the creator of their life. That's when the darkness disappears and their light shine bright, its is so beautiful to witness." Coach Rita works with clients from all backgrounds and has worked with business owners, medical professionals, actors, agent, and musicians to name a few. To find out more - www.coachrita.co.uk View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Sue Kearney

Sue Kearney, is the Chief Inspiration Officer at Magnolias West, a branding and web design, and spiritual business practice. Part technology and neuroscience geek, part partially tamed hippie, Sue is passionate about and dedicated to helping women with heart and soul rock their amazing their business. She loves marketing, from the heart and loves helping you share you awesome with the world! Sue also dances, DJ's, makes art, gardens, cooks, and she is a student of astrology, tarot and she practices and facilitates women's spirituality.
You can find Sue at her on the interweb Magnolias West. There you will also find Sue's blog, and subscribe to her newsletter which is full of business practices and tips both spiritual and down-to -earth. You can also jump in with Sue on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. www.Magnoliaswest.com View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Kate McKay

Kate is a highly requested high-energy results-oriented leader success coach and speaker She is a published Author "Living Sexy FIt...at any age!" TV personality, and successful Entrepreneur offering outstanding presentation communication, and cross-cultural team management skills. She has made a career of sharing key success tactics, inspiring audiences through conferences books, workshops nationwide. She then developed a Coaching and Training program for Lifestyle and Executive Coaches that is active today. Known for recognizing solid business opportunities Kate has launched her own companies including Gold Siena the purchase and sale of precious metals. Publication and media experience include Redbook, NY Smash, Entrepreneur, Being Fit Newburyport, PBS Creative Living, Heroes of Transformation and currently airing The McKay Effect Kate is a public advocate for fitness and wellness both physically and emotionally. A lifelong student of connection of self care and life satisfaction. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Tina Michaud-Gray

Tina Michaud-Gray,RN, LMT,SILC,CH.
She is an innovator, trail blazer, healing specialist, and the founder of the New England Rapid Recovery Center. Tina offers a new perspective on healing. As an integrative pain and rehabilitation specialist, a Registered Nurse, Licensed Massage Therapist, Strategic Intervention Life Coach, and Chaplain. Tina works with chronic and acute pain clients from a true mind, body and spirit perspective. With over 20+years of clinical experience working with soft tissue injuries, acute and chronic pain, combined with some of the best technology available, Tina's practice remains on the cutting edge for pain relief. With years of research Tina has developed a healing protocol, The Rapid Recovery System that allows patients to recover from injury and surgery in half the time, utilizing a combination of noninvasive technologies.
603-743-4885 View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Brooke Mills

Brooke, is a 16 year old high school junior who suffered a severe during gym class in her freshman year. Brooke was told that she would likely recover in a few days to a few weeks. Brooke was shocked how much her life changed post-concussion and she still suffers symptoms, two years later. Brooke founded NH Concussion Awareness Day, LessenTheImpact.organd started her own blog to educate others about mild traumatic brain injury. Brooke has volunteered with the Brain Injury Association of NH and has recorded public service announcements which have aired around her state. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Stephanie Mills

Stephanie Mills, is mother to Brooke and a Doctor of Chiropractic at Crossroads Chiropractic in Pembroke, NH. After seeing the medical management, lack of understanding, and academic struggles following Brooke's concussion, Stephanie felt moved to share her perspective as caretaker for a concussed team. Stephanie has traveled the country as an advocate for Concussion Awareness and spoke to the Texas Legislature's Education Committee on behalf of a concussion bill. Stephanie co-founded Beauties Bowling for Brain Injury fundraiser with her daughter Brooke, which has raised over $2000 for the Brain Injury Association of NH. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Dr. Michael Mirdad

Dr. Michael Mirdad, is a world-renowned spiritual teacher, healer, and author. He has facilitated thousands of classes, lectures, workshops throughout the world on mastery, spirituality, relationships, and healing and is noted by many authors as a "teacher's teacher" and a "healer's healer." He has been featured as a keynote speaker in the world's largest expos and conferences, and has been spotlighted on radio, television, and various Internet programs, as well as in several magazines including "Whole Self Times, "Sedona Journal, and "Yoga Journal". Michael is respected as one of the finest and most diverse healers of our time and for his ability to share the deepest teachings in a humorous, inspiring, clear, and applicable manner. www.GrailProductions.com View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Rev Dr. Julie Moret

Rev Dr. Julie Moret, is an accomplished speaker and personal coach. She holds degrees in a wide range of healing modalities including psychology, and Neuro-LInguistic Programming. Julie's work has been featured on the Lifetime television channel and she enjoys working with clients from diverse backgrounds, including Fortune 500 Executives, Academy Award Winner, and several New York Best Selling Authors, Julie, an Agape International Spiritual Center speaker, staff minister and member of the Executive Leadership Boards was knighted by the Order of the Orthodox Knights of the St. John Russian Grand Priory alongside Jack Canfield, Don Miguel Ruiz, and Michael Bernard Beckwith. She was honored to be a featured speaker at TEDx LA on May 28. 2015.
Speaking clips - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elFzmBKTT20&list=UU4G-c8bMUdfgMZkFN-vl4w
website www.juliemoret.com
revjulie@juiliemoret.com View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Norm Page

My featured guest is Norm Page. Since 1999 Norm has been both an Assistant and Head Coach as well as Board member with the Buffalo Sabres Junior Sled Hockey Team. From 2002 to 2007 Norm was President of the Buffalo Sabres Sled Hockey Organization. During this time the program grew from 2 to 4 teams. Their yearly budget tripled, scholarships for aspiring college bound athletes were created and a relationship with the Buffalo Sabres NHL Organization was improved. Since 2008 Norm has proudly represented the USA Hockey National Sled Hockey Team. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Michael Plansky

It has been said a person's quality of life is directly linked he quality of the relationships in their life. You're With Us! provides adolescents/young adults with the unique opportunity to belong to a group--just like any person would or could --and derive the typical benefits people receive from out-of-school activities. In addition, our participants have the unique ability to profoundly affect those around them. By being included in their groups our participants open up to college students,- and college campuses to compassion and empathy, and provide them with leadership opportunities that otherwise would not be available. We locate possible opportunities to join college groups, teams and clubs, coordinate recruitment into the group; act as the liaison between the family, school, and college/university; train mentors of the college groups to be responsible for making sure participants are included and connected with the group, facilitate communication between all parties. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Jeanne Rambo

Jeanne, is a Business Success Mentor and the founder of Jeanne Rambo Worldwide LLC. Her background draws from a unique blend of leadership, development, corporate world (bank management), community organizations, healing and 30+ years of study and practice in meditation, ancient healing techniques, law of attraction, trusting, building intuition and many more areas of interest. This culmination of corporate world experience and spiritual realm experience allows Jeanne to combine the best of both worlds and lead you to realize your dream of creating a Soul Centered Freedom Based Business!
www. jeanne@jeannerambo.com View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Deborah Schlag

In January 2003 Deborah's life changed dramatically when she experienced a severe TBI from a car accident. She spent the next several months sleeping 22 hours a day, taking 1 1/2 years to reduce this to 10 hours a day. After which she worked diligently for another 6 years achieving a full recovery. Knowing she needed to help others through this area of injury that many seemed to know little to nothing about. In 2006 she stepped out in the healing field working towards certifications with Healing Touch Program & Healing Touch International, by 2009 she was seeing clients on a regular basis. Following her heart was a move to NC in 2010 where she continue to learn, see clients, work on her book she began in 2005, she and her husband purchased land to build a healing center After 7 years, the book was published (October 2012) and later a finalist at the International Book Awards in the Category of Health.During this year she also received her non-profit status for "Awakening Center in NC. Knowing she needed to help others through this area of injury that many seemed to know little to nothing about. In 2006 she stepped out in the healing field working towards certifications with Healing Touch Program & Healing Touch International, by 2009 she was seeing clients on a regular basis. Following her heart was a move to NC in 2010 where she continue to learn, see clients, work on her book she began in 2005, she and her husband purchased land to build a healing center After 7 years, the book was published (October 2012) and later a finalist at the International Book Awards in the Category of Health.During this year she also received her non-profit status for "Awakening Center in NC. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Jeff Sebell

In 1975, Jeff Sebell experienced a TBI during the summer before his junior year in college. He suffered frontal lobe and brain stem injuries, and was comatose for 30 days. Jeff returned to college five months after his accident, and finished college one semester late earning his BA in Economics. After college, he worked as a disc jockey and music director at a radio station in Colorado. Following that, he worked in a family manufacturing business for nearly 25 years. Jeff was active in supporting other survivors referred to him by the newly forming National Head Injury Foundation in the early 1980's. As a result of his involvement, he was appointed to the founding Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Head Injury Foundation, and spoke at the first statewide brain injury conference in Massachusetts. www.lapublishing.com/sebell-survivor-support View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Lesley Smith

Lesley's early career was in professional theater and as a lead vocalist and bass player in bands of every description from bluegrass, big band, to rock music. During this time she served as Director of Recreation & Parks Newmarket NH, where she taught health, stress reduction and conflict resolution workshops. Her passion for positive psychology and transformation lead her to turn her talents into a career in motivational entertainment for adults and children. A cast of characters evolved in theatrical stage shows that would inspire school children in social competency skills, violence and bully prevention, good nutrition, coping with grief, and caring for the environment. One of her characters, the award winning and irascible Sammy Snail, emerged with the "X factor" mesmerizing and motivating children as well as adults. She has toured extensively as a National Foundation for the Arts, preforming sharing the stage with notables authors such as Jean Houston, Raphael Cushnir, David Kessler View Guest page

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Gina Springhower

Gina, is an independent paraplegic who strives to live life to the fullest and inspire others to do so too! She has lived twenty-one years of her life walking, tumbling, dancing, playing sports. Today she still is able to do all of those things with one little change, she rolls. She graduated from Wayne State College in 2010 with a bachelors in Human Services Counseling. Now she travels to different high schools, colleges, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers sharing her story in hopes of inspiring her audiences to make right decisions and push through life's obstacles. In September 2014, she married the love of her life John, and accomplished her goal of walking down the aisle despite being paralyzed. Now almost a year later, they are expecting their first little one in January 2016. Gina's Website: perfectlyimperfectgina.com Gina's Blog: perfectlyimperfectgina.worldpress.com View Guest page

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Cyndi Swall

Cyndi has facilitated over 2,000 hours of one-on-one coaching, Cyndi brings twelve years of professional coaching experience in support of your personal and professional goals. She is accredited and actively facilities 25 different coaching models, yet understands that no amount of action can make up for inaccurate or destructive thinking. She is a highly requested keynote speaker and facilitates her workshops nationwide and upcoming Bliss Camp.She has been a guest speaker for the Unity People's Convention the International Quality & Productivity Center, American Society for Training & Development, International Coach Federation, Embarq Women's Coalition,The Enlightened Leader Series,H&R Block Executive Development Program to name a few.A consistently published author, she has written a number of humorous and inspirational articles on women's issues as well as her upcoming book "Some Day My Bliss Will Come: A Guidebook of Everyday Joy of Women Who Are Tired of Waiting Around!" View Guest page

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Charley Thweat

Charley Thweat brings his gifts of warmth, humor, presence and ease to any gathering. He has been a favorite with Unity groups since the early 80's, when he took a leap of faith from his budding architecture career into touring full time with his spiritual concerts, and workshops. By sharing his original music, his angelic voice and his insightful workshops he has the ability to connect an audience. He has been a presenter for spiritual organizations and metaphysical conferences for 34 years, throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, Fiji, and Japan. www.musicaangel.com View Guest page

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Irene Tomkinson

Irene Tomkinson, MSW holds a Masters degree in clinical social work. She is a teacher, author "Not Like My Mother", speaker . Irene belief is that emotional pain and trauma not only in their subconscious but also literally in their bodies. She sees therapy as a process beginning, middle, end. It is a process that is meant to bring us home to our stories in such a way that we learn how are stories impact us, what we chose to do with the impact and recognize how it is running our present life. www.IreneTomkinson.com View Guest page

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Jenna Turcotte

Jenna Turcotte, Program Director Jenna began as a volunteer and an intern here while she was studying at Gordon College in Hamiliton, Massachusetts In September 2009, she became the Program Director at WIndrush Farm. View Guest page

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Sean VanGerena

Sean a single Dad, athlete, self employed, distance runner, Prior to his accident he successfully competed in 1/2 Ironman distance race. At 2 years he competed in Ironman in Florida, and at 3 years he won a Gold medal in the ITU Long Distance World Championship and was recruited to race Team USA After a life changing event November 2008, his resilient spirit and athletic drive continue to serve him, along with his love for life as he trains to run in the Paralympics 2016 representing the USA . Sean now an advocates for others about Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) .His motto "Lie Down or Stand Up" He is the founder of his non profit organization www.liedownorstandup.org please include 2 pics if possible Sean VanGerena/Facebook Sean VanGerena (@SeanVanGerena) Twitter Medial links: Team USA/ Paratriahlete Sean VanGerena- YouTube Sean VanGerena- Growing Bolder View Guest page

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Mai Vu

Mai Vu, Dating Coach, Author, International Speaker. Mai Vu works with busy working moms to help them attract and create new lasting love, while raising healthy kids, and rocking their business. Mai is the first certified Asian female Coactive Coach in the world. Her successful 6 figure coaching practice has been serving over 1000 women worldwide for 20 years. She has also trained and certified over 1000 life coaches. View Guest page

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Jennifer Williams-Fields

Jennifer Williams-Fields, is passionate about writing, yoga, traveling, public speaking and being a fabulous single momma to six super kids. Doing it all at one time, however, is her great struggle. She has been teaching yoga since 2005 and writing since she first picked up a crayon. Although her life is a sort of organized chaos, she loves every minute of the craziness and is grateful for all she's learned along the way. Jennifer was a featured speaker at the 2015 Inaugural Courage Makers Conference and is a regular guest speaker for local media outlets. Her first book "Creating A Joyful Life: The Lessons I Learned From Yoga and My Mom" is available on Amazon. She has also had her essays featured on Yahoo!, Dr. Oz, The Good Life and Scary Mommy. She is a regular writer for Elephant Journal Magazine, Your Tango, and YogaUOnline. View Guest page

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Jackie Woodside

Jackie Woodside is a certified professional coach and licensed psychotherapist who has authored two best selling books, "Calming the Chaos: A Soulful Guide to Managing Your Energy Rather than Your Time" an "What If It's Time for a Change" Inc. Magazine selected her book "Calming the Chaos" as one of the top ten motivational books of 2015. Jackie leads spiritual retreats, offers professional development training and keynote speeches around the country. She delivered her first TED talk in 2012 at TEDx Walden Pond. She has been a guest faculty member at the Unity Institute and has been on the faculty of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services Mentoring and Leadership program. View Guest page

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