Scaling Your Company from an Idea to a Global Enterprise

April 12, 2017
Hosted by Pam Lassiter

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Pam Lassiter of CEO Academy interviews John Humphrey of Humphrey Enterprises and Humphrey Companies about the whole continuum of having a concept for a company, taking it to global success, then selling it…a process Humphrey has repeated multiple times. From the strategic side, about when to go/not to go global, how to build the teams and processes that will be your bedrock as you grow, and how to shift your company’s culture to an international mindset, to the personal side will be covered. Non-profit leadership unified John’s personal and professional lives resulting in growth for both, as did his approaches to family life during his extensive travels. You’ll leave the show with new ways to look at your company’s potential and process for scaling.

CEO Academy

CEO Academy

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You’re the competitive advantage. If you don’t keep your professional edge sharply honed, how can you and your company continue to succeed? Who else is going to plan your professional growth for you? Good news! Pam Lassiter, your host on CEO Academy, is your partner and she is here to help you stay ahead of the game.

Our show addresses your most pressing questions about setting up your success. How do you develop a plan for becoming the CEO? How do you scale your company to international success? How do you negotiate and influence on behalf of yourself and your stakeholders? How do you motivate your employees and the company to follow your leadership? When and how do you shift your leadership style?

Whether you are currently a CEO or are on your way to becoming one, having the right answers to these questions will set you apart as a leader. We’ll cover these topics and others related to your professional growth on your trusted source for career success.

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Pam Lassiter

Pam Lassiter

Pam Lassiter improves your competitive edge and success at work. Author of The New Job Security, recipient of the Wall Street Journal’s Editor’s Choice Award, she is Principal of Lassiter Consulting, a global career management firm that co-creates paths with you to the work goals that you seek.

For over 30 years, Pam has worked with senior executives through her private practice, with global coaching firms, and with Harvard Business School’s Executive Education global leaders as they move into leadership roles. Lassiter teaches “Career Leadership” at Harvard University’s Division of Continuing Education, leads the career series for HBS Boston Alumni, and gives keynote speeches to organizations and professional associations who know that growing their people will grow their business. Her interviews are on television and in business publications including Fast Company, Fortune, The Financial Times, Bloomberg radio, Financial News Network and CFO.

Her private clients are up-skilling their leadership competencies at their companies, are either confidentially transitioning into new companies or going through outplacement, or are planning active retirements. Her corporate clients need discreet coaching for senior leaders or outplacement and transition coaching during change.

Pam serves on multiple boards and coaches clients about strategies for including boards in your professional development.

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Dr. Vanu Bose

Dr. Bose is CEO of Vanu, Inc., a provider of innovative wireless infrastructure solutions. This technology will bring broadband coverage to the hardest to reach parts of the world, providing rural communities with improved access to healthcare, education and opportunity. Vanu, Inc. has pilots in Rwanda and rural Vermont.
Dr. Bose spoke at the “The Next Three Billion: an Initiative to Bring the Whole World Online” at the New America Foundation and will speak at the World Economic Forum Internet For All Forum in Uganda.
Vanu, Inc. pioneered the commercialization of software-defined radio (SDR) and was the first company to have it certified by the FCC. He has been named a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and is currently serving as a member of the Army Science Board and a member of the MIT Corporation. He previously served as a Commissioner to the UN Broadband Commission for Digital Development.Dr. Bose received his BS, MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering from MIT. View Guest page

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Rick Burnes

Rick Burnes is Co-Founder of Charles River Ventures, one of the country’s major venture firms. As CEO of Charles River Ventures, he played a leading role in the firm's development into a launchpad for some of America’s most successful companies. With a focus on communications, IT and information services, Rick now serves as Partner Emeritus and Advisor. He also serves on the boards of multiple for profit corporations.
Rick strongly believes in the importance of philanthropy and in oversight of organizations by serving on their boards. He is the Chair of Board of Trustees of WGBH Educational Foundation, the former Chair and a Trustee of the Boston Museum of Science, the Vice Chairman of Sea Education Association, a director of the Boston Plan for Excellence working with the Boston Schools, and leadership roles in multiple other non-profit organizations.
He holds an M.B.A. from Boston University and a B.A. in History from Harvard College. View Guest page

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Dino Cattaneo

Dino Cattaneo is CEO and Managing Partner of Hoolibean, a boutique digital marketing firm. He partners with Fortune 50 companies to small start-ups to help customers find, choose, buy, use and love their products and services. At the intersection of creativity and analysis, he leverages the data available in digital marketing channels to spark the insight that allows a brand to make an emotional connection with a customer. Dino has 20+ years of experience in digital marketing client services both on the agency and corporate sides. He builds acquisition and branding programs integrating web site and mobile design, search engine optimization, aggregator and affiliate marketing, paid search, social media, digital media and email communications. He’s worked with the brands of Microsoft, Best Buy, General Motors, Morgan Stanley, ING, Liberty Mutual, McGraw-Hill, JD Power, Iron Mountain, Comcast, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Progressive Insurance. His MBA is from Harvard Business School. View Guest page

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