Encore: What you should know about your clients communication style

August 15, 2016
Hosted by Shelley Hancock

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It may not be you but another salesperson who tends to break rapport with their customers or new prospects by “ticking them off”. Not connecting with them. Once rapport is broken it often is never repaired and the sale or new customer is lost. During this special Show you will learn: The 4 Communication and Buying Styles. How to detect the style of prospects in your first communication. How to ask questions that appease and satisfy each style. Take home scripts to keep near your telephone on your desk or in your briefcase.

Shelley’s Show and Tell

Shelley’s Show and Tell

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The beauty industry plays into our need to feel youthful and beautiful. How do you weed through all that information thrown at you? What treatments and products are truly transformational and what is snake oil and optical illusion.

When you hear it on Shelley’s Show and Tell it’s already been tested at Real Transformation Skin Care Centers and has their professional stamp of approval.

Shelley’s Show and Tell brings you the current real information about cutting edge anti-aging and acne treatments as well as the real skinny about the latest skin care ingredients. We also fill you in on home use tools and how to incorporate them into your daily beauty regime.

We offer stories of how to use the Law of Attraction, keeping your mind on what you want instead of complaining about how things are, to start a business or take one to the next level, and how to create a happy fulfilled life.

You will be motivated and inspired to make a change.

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Shelley Hancock

Shelley Hancock

Shelley Hancock, (a.k.a. “The Gadget Gal”), is one of the most trusted esthetic advisors in the beauty industry and Founder of Shelley Hancock Consulting, an organization dedicated to helping estheticians take their businesses and careers to the next level. Shelley is also the founder of Real Transformation Skin Care Centers offering the latest cutting edge technology in anti-aging and acne.

In 2005 after owning a successful skin care center for 15 years, Shelley expanded her focus so she could provide a deeper level of service to her fellow estheticians. Through hands-on training, workshops and private consultations, she has now connected thousands of beauty business owners with esthetic equipment that attracts a higher level client and helps build a more successful practice.

In addition to being the Owner and Head Trainer at Shelley Hancock Consulting, Shelley is hands-on at her two Real Transformation Skin Care Centers, both located in California. When she’s not teaching, training, coaching or working with clients, you just might find her recording voice overs for commercials. Shelley lives each day by the motto that what you think about and talk about, you bring into your life, so you had better choose wisely!

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