How can Shamanism help you heal?

February 14, 2017
Hosted by Marni

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Shaman medicine, Fire Dance, Sweat Lodge; a andful of native traditions. Beyond Native Americans and other native cultures there is a growing population looking for healing. This tradition of healing cycles back long ago and still practiced today. How can these native traditions help you heal? Join me and Robbie Warren, a modern Medicine Woman and Traditional Shaman as we talk about these long practiced healings and you'll hear what can help you discern if Shamanism can help you heal.

Heal Your Sh#t with Marni

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Do you feel stuck, self-doubt or physical/emotional pain? Chances are you have low self-esteem which can impact every part of your life. My goal is to help you heal and begin reclaiming your self-esteem. When you tune in to my show you’ll hear inspiring stories and ideas to adapt to your life helping you shift.

Many of my clients say “I want what you have.” I’ll share how I reclaimed my self-esteem. Healing is choosing change. Are you daring, committed and eager to move past feeling stuck, self-doubt and pain? Ready to shift your mind, body and spirit? It can stir you up, yet most days you can feel happy.

I translate what I do with clients in private session into my show. I’ll share energy-healing modalities, my clairvoyant gifts, my voice and heart along with stirring conversations with guests.


I wake up as a happy soul each day, believing something as small as a smile holds the power to impact everyone around me, a world where I accept and love my own and everyone else’s imperfections, believing all feelings originate from Love or Fear and that everything we experience, especially the uncomfortable stuff, happens for our greater good.

My healing journey began twenty years ago when I chose happiness and treatment for my bulimia. Treatment helped me remember my gifts. Along the way I travelled to India and became a certified Reiki Master. Through intensive ongoing study, workshops, sweat lodges, drumming and practice, I’ve developed expertise in the art of meditation, energy healing, yoga, spirituality, mediumship, chakras, yin empowerment, crystals, sound healing, clearing spaces, tarot, shamanism, archetypes, and shadow work, sharing my experiences through real talk interactive events, journaling and blogging.

As an Intuitive Energy Healer, I’m able to help people move from a state of unrestful self-doubt, feeling stuck, or in pain, to a healing state of clarity and strong self-esteem by shifting the energy inside and around them attracting more positive people and experiences into their lives. I’m also able to share ways of balancing their lives as I have done, between the needs of my best friend and husband Marc and son Eli, with the needs of my clients and my own joys for reading, writing, cooking, dancing, singing, yoga and sports.

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