Isabel Foxen Duke: How to Stop Feeling Crazy Around Food

March 30, 2017
Hosted by Andrea Beaman, Lisa Lewtan, and Michelle Pfennighaus

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In today's episode, I'll be talking with health coach, Isabel Foxen Duke, about why most people are getting the “emotional eating” conversation backwards.

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Healthy View Radio

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Are you a confused by all the nutritional hype in the media? Join the club!

In a feisty and fun fashion, Andrea Beaman, Lisa Lewtan, and Michelle Pfennighaus will explore what it means to be a healthy and happy woman in today’s stressful world.

Offering simple tips and strategies in all areas of healthy living, including food, exercise, relationships, stress, fun, spirituality, they will discuss women’s real life struggles and how to overcome them! Listen live to Healthy View Radio, every Thursday at 9 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel.

You may also enjoy episodes of Lisa Lewtan’s previous series, “Busy, Stressed, and Food Obsessed!” which aired from October, 2016 to June, 2017 and appears on this page.

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Andrea Beaman, Lisa Lewtan, and Michelle Pfennighaus

Andrea Beaman, Lisa Lewtan, and Michelle Pfennighaus

Andrea Beaman is a Natural Foods Chef, health educator, thyroid expert, holistic health coach and herbalist, dedicated to alternative healing, and sustainable eating and living. She was a featured contestant on Bravo’s Top Chef and is recognized as one of the top 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness. As a best-selling author, Andrea shares her natural healing experience in a variety of inspirational books and cookbooks. She hosted the award nominated “Fed UP!”, a cooking show that educates viewers how to cook for, and cure, their bodily ailments. Andrea Beaman is frequently featured in a variety of respected media outlets as a celebrity chef, natural foods expert, and a passionate holistic health advocate. Read more about Andrea at

Lisa Lewtan is a Health and Lifestyle Coach, the founder of Healthy, Happy, and Hip, and an award-winning author of "Busy, Stressed, and Food Obsessed!" Using the skills she developed as a successful tech entrepreneur, Lisa self-hacked her own mind and body to restore her health and then go on to feel better than ever. With private coaching, online courses, workshops, and retreats, Lisa helps highly successful hungry go-getters to slow down, chill-out, develop a better relationship with food and stress, look good, and feel great. Lisa has been featured in numerous publications including The Boston Globe, The Huffington Post, MindbodyGreen, and Better After 50, and has been a speaker at companies such as Canyon Ranch and Google. She will be running her first workshop at the Kripalu Center this fall. To learn more, visit

Michelle Pfennighaus has been featured on ABC, CBS, NPR and in the movie "Lemonade" with her inspiring story of healing from anxiety, fainting spells and IBS. Since then, she has helped thousands of over-worked, over-achieving women lose weight and find balance in their busy lives through diet and lifestyle changes. She also appears in the curriculum at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Michelle is a dedicated yogi and mommy to two little boys. She can be found at

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Debbie Adler

Debbie Adler is the owner of the nationally renown, allergy-free, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free bakery Sweet Debbie’s Organic Cupcakes located in Los Angeles. In addition to owning her bakery, Debbie is also the author of the critically acclaimed cookbook, Sweet Debbie’s Organic Treats: Allergy-free & Vegan Recipes from the Famous Los Angeles Bakery. It was named a “Best Gluten-Free Cookbook ” by Delicious Living Magazine, a “Favorite Book” by Gluten-free & More Magazine, and a “Best Vegan Cookbook” by Green Vegan Living. Debbie has been interviewed on NBC’s Nightly News, ABC-7’s Eyewitness News, CBS Los Angeles News, and many more. Debbie Adler, her cookbook and bakery have been featured in the Los Angeles Times and on NPR’s radio show Here and Now. Her recipes have been published in national magazines. Please visit for more information. View Guest page

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Andrea Beaman

Andrea Beaman is an internationally renowned Holistic Health Coach, Educator, Natural Foods Chef, author, and television host dedicated to alternative healing and green, sustainable living. Andrea was a featured contestant on Bravo’s hit reality TV show, Top Chef (season 1). She is a regularly featured food and health expert on CBS News, and has appeared on Barbara Walters, The View, Emeril Live and Whole Living on Martha Stewart Radio. She is the host of the Award Nominated Fed UP! A cooking show that educates guests and viewers how to cook for, and cure, bodily ailments. She maintains, her personal website that offers recipes, video blogs, food tips, holistic health coaching, books, DVD’s, and other health-related information. View Guest page

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Jacqui Bonwell

Jacqui Bonwell is a 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT-500), Level 1 Balanced Athlete ™ Certified coach, Yin Yoga & Meditation certified, Level 1 FMS Functional Movement Systems certified, Reiki Master, Director of the Sacred Seeds Yoga School (RYS-200hr level, RYS-500hr level) in the Greater Boston area and the Owner of the Canton Yoga Shala in Canton, MA. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Rhode Island. She works primarily with Yoga Teachers through her 200hr & 300hr Yoga Teacher Training certification programs. My most important credential and greatest training has been Motherhood. View Guest page

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Nathalie Botros

Nathalie Botros – the "Bon-Vivant Girl" – is a certified health coach and psychotherapist who teaches women how to lose weight and feel great without sacrificing their appetite and love for life. She is a world traveler with a big appetite for food and experiences. She was born in Lebanon, raised in Turkey, studied in Switzerland, played and worked in Italy before eventually landing in the United States. Nathalie started her first diet at fourteen years old because everyone in her boarding school in Switzerland was doing it. That was the beginning of her serial dieting career. Her diets have varied depending on where she lived and what the “little black dress of diets" was at that time. When she arrived in New York Nathalie experienced the biggest weight gain of her life. After numerous failed diet attempts, she changed her “binge and purge” approach by moving her focus to making smarter choices overall while eating a bit of everything and loving every minute of it. View Guest page

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Dr. Michael Breus

Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., is a Clinical Psychologist and both a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He was one of the youngest people to have passed the Board at age 31 and, with a specialty in Sleep Disorders, is one of only 163 psychologists in the world with his credentials and distinction. Dr. Breus is on the clinical advisory board of The Dr. Oz Show and appears regularly on the show (>30 times in 4 years). View Guest page

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Sue Brown

I lost 52 pounds in 52 weeks when I was 52 by conquering my lifelong sugar addiction. I've kept off the weight for 10 years, because once I understood what I couldn't eat I also understood what I COULD eat! I have gone back to school to become an Ingegrative Nutrition Health Coach and have wirtten the book "Simply Sugar Free: 6 SImple Steps to Conquer Sugar Addiction" to share what I have learned. View Guest page

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Allen Campbell

Allen began his culinary education at age 14. In 2013, he became Tom Brady’s personal chef. By combining the ancient traditions of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda with his extensive culinary background, Campbell refined his food philosophy to create and deliver optimal nourishment. View Guest page

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Dan Candell

Known in business for being a behavioral communications specialist, Dan Candell focuses his expertise on high performance. He is a speaker, coach and also a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Certified Instructor through the National Guild of Hypnotists. He teaches people how to use self-hypnosis to overcome their obstacles and achieve their full potential in their personal and professional lives. Dan also teaches the art of “Hypnotic Selling” and how to persuade and influence anyone. Dan works with professional athletes, business owners, and corporate executives and entrepreneurs. The result? They can take their performance, attitude, and career to the next level. After teaching more than 75,000 people these techniques, Dan has become to “go to guy” to help people convert their dreams into plans as he helps them overcome stress and anxiety, gain confidence and motivation, adopt better habits and belief systems, and achieve their full personal and professional potential. View Guest page

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Dr. Arthur P. Ciaramicoli

Arthur P. Ciaramicoli, Ed.D., Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been treating clients for more than 35 years. He is a member of the American Psychological Association and the Massachusetts Psychological Association.
Dr. Ciaramicoli is the co-director of Integrated Success Strategies, was formerly the Chief Medical Officer of and is also in private practice, Dr. Ciaramicoli has been on the faculty of Harvard Medical School for several years, lecturer for the American Cancer Society, Chief Psychologist at Metrowest Medical Center, and director of the Metrowest Counseling Center and of the Alternative Medicine division of Metrowest Wellness Center in Framingham, Massachusetts. View Guest page

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Sean Croxton

Sean Croxton is an author, entrepreneur, and personal improvement consultant on a mission to teach 1 million people how to discover and develop the hidden powers of lying dormant within.
In 2007, Sean stumbled upon this thing called YouTube where he created one of the first health-based video channels on the internet, sharing seemingly complicated matters of health in a way that everyone could understand. He then went on to launch the very famous Underground Wellnes Radio podcast, wrote The Dark Side of Fat Loss and created JERF brand - just eat real food.
Lately Sean is pursing his passion for personal development and recently authored The One Percenter’s Mind: 7 Steps to Beating Fear, Doubt, and Indecision … and How to Get Anything You Want. View Guest page

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Marc David

Marc David is the Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating ( ), and a leading visionary, teacher and consultant in Nutritional Psychology. He’s the author of the classic and bestselling books Nourishing Wisdom and The Slow Down Diet, which have been translated into over 10 languages. Marc has held senior consulting positions at Canyon Ranch Resorts and numerous others. He’s worked in product development in the natural foods and supplements industry, combining expertise in clinical nutrition and natural health. He also served on the editorial board of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. His work has been featured on CNN and NBC and in publications such as the New York Times, Chicago Times, and numerous others. He’s presented at a long list of professional settings including Harvard University, The Institute for Functional Medicine and The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine. View Guest page

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Mona Dolgov

Top nutritionist and product development expert, Mona Dolgov loves her lifelong mission of creating healthier recipes and products. She is known for inventing simple culinary tricks that can make meals delicious, yet simple. A graduate of Cornell University in Nutritional Sciences, and an MBA from New York University, she has worked and consulted for the housewares and food industry for the last 25 years, inventing patented products, creating healthier foods, and launching engaging marketing programs for healthier living. She has authored over a dozen cookbooks for food and appliance companies, focused on simplicity and using accessible, better-for-you ingredients. View Guest page

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Isabel Foxen Duke

Isabel Foxen Duke is the Creator of Stop Fighting Food — a free video training program for women who want to "stop feeling crazy around food." After years of trying to overcome emotional eating, binge-eating and chronic weight-cycling through "traditional" and alternative approaches, Isabel discovered some radical new ways to get women over their "food issues" once and for all — not just by shifting the mindsets of individuals, but by challenging the dominant diet culture as a whole. A fixture and thought-leader in the greater body-positive movement, Isabel has been featured in the Huffington Post, Elle Magazine, XOJane, and has been praised by Ricki Lake. Her writing and free guide, How To Not Eat Cake, can be found at and you can watch her free video training series at View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Yuri Elkaim

Yuri Elkaim is a nutrition, fitness, and fat loss expert and the NYT bestselling author of The All-Day Energy Diet and The All-Day Fat Burning Diet. A former professional soccer player turned health crusader, he's most famous for helping people who've tried everything to lose weight and get in great shape, with little success, finally achieve breakthrough results. Yuri is on a mission to empower 10 million people to greater health by 2018 by making fit and healthy simple again. For more, visit View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Linda Ford

Manager at Get In Shape For Women Linda Ford bolsters and sustain clients’ motivation and engagement by providing creative in-studio programs such as food demonstrations, designing and evolving themed bulletin board communications, partnering clients with like-motivated clients, and inventing and implementing new exercise challenges and goal-oriented incentive programs. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Joshua Garrin

Joshua Garrin holds a Ph.D. in health psychology, an M.S. in cognitive psychology, and a B.S. in general psychology and journalism. Following the completion of his doctorate in 2014, Joshua was the recipient of Walden University's Harold L. Hodgkinson Award for Outstanding Dissertation Research for his inquiry on health beliefs, outcome expectancies, and stress appraisal in college seniors. In addition, Joshua is the recipient of Walden University's 2015 Presidential Alumni Research Dissemination Award for having published his award-winning dissertation research via multiple literary channels.
As a health psychologist, Joshua's interests focus on the intrinsic motives that underlie sustained health behavior change--seven of which serve as the conceptual framework discussed in his new book, The I-Way to Well: Mapping the Seven Selves of Health Motivation (Motivational Press)--now available for through retailers worldwide. View Guest page

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Gabrielle Glaser

“Gabrielle Glaser is a journalist and author, most recently, of the New York Times bestseller, “Her Best-Kept Secret: Why Women Drink—And How They Can Regain Control. Her work has appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times Magazine, The Economist, The Washington Post, and many other publications. ” View Guest page

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Tania Green

Tania Green is a native of Boston and graduated with her masters from the Simmons School of Management. After a few years of working in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors, Tania decided to take the leap and launch her product, PMS Bites in 2015. Through Kickstarter, Tania’s product became viral and gained support from women and the media. Producers of ABC’s Shark Tank contacted Tania and asked her to apply to the show, she did, and now her business is booming! View Guest page

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Dean Griffiths

Dean Griffiths is known as the Soul Whisperer. His passion in life is empowering women to live a life of purpose. His clients are successful female entrepreneurs who find themselves at a crossroads in life searching for something more fulfilling, with a deeper desire to know themselves better and a knowing that they have more to offer the world. View Guest page

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Kathy Gruver

Kathy Gruver, PhD is a motivational health speaker, an award-winning author and hosts the national TV show based on her first book, The Alternative Medicine Cabinet (winner Beverly Hills Book Awards). She has earned her PhD in Natural Health and has authored five books including, Body/Mind Therapies for the Bodyworker, Conquer Your Stress with Mind/Body Techniques, Journey of Healing and she co-wrote Market my Practice. She has studied mind/body medicine at the famed Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at Harvard Medical School and has been featured as an expert in numerous publications including Glamour, Fitness, Time, More, Women, Wall Street Journal, CNN, WebMD, Prevention, Huffington Post,, Ladies Home Journal, Dr. Oz’s The Good Life, First, and Women. Dr. Gruver has appeared as a guest expert on over 250 radio and TV shows including NPR, SkyNews London. View Guest page

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Sybil Henry

Sybil Henry is a Brand Style Strategist, Founder of The Style Concierge, author of ‘Style Yourself Over 40, 50 & Beyond’, and creator of Your Prosperous Brand Image styling program. She works with successful business leaders who are challenged with how to capture the look of their brand and convey their personality to attract their ideal clients. She creates memorable Signature Brand Style strategies that elevates your presence to communicate WHO you are, WHAT you do, and WHERE you want to go. The result is an increase in ease and confidence, authentically representing the look of your brand! Before launching The Style Concierge, Sybil spent over 25 years as a Corporate Vice-President of Brand Strategy and Design creating corporate identity programs for the world’s leading Fortune 100 companies. View Guest page

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Alexandra Jamieson

Alexandra Jamieson is a holistic weight loss, nutrition and lifestyle coach, detox expert, professionally trained healthy gourmet chef, and "cravings whisperer." She has been seen on Oprah, Martha Stewart Living, CNN, Fox News, USA Today and People Magazine. Alex was the inspiration and co-starred in the Oscar-nominated documentary Super Size Me. In her three books, Vegan Cooking For Dummies , Living Vegan For Dummies, and The Great American Detox Diet, Alex offers remarkably sane - and tasty - advice on how to detox, live healthfully and feel fantastic. She lives in Brooklyn where she juggles, somewhat gracefully, raising her 6 year old son, running her company, and riding her bicycle to the food co-op. View Guest page

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Andy Kelley

Andy Kelley is the founder and director of The Boston Buddha - Meditation for Everyone. For nearly a decade, Andy has helped ordinary people (like himself) learn to slow down and recharge through meditation. He prides himself on being a "regular guy" that reaches an audience that might not otherwise be inclined to meditate. Andy has worked with companies such as Hill Holliday, Reuters, Hollister Inc., and the American Association Of University Women among others. He currently teaches his Morning Mindfulness program in the public elementary schools in Milton, Brookline, and teaches workshops for the Middle and High school border students at Milton Academy, and Newton. View Guest page

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Tracy McCubbin

Tracy McCubbin has always referred to herself as “obsessive compulsive delightful,” but who knew she could turn that trait into a booming business? Nearly ten years ago, while working for a major television director in Los Angeles, Tracy discovered she had the ability to see through any mess and clearly envision a clutter-free space. Coupled with keen time-management and organizational skills, Tracy soon found more and more people were asking her for help. Before she knew it, dClutterfly was born. Ten years and over 1,200 jobs later, dClutterfly has been named “Best in Nest” by DailyCandy and has received the Super Service Award from Angie's List for five years. Tracy is a regularly featured expert on KTLA Morning Show, KCAL9, and Good Day Sacramento. She and her company have also been featured in Real Simple, Women's Day and ShopSmart. Along with her team of expert dClutterers, Tracy is ready to tackle any project, big or small. In addition to her impressive organizing tool belt, Tracy grew up with family members who hoarded and knows firsthand that the effects of living amongst an accumulation of possessions goes far beyond the home’s walls. This personal experience gives her an advantage over most professional organizers as she has a unique understanding of the mindset of the organizationally and spatially-challenged. When she is not dCluttering, Tracy is the proud Co-Executive Director of OneKid OneWorld, a non-profit building strong educational foundations for children in impoverished communities throughout Kenya and Central America. View Guest page

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Rachel Meyer

Rachel Meyer is a certified Holistic Health Coach, blogger, and Personal Trainer with a B.S. in Exercise Science. She is known for her love of good coffee, pine trees and adventure. Her passion is helping women find freedom and adventure in their health without the rules and restrictive living of the diet culture. Learn more about Rachel at View Guest page

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Paul Michaels

Paul Michaels is a 50-year-old work-from-home father of three teenagers, who finally gave up on the idea of going to the gym and in its place figured out how to live synchronously. As a result lost 30lbs and walked a 1000 miles in 6 months. View Guest page

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Elicia Miller

Elicia Miller serves those who are seeking to live a more empowered, nurturing and fulfilling life.
Elicia’s personal journey and service to many, combined with her compassion and deep unconditional love, has given her the gifts to help women experience acceptance, release, and freedom.
In our culture and our families, we did not receive the support to process many of our emotions, and so we remain unaware of them by distracting and numbing ourselves and through controlling and addictive behaviors.
Elicia has realized that unprocessed emotions cause chronic emotional and physical symptoms, as well as relationship problems. Elicia helps women to see their symptoms and triggers as a gift and to value their emotions as a necessary part of their authentic selves. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Seth Monk

Seth Monk is a Boston native whom, after spending 8-years as a Buddhist monk, traveled the world to learn and refine his understanding of meditation and mindfulness. He currently lives in the Boston area teaching meditation in schools to students and faculty. ( View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Dr. Tom O'Bryan

Dr. O'Bryan believes in making a difference in the world, one healthy human being at a time. An internationally recognized and sought after speaker and workshop leader, Dr. O’Bryan specializes in the complications of Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, Celiac Disease and Autoimmune Diseases as they occur inside and outside of the intestines. In November 2016, Dr. O’Bryan released Betrayal: The Autoimmune Disease Solution They're Not Telling You, an investigation into the global effects of issues underlying our autoimmune system and chronic disease. Dr. O’Bryan is a clinician par excellence in treating chronic disease and metabolic disorders from a Functional Medicine Perspective. He holds teaching Faculty positions with the Institute for Functional Medicine and the National University of Health Sciences. His 2016 ground-breaking book, ‘The Autoimmune Fix’, won the National Book Award and ranked #1 on Amazon. To find out more about Dr. O’Bryan’s work, please visit: View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Dr. Rachna Patel

Dr. Rachna Patel has been practicing in the area of Medical Marijuana for half-a-decade now - since 2012. She step-by-step walks patients through how to use medical marijuana for their specific medical condition without getting high off of it, without getting addicted to it, and without smoking it. She speaks from the experience of having treated thousands of patients and having thoroughly reviewed the medical research on marijuana. She completed her medical studies at Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine (Vallejo, California) and her undergraduate studies at Northwestern University (Evanston, Illinois). You can learn more about the work she does at View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Dr. Vincent Pedre

Dr. Vincent M. Pedre III is a board-certified Internist, Medical Director of Pedre Integrative Health, and the author of the Happy Gut: The Cleansing Program to Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Eliminate Pain (HarperCollins, December 2015), which features his Gut C.A.R.E. Program™ for balancing the gut microbiome, and the Happy Gut Diet—his proprietary program for healing the gut and creating total body wellness. Dr. Pedre based his program on his own recovery from years of living with irritable bowel syndrome, becoming an expert on how to heal the body from the inside out, beginning with the health of the gut microbiome. He believes that the gut is the “seat of all health.” As the CEO and Founder of Dr. Pedre Wellness, he oversees a growing wellness platform offering health-enhancing programs along with informative social media and lifestyle products, such as dietary supplements, books, and weight loss programs. Read more of his story here: View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Michelle Pfennighaus

Michelle Pfennighaus has been featured on ABC, NBC, NPR and the documentary "Lemonade" with her inspiring story of reinventing her health and career. She now helps high-achieving, Type-A women lose weight and find that elusive balance. From moms getting dinner on the table, to career women losing weight and taming anxiety, Michelle has worked with thousands of clients around the world through private coaching, online programs, and her blog. Join her free Facebook group: View Guest page

Episode Listing:

April Dawn Reigart

April Dawn Reigart is an Integrative Nutrition Certified Holistic Health Coach with over 20 years of holistic and macrobiotic cooking experience. She has also published articles on topics such as Fair Trade and GMOs. April is passionate about changing the way we eat and empowering people to take charge of their health. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Lodro Rinzler

Lodro Rinzler is the author of six books on meditation including the best-selling The Buddha Walks into a Bar and the award-winning The Buddha Walks into the Office. Over the last sixteen years as a Shambhala Buddhist teacher he has spoken at locations as diverse as Google, Harvard University, and the White House. Lodro’s work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, NBC, and CBS. He serves as the co-founder and Chief Spiritual Officer of M N D F L, NYC's drop-in meditation studio. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins is the most booked female speaker in the world. She’s trusted by global brands to design and deliver business expanding, life-changing, and interactive keynotes and programs that inspire change, challenge thinking and accelerate personal and professional growth.
Mel is also a CNN On-Air Commentator, one of CNN’s most popular opinion writers, and was named America’s Outstanding News Talk Show Host at the 2014 Gracie Awards.
She’s a Contributing Editor to SUCCESS Magazine, a Dr. Oz Heathline Expert, and one of the most popular TEDx speakers of all time, with a talk that has over 8.5 million views and 96% upvotes.
Mel started her career as a criminal defense attorney in New York City, then launched and sold several companies, and hosted TV and radio programs for A&E, FOX, Cox Media, and CNN. She’s also a mother of three and recently celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Abby Rodman

Abby Rodman is a psychotherapist, blogger, and author of the Amazon bestseller
Without This Ring: A Woman’s Guide To Successfully Living Through And
Beyond Midlife Divorce. Her ebook/course From Bitter To Better: 7 Steps To
Recovering From The Divorce You Didn’t Want, was recently named one of
2016’s Most Inspirational Books by Aspire Magazine. And her podcast,
Relationships with Abby Rodman, can be downloaded on iTunes. Abby has
appeared on the Today Show, HuffPost Live, and is regularly sought out by
media outlets for her expertise on relationship and parenting issues. She is a
regular contributor to the Huffington Post and her work has been featured in the
Boston Globe Magazine. To learn more, visit her website at
Abby lives outside Boston with her crazy (mostly in a good way) husband,
her beloved Chocolate Lab, and, depending on the day, any number of their five sons. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Geneen Roth

Over the past thirty years, Geneen has worked with hundreds of thousands of people to help them transform difficult relationships with food and so much more. Her pioneering approach outlines the link between compulsive eating and perpetual dieting with deeply personal and spiritual issues that go far beyond food, weight and body image. She believes that we eat the way we live, and that our relationship to food, money, love is a reflection of our deepest held beliefs about ourselves and the amount of joy, abundance, pain, scarcity we believe we have (or are allowed to have) in our lives.
Geneen is the author of nine books, including the #1 New York Times bestsellers Women Food and God, Lost and Found and When Food Is Love. Geneen has appeared on many national television shows including: The Oprah Show, 20/20, The NBC Nightly News, The View, The Today Show, and Good Morning America. Articles about Geneen and her work have appeared in numerous publications. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Felice Shapiro

Felice Shapiro was the founder and publisher of the Family Publishing Group and Family Marketing Network, a national advertising firm, which she sold in 1998. Inspired to help others, she worked as an executive coach and taught entrepreneurship at New York University and Tufts University. Shapiro faced radical empty nesting having lost her husband just a year before sending her youngest off to college. Inspired and armed with her love of publishing, start-ups and women’s issues, Shapiro set out to establish an online magazine for 50-something women to share personal stories, successes, and relevant issues.In November 2011, (BA50) was launched. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Pedram Shojai

Dr. Pedram Shojai is a man with many titles. He is the founder of Well.Org, the editor of BeMore! Magazine, the author of Rise and Shine (Process, 2011), NYT Best-Selling author of The Urban Monk (2016), the producer and director of the movies “Vitality,” and “Origins.��� In his spare time, he’s also a Taoist Abbot, a doctor of Oriental medicine, a kung fu world traveler, a fierce global green warrior, an avid backpacker, a devout alchemist, a Qi Gong Master, and an old school Jedi bio-hacker working to preserve our natural world and wake us up to our full potential. His newest movie, “Prosperity” and his new book, “The Art of Stopping Time” are both being released in October 2017. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Lindsey Smith

Lindsey Smith, known as the Food Mood Girl, is a nationally recognized author, health coach, dynamic speaker, wellness icon, and rapper (you read that right) devoted to helping everyone live a more vibrant life through self-love and guilt-free living. Author of “Junk Foods & Junk Moods,” “52 Ways to Love Your Body More,” and “Food Guilt No More,” Lindsey has been featured on the Lisa Oz Show, MindBodyGreen, CBS News, and in Girl’s Life and Shape magazines, and is a regular fixture in the media in her native Pittsburgh. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Jess Spinner

Jess Spinner is the founder of The Whole Dancer. Prior to becoming a Health Coach, she attended Butler University and danced professionally. After studying at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she now specializes in health and wellness for high level dancers. She created The Whole Dancer to help you reach your highest possible level as a dancer. Dancers from New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Boston Ballet, and aspiring dancers from around the world have participated in individual coaching and group programs from The Whole Dancer. Find out more at View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Gary Taubes

Gary Taubes is cofounder and senior scientific advisor of the Nutrition Science Initiative (NuSI). He's an award-winning science and health journalist, the author of Why We Get Fat and Good Calories, Bad Calories, and a former staff writer for Discover and correspondent for the journal Science. His writing has also appeared in The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic, and Esquire, and has been included in numerous Best of anthologies, including The Best of the Best American Science Writing (2010). He has received three Science in Society Journalism Awards from the National Association of Science Writers. He is also the recipient of a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Investigator Award in Health Policy Research. He lives in Oakland, California. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Nina Teicholz

Nina Teicholz is an investigative journalist and author of the International and New York Times bestseller, The Big Fat Surprise. The Big Fat Surprise has upended the conventional wisdom on dietary fat and challenged the very core of our nutrition policy. A review of the book in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition said, “This book should be read by every scientist…[and] every nutritional science professional.” In the BMJ (British Medical Journal), its former editor wrote, “Teicholz has done a remarkable job in analysing [the] weak science, strong personalities, vested interests, and political expediency” of nutrition science. The Big Fat Surprise was named a 2014 *Best Book* by The Economist, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Mother Jones, and Library Journal. Before taking a deep dive into researching nutrition science for nearly a decade, Teicholz was a reporter for National Public Radio and also contributed to many publications, including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, The New Yorker, and The Economist. She attended Yale and Stanford where she studied biology and majored in American Studies. She has a master’s degree from Oxford University and served as associate director of the Center for Globalization and Sustainable Development at Columbia University. She lives in New York City. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Susan Peirce Thompson

Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D. is a psychology professor, a brain and cognitive scientist, and an expert in the psychology of eating. She is President of the Institute for Sustainable Weight Loss and CEO of Bright Line Eating Solutions, a company dedicated to helping people achieve long-term, sustainable weight loss. Her program utilizes cutting-edge research to explain how the brain blocks weight loss and every day she teaches people how to undo that damage so they can live Happy, Thin, and Free. View Guest page

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JJ Virgin

Celebrity Nutrition and Fitness Expert JJ Virgin helps clients lose weight fast by breaking free from food intolerances and crush their sugar cravings. She is the author of 4 New York Times Bestsellers: JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook: 150 Low-Sugar Recipes to Help You Lose up to 10 Pounds in Just 2 Weeks, The Sugar Impact Diet: Drop 7 Hidden Sugars, Lose up to 10 Pounds, Just 2 Weeks, The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days, and The Virgin Diet Cookbook: 150 Easy and Delicious Recipes to Lose Weight and Feel Better Fast. JJ is also a frequent blogger at Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, and other outlets as well as a popular guest on TV, radio, and in magazines. Learn more at View Guest page

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Terry Walters

Terry is the best-selling cookbook author of CLEAN FOOD, CLEAN START, and most recently, EAT CLEAN LIVE WELL. She is a James Beard Foundation Award finalist and recipient of the Nautilus Gold and Silver Book Awards. Of her first book, chef Mario Batali says: “CLEAN FOOD is the most exciting book based on fresh produce and simple recipes I have used in years.” Terry is regularly featured on television and radio, in print and Internet media, and is the author of the popular blog Eat Clean Live Well. She is a highly sought after educator and speaker and works extensively as a consultant, clean food chef and advocate for healthy change in the way we eat and live. Terry is at the forefront of the clean eating lifestyle movement and is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and passion to eat clean and live well. Her work inspires and empowers us to make positive changes for our health and the health of our environment. Terry is an avid runner, cyclist, skier and gardener. View Guest page

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Debora Wayne

Debora Wayne, founder of “The Pain Free Living Program™,” is an internationally known energy healer and pain-release specialist whose expertise is helping people to rapidly find and remove the hidden causes for Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Depression and Anxiety, Trauma, struggles with food, weight, emotional eating, addictions, and more. Since her own “health wake-up call” over 30 years ago, Debora has been immersed both personally and professionally in the Healing Arts. Her life’s work unites both leading-edge science and spiritual healing, and features her revolutionary, non-invasive method known as Biofield Healing™ which has helped thousands of people worldwide to get their energy and lives back on track. Debora is the #1 Bestselling Author of “Why Do I Still Hurt? – Rapid Relief for Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, and More”. View Guest page

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Tanya Zuckerbrot

As the authority on fiber, Tanya Zuckerbrot, MS, RD has been revolutionizing the world of nutrition and weight loss. With a client list that includes journalist Megyn Kelly, candy entrepreneur Dylan Lauren (Ralph's daughter), and famed New York Magazine food critic Adam Platt, Tanya is one of the highest-paid dieticians in the country. She is transforming people’s perspective on dieting and giving them the tools to improve their health and self-esteem without the typical feelings of deprivation and denial. Tanya’s heart is the driving force behind all of her achievements as she motivates, empowers and inspires her clients to be the best they can be. Tanya is the author of two bestselling weight loss books: The F-Factor Diet: Discover the Secret to Permanent Weight Loss (2006, G.P Putnam & Sons), and The Miracle Carb Diet: Make Calories and Fat Disappear the F-Factor Way – with Fiber! (2012, Hyperion). View Guest page

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