The Hunt for Happiness in Recovery

November 22, 2016
Hosted by Ross Remien

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Joining Ross this week to discuss her work as a Healing Practitioner and her new book, "Find Your Friggin' Joy," is Belinda Farrell. Belinda will delve into the many healing practices she uses, including the ancient Hawaiian teachings of Huna. Ross and Belinda look at the intersection of sobriety and spirituality in recovery, and the importance of finding what is meaningful and joyful to us as individuals. Tune in and join us- we could all use a little more happiness, right?

The Power to Create Yourself

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The Power to Create Yourself shares the most effective ways to reach your end goal. Through realizing the truth and lies behind our limitations and boundaries, we can all learn what it means to truly create ourselves and manifest our potential. Ross is not a doctor or scholar with a stack of degrees. Rather, he’s a regular guy who had his life stolen by drugs and was left to figure out a way to get from points A to B at the age of thirty. Ten years later he’s still a “boots on the ground” guy, sharing the strategies, beliefs and attitudes that led him to not only sobriety, but personal success. Ross, along with guests ranging from entrepreneurs to spiritual gurus, covers things like the importance of knowing what you stand for vs. what you don’t, seeking the true essence of your character and busting through road blocks, both real and perceived. The show also discusses the facilities and programs that exist to treat addiction, and how to reap the greatest benefits.

Ross Remien

Ross Remien is a counselor, experienced life coach, engaging speaker and the founder of Rebos Treatment Center. Ross’ journey from a crippling 17 year drug addiction to recovery ultimately became an inspiring success story. Growing up in the northern suburbs of Chicago, Ross was the youngest of four children. His family was well-established in the world of big business, and most of the Remien children found their niche and thrived in the business world. Ross found himself struggling early on to find his place on a pedestal that didn’t feel big enough for everyone. Ross searched for himself and, in time, substance abuse became his identity. Eventually, he went through multiple programs and felt like he was endlessly pushing a rock up a hill, never seeing the other side. It was during treatment that a therapist asked him when would he finally start to create himself? It was a defining moment, and Ross then went on to become a CDC, counseling a diverse clientele. Over the next four years, it became clear to him that there was a failure to sufficiently treat the behaviors, attitudes and beliefs behind addiction. From that, Ross’ vision for Rebos was born and he developed a program using the business philosophies he absorbed early in life, translating them to a lifestyle philosophy that allows building of spiritual wealth. Ross lives in Los Angeles with his wife and dog, and loves hunting and fishing in Wisconsin, where his heart has lived since childhood.

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