My New Year Re-Soul-ution

January 3, 2017
Hosted by Kathy Welter-Nichols

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Why diets don’t work, and never will- never did. Exploring how your body will only release weight when it feels “safe” and how to achieve that through good nutrition … releasing the emotional residue embracing powerful mental/emotional practices that feed your brain. What we know about the body, nutrition and how it all works for you - activating the metabolism, exercise that is consistent rather than intense The truth about sugar: it’s time to take action on this old bandit and here's how. We’re going to challenge one of the most shocking points around fats Who knew? Now you will. The nitty gritty on cholesterol did you know it has nothing to do with heart disease and saturated fat has zero correlation? The 80/20 rule making it work for you. How can I use my brain to help me get what I really want? Neuro Plasticity, the brains ability to make lasting change throughout an individual's life course. Join Cara & I January 3 for this and so much more!

Chasing Hunger

Chasing Hunger

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One in three people knows someone suffering with an eating disorder. Chasing Hunger unravels the struggles of these issues offering real tools you can use to help reclaim your life from eating disorders.

What can I eat? Will I gain weight? What about anxiety? I can’t sleep. I’m having panic attacks and I’m bloated all the time. What about junk sugar and junk foods? I feel ashamed, I feel guilty.

These and many more behavior patterns are linked to eating disorders, along with beliefs and values that are often sacrificed in the secretive drive for thinness.

The ability to build new resources that support optimal self-care and self-love is a pre-requisite for lasting recovery, built on gratitude and forgiveness. Join us.

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Kathy Welter-Nichols

Kathy Welter-Nichols

Kathy Welter-Nichols is a clinician and author; she runs a private practice in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Over the years she has helped thousands of people achieve positive results, which inspired her to create a specialized program called “The Bulimia Breakthrough Method.”

She is a published author of several books: Chasing Hunger: The 90-day Bulimia Breakthrough Challenge is the one that put her in front of a TV audience on the CBS-produced, internationally syndicated show “The Doctors.” Her other titles include: Meditation for Beginners, Mindful for Beginners and My Birth, My Way. She is also a birth coach and doula, and teaches weekly meditation practices. She is the winner of the 1999 Spirit of Community Award for her dedicated service in hospice work for patients struggling with a life threatening illness and their families.

Her expertise offers real insight into the challenges of eating disorders and its debilitating effects. Through insightful questioning, she has gathered knowledge and information that has been key in assisting people to achieve positive recovery.

Kathy’s passion and deep empathy for the human condition has honed her insightful intuition for understanding people. This combination of education, skill, passion and her unique approach make her a dynamic leader in the field of recovery from eating disorders.

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