Baby Boomers Effect on the Future of Real Estate

February 22, 2017
Hosted by Jessica Stoner, Real Estate Futurist

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Baby Boomers have been changing the world around them since they were born and this generation continues to do so as they age and head into retirement. There are no templates to deal with this generation as they have no intention of following any preset design for how to behave in their retirement years. There were many predictions of what Boomers will do with their real estate and lifestyles when they retire. However, as always, Boomers are making many different, contradictory choices and lifestyles that were wholly unexpected. There is no format for Boomers at this time of change in their lives and this creates a situation that is difficult to predict how they will affect real estate in the future. Listen in to learn more about today's and tomorrow retiring boomers and their affect on real estate.

The Future of Real Estate with Jessica Stoner

The Future of Real Estate with Jessica Stoner

Wednesday at 12 Noon Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Business Channel

The Future of Real Estate radio show is about all aspects of real estate in the future.

We will explore surprising connections between current developments in the world and how they may affect real estate, in ways that are not yet obvious.

New technology advancements will create unique working arrangements and processes, altering how and where people choose to live. A variety of generations with different views of success and happiness modify the traditional real estate status quo. New techniques of real estate construction and breakthrough materials create massive disruption in traditional construction, city planning, and sense of community.

You will find this show surprising, enlightening and instructional, as you can apply this insight directly to your own real estate decisions. Whether a homeowner or future homeowner, investor or real estate professional, this information provides an inside edge to everyone who owns real estate now or in the future.

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Jessica Stoner, Real Estate Futurist

Jessica Stoner, Real Estate Futurist

Jessica Stoner has unique knowledge of both real estate and future studies. With extensive industry experience and education, paired with an unquenchable passion for all things "Future," she is well positioned to share the many factors affecting the future of real estate.

Jessica has been a successful Realtor, Broker and Owner of multiple real estate Brokerages for 18 years. She created the first fully digital real estate brokerage in Canada and was the co-founder of a real estate technology training company for REALTORS, to ensure the necessary digital evolution in the real estate industry.

Finding herself on the forefront of many changes in the real estate industry and always excited about the things to come, she became a graduate of the certificate program in Strategic Foresight at the University of Houston.

Jessica’s passion and knowledge in her speaking engagements is apparent and thought provoking, and of great interest to all who are interested in the future of real estate.

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Tiny Home Alliance Canada

This Canadian not-for-profit organization for research and education was founded in 2014 by a couple by the name of Robert & Leanne Leonardo, now located in Saskatchewan. The purpose then was to provide an online and personal resource for Canadians who are curious about alternative housing, such as tiny homes, micro homes, earth-ships, yurts, etc. There was nothing like it prior. The hope and vision was for others to gather together and form a Canadian alliance so that effective change could be achieved where it was needed.
In it's first two years Tiny Home Alliance has been useful to tens of thousands of Canadians. We have been thankful and greatly humbled to help many mainstream media journalists and network with hundreds of like minded Canadians-- even those past our borders. Our fellow Canadians seek an alternative, affordable and reasonable lifestyle that is less focused on consumption and excess. View Guest page

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Roy Anderson

Roy Anderson, Executive Director, RE/MAX of Western Canada, started his career with RE/MAX 30 years ago as a sales associate before becoming a franchise owner in New Westminster, B.C. He joined the regional head office 17 years ago. Roy oversees RE/MAX of Western Canada’s Member Services, Events and Corporate Affairs departments.
With a long and involved career in the real estate industry, Roy has seen many changes take place. He has garnered detailed knowledge of all aspects of the industry from several differnt perspectives. View Guest page

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Marc Bovet

Marc is the President/Founder of BONE Structure, a leader in steel framed, in-factory built homes. After spending 30 years in business in various industries, noticing the shortcomings of traditional construction processes, his entrepreneurial spirit springs up again and he starts BONE Structure®.
A leader in the contemporary architectural field of steel framing for the residential and commercial construction, BONE Structure has given itself the mission to innovate for the benefit of green industrialized housing systems.
Bovet is currently focused on developing an international market for the BONE Structure technology. View Guest page

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John Carle

John Carle has been a REALTOR since 1999, and has built a great team in the Edmonton real estate market. Now he and his business partner Ben Officer has the leverage to take long term trips, such as a 10 month RV tour of north America, or Ben's month on a small island in the middle of the pacific to scuba dive all month. John is a believer that someone who works hard has every right to play hard. View Guest page

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Raines Cohen

Raines has visited over 100 North American cohousing neighborhoods, lived in two, and advised many. With his wife Betsy Morris, he runs Cohousing California, supporting people co-creating cooperative sustainable living communities, with a special interest in "Aging in Community," writing a chapter on that in the book "Audacious Aging." He's a Certified Senior Advisor and LEED Green Associate, and lives at Berkeley (California) Cohousing. View Guest page

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David Cravit

With more than 30 years of experience in advertising, marketing and consulting in both Canada and the U.S.A., ZoomerMedia Limited Vice-President David Cravit’s expertise lies in strategic planning, creative development, media advertising, merchandising, sales promotion and management and online marketing.
David is an author and his book, The New Old (October, 2008, ECW Press) details how the baby boomers are completely reinventing the process of aging – and the implications for companies, government and society as a whole. The New Old can be purchased online at or Chapters Indigo. View Guest page

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Battistella Devleopments

Founded in 1980 by Giovanni and Jacqueline Battistella the company has always focused on leading architecturally designed homes in the inner city of Calgary. One of Calgary’s first builders to focus on infill homes in the inner city, their vision and leadership was recognized in 1986 with a Governor General's Award. From these beginnings the benchmark of the future of the company was established.
The next generation has Simon and Paul Battistella leading a cohesive, value driven team dedicated to a “customer first” philosophy.
Battistella’s latest project:
INK Life East Village Look to the East
The future of city life is unfolding in Calgary’s oldest neighbourhood. Nestled along the banks of the Bow River between Fort Calgary and the downtown core, East Village offers walkable access to the best of urban living. View Guest page

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Nick Doiron

Nick is a computer programmer and mapmaker originally from New Hampshire. In the past he has worked with One Laptop per Child, Code for America, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He has been living in short-term Airbnb rentals for the past two-and-a-half years. View Guest page

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Omar Eleryan

Cleo Robotics is a Calgary startup building the world's first drone that is both safe and portable. View Guest page

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Skip Frenzel

John "Skip" Frenzel spans several disciplines. A REALTOR® since 1977 in the San Jose, CA area, GRI, CRS, SRES®, GHS™, he teaches the SRES® class and is on the Education Committee at Santa Clara County Association of REALTORS®, his local board. But he also is active in the Financial Planning arena earning the Certified Financial Planner® designation. View Guest page

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Larry Haines

Larry Haines is passionate about helping people to achieve. Currently living in Texas and building sustainable eco-village with tiny houses, aquaponics, permaculture, renewable energy, jobs and job training, with an emphasis on renewing hope for those that desire a more abundant life. View Guest page

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Dr. Berok Khoshnevis

Behrokh Khoshnevis is a Dean’s Professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering, Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering, Astronautics Engineering, amongst others. An inductee of the National Academy of Inventors, he has developed three novel Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) processes called Contour Crafting to be used to 3D print homes and buildings.
In 2014 Contour Crafting received the Grand Prize among 1000+ globally competing technologies in the Create the Future Design Contest which was organized by the NASA TechBriefs Group. Contour Crafting was earlier selected as one of the top 25 out of more than 4000 candidate inventions by the History Channel Modern Marvels program and the National Inventor’s Hall of Fame; and has been identified as one of the major disruptive technologies of our time. View Guest page

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Carmen Lamoureux

Owner and founder of Calgary’s URBANFARM PERMACULTURE PROJECT, Carmen Lamoureux is dedicated to helping emerging gardeners and permaculture enthusiasts gain the freedom, confidence and skills they need to live more abundant, sustainable and resilient lives. Through URBANFARM WORKSHOP, Carmen offers practical classes and seminars to inspire conscious and creative solutions for regenerative local urban food production. For more information on the URBANFARM PERMACULTURE PROJECT and URBANFARM WORKSHOP, please visit URBANFARM.CA View Guest page

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Barry Maedel

Click was borne out of custom homebuilder Barry Maedel’s desire to provide contemporary design and quality material construction in an efficient, affordable, and repeatable model of home design and construction.
Barry's envisioning of CLiCK’s easy-to-construct wall system evolved over his 18 years as one of the Sunshine Coast’s most recognized builders of unique homes. The result? Nearly 50 homes and buildings, all based on our wood construction wall system, have been delivered during the last 7 years.
Click Modular Homes offer customers the perfect marriage of contemporary and quality construction for new home, lane-way coach houses, guest accommodations, raw lands, islands and water access only lots. View Guest page

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Ronaye Matthew

Ronaye Matthew has close to 40 years experience in residential development, marketing and construction. Her company, CDC Cohousing Development Consulting, provided start-up and development management services for most of the completed cohousing communities in Canada. Ronaye is a founding member of the Canadian Cohousing Network and has lived at Cranberry Commons Cohousing since completion in 2001. View Guest page

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Miriam McNabb

As a Contributing Editor for DRONELIFE, Miriam developed a passionate enthusiasm for the drone industry and the benefits that drone technology offers across a wide range of industries. She has a deep understanding of federal drone regulations and the evolving drone business. Miriam believes that drones are a major disruptive technology that will change our lives for the better – performing many commercial tasks better, cheaper, and safer than manned aircraft can and offering a tremendous humanitarian impact in search and rescue, disaster recovery, firefighting, and other applications.
Miriam has over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, working as the VP of Sales and Marketing for financial market technology companies and consulting firms, and in a variety of roles at larger technology firms like Advent Software. View Guest page

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Marina Reznik

Marina Reznik, of Atlantic Sotheby’s International Realty & Partner with Ubitquity LLC, was the first to record a real estate transfer on the Bitcoin blockchain, using Colu’s Colored Coins open source protocol and Ubitquity’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. She is part of Ubitquity’s core team and is responsible for bridging the gap between the tech world and the physical world of people and properties. View Guest page

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Gwen Schantz

Gwen is a Co-Founder and the Chief Operating Officer at Brooklyn Grange, a renowned Urban Farming and Sustainable Design business based in New York City. She is the head of the company's Design and Installation division, as well as spearheading new projects and business development. She is a licensed General Contractor, and has expertise in the design and construction of green roofs, green walls and other vegetated installations. View Guest page

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Doug Topp

Doug Topp is a professional REALTOR® at Macdonald Realty’s Squamish office in British Columbia, Canada.
A consistent top producer with over 21 years experience in both Alberta and British Columbia, Doug's knowledge and expertise is much sought after in his area and in the industry. View Guest page

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