May 5, 2017
Hosted by Rick A. Morris

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Rick will interview Mike Lightner, author of Lead Bold, Lead Strong, Lead Well: 9 Proven Leadership Secrets Anyone Can Learn and Apply. Mike will share many of the lessons he learned from either mistakes or observations of others while serving for over 30 years in the United States Air Force. His first goal was to share these lessons with his son, but then later realized others could learn and benefit from these valuable lessons. Tune in and lean in on Friday as you will not want to miss this episode!

The Work/Life Balance

The Work/Life Balance

Friday at 2 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Business Channel

Our program is designed for many types of individuals. Executives gain valuable insight into some of the largest issues facing their business. Employees learn how to influence without power. Team members learn how to associate and get along better with their teams. Even non-business people will learn many things about themselves and how they view life so that they can adjust the areas that need adjusting. Each week we cover goals and goal setting and learn how to break down large problems into small achievable wins. We also share tips on managing people without the normal tools of an HR manager. I hope you gain a powerful perspective while enjoying the show. Our topics are much like the career of a project manager: wide ranging with unlimited potential. The Work/Life Balance is broadcast live every Friday at 2 PM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.

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Rick A. Morris

Rick A. Morris

Rick A. Morris, PMP, is an ITIL Practitioner, consultant, author, mentor and evangelist for project management. Rick is an accomplished project manager and public speaker. His appetite for knowledge and passion for the profession makes him an internationally sought after speaker delivering keynote presentations for large conferences and events around the world. He holds 18 certifications in the industry. Rick is the Owner of R2 Consulting, LLC and has consulted to numerous clients in a wide variety of industries including financial services, entertainment, construction, non-profit, hospitality, pharmaceutical, retail and manufacturing. Rick has over 90 implementations of Project and Portfolio Management systems including CA PPM (Clarity), Project Server, Planview and many more. Rick has written 3 books (The Everything Project Management Book, 2nd Edition, Project Management That Works! and Stop Playing Games!). An active member of the Project Management Institute, Rick is no stranger to being center stage in front of large groups of people. At the age of 11 Rick was a Walt Disney World Performer and in high school he worked at MGM Studios on various projects, including the New Mickey Mouse Club. Taking the experience of his youth and blending it with the knowledge he attained throughout his career, Rick has been able to inspire and mentor many project managers. His blend of real world experience and down to earth delivery style makes his passion for the profession contagious.

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Jeff Alsberg

Jeff Alsberg is a highly motivated, consultative sales executive and marketing professional who has sold in excess of $100 million in technology solutions & cloud services to many diverse customers. He is a proven salesmaker, marketer and team builder. He delivers over quota results consistently using a methodology that helps customers optimize their IT environments with solutions that maximize budget and streamline processes. His approach is most closely modeled in “The Challenger Sale” book – teach, tailor, take control. Focused on improving Executive visibility and increasing their ability to execute on their strategy along with enhancing end-user, business stakeholder and IT staff experience. He is currently managing a 13 state territory representing CA Clarity PPM, the most mature and widely used PPM software platform available. Skilled at differentiating cloud services, enabling organizations to focus more on their business requirements and less on maintaining their systems. Guest Jeff Alsberg

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Michael Ball-Marian

Michael Ball-Marian is co-founder of Instant Agenda within the CA Accelerator. Michael was born a squalling, helpless MVP and has struggled ever since to obtain product-market fit. Experiments have included Peace Corps volunteer, ops engineer, scrum master, product owner, agile coach, husband, father, armchair philosopher, and, most recently, lean startup founder. Michael is still working on his exit-strategy, but his earliest angel investors seem generally proud of his accomplishments. Guest Michael Ball-Marian

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Jamy Bechler

Jamy Bechler is a professional speaker, leadership trainer and executive business coach. He is currently a member of the Atlanta-based Guidestone Group as the Senior Director of Leader Engagement.
Prior to joining The Guidestone Group, Bechler served in higher education for more than 20 years as a student-athlete, head basketball coach, professor and athletic administrator. After his basketball team earned the national “Champions of Character” award in 2014, he transitioned from being that program’s all-time winningest coach into full-time athletic administration. While leading the athletic department at Marion High School in Indiana, the boys’ basketball team won a state record 8th State Championship. He also instituted the school’s first student-athlete leadership team, establish processes that got the department out of debt and generated excitement through innovative marketing strategies.
He and his wife of 17 years have a son, Jaylen, whom they adopted at birth. Guest Jamy Bechler

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Paul Bruno

Paul Bruno has 29+ years of experience in project management and IT. He has a bachelor’s degree in management, master’s degree in business administration, a second undergraduate degree in computer software, and a second master’s degree in history. He has held positions in IT including the first CIO for the City of Henderson. Currently, Bruno works as a senior consultant and trainer for the International Institute for Learning and as a consultant for Fiala Project Resources. Bruno has also held volunteer positions for PMI and is also a graduate of LIMC. Bruno’s knowledge in the field of PPM allowed him to recognize the example of project management that the first Jeep prototype represented. This project, in development since 1999, merges a compelling historical event with PM and entrepreneurial lessons under the umbrella brand “Project Management in History,” a book series that looks at historic projects and draws comparisons to challenges encountered in the projects of today. Guest Paul Bruno

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Princess Cuthrell

Princess is the founder of PC Consulting, a corporate leadership and personal development organization. For nearly a decade, she has successfully facilitated personal and professional transformation in individuals as well as corporate America. She has helped people from across the nation reshape their lives and turn their far reaching dreams into reality. She asks the tough questions, provides guidance, insight, and support that ultimately manifests as focus, drive, and commitment to making the most out of life.
Through the use of proven transformative leadership development materials & self-discovery, Princess empowers her clients with tools to make gains in every aspect of life. Her results oriented focus creates a path that leads to happiness, success, and living a life of significance, every time.
She is a certified John C. Maxwell Team Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker and a member of the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce. Guest Princess Cuthrell

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Traci Duez

Traci Duez is President and Founder of Break Free Consulting LLC, a boutique consulting services company helping technical, detail-oriented leaders, executives and teams around the globe increase their confidence, collaboration, cohesiveness and courage; and the author of Breaking Free: Leading the Way. As a sought-after speaker, trainer and coach, Traci has helped thousands of leaders and managers effectively manage their internal world so that they can boldly manage their external world. Her educational products and captivating presentations on the powerful discipline of neuro-axiology have made her an in-demand, inspirational and enlightening speaker. She has spoken on stages around the world over the last 8 years to captive audiences. One audience member said: “I did not miss a word of what Traci said, for two reasons... first, the subject (Neuro-Axiology) in which she is an expert, secondly and most importantly, her interpersonal and speaking skills.” Guest Traci Duez

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Erika Flora

Erika Flora started her career as a Microbiologist turned Project Manager and has always had a passion for improving how companies manage work and serve their customers. In 2006, she started BEYOND20, a consulting and training firm built on expertise in IT Service Management and Project Management. Erika has worked as an adjunct professor of Project Management at San Diego State University (SDSU) as well as a board member and volunteer with a number of professional organizations. She holds a Masters Degree from the University of Florida and is a skilled writer, blogger, and presenter on a variety of technical and business topics. Guest Erika Flora

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John Gates

John Gates is a Partner with Avion Consulting, a management consulting firm specializing in leadership, team, and organizational development. With over 20 years of experience, John’s areas of expertise include leadership effectiveness, coaching, communication, employee engagement, strategic planning, team building, and change management. John provides coaching and counsel to leaders from the middle management to senior executive levels; he partners with clients in the design and implementation of high-impact leadership development solutions; and he works with management teams on issues related to both team and organizational effectiveness. John also has extensive experience in the area of organizational assessment and follow-up, and has helped numerous organizations achieve significant increases in leader credibility and employee engagement. Guest John Gates

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Chasen Hampton

Coming up with Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera as a member/host of "The Mickey Mouse Club" and 1/5 of Hollywood Records 1st group "The Party” releasing 5 albums by age 17, Chasen Hampton is a self-appointed "Life Experience Collector". He is a 5th generation Oklahoma boy who's followed the footsteps of Woody Guthrie & Leon Russel performing the blues. After the show, Chase went to LA honing his talents writing & playing the sunset strip starring in the X-Files, 7th Heaven, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Chasen uses music to give back joining hands & the stage with artists like Slash, Shavo, & Tom Morello, raising funds for great causes. Chasen has been music director for 2 music schools in CA and continues mentoring kids across the nation. Currently residing in Boston and married to his childhood love he has been featured with some prominent Hip-Hop artists on new releases out of the North East and continues working on a new sound for his "Lifers" Guest Chasen Hampton

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Peter Heinrich

Peter Heinrich has a long history in technology product development and management. During a 20-year career with Xerox, he managed the group that developed the original Star Workstation functional specification and later played key roles in program management and planning process design. In 1989 he co-founded Integrated Project Systems (later called IPS Associates) where he created the IPS portfolio management practice. Based on his experience with corporations large and small, Peter designed a portfolio resource planning and management process and co-founded PDWare, a leading PPM software and consulting company where he is currently president and CEO. Peter will be the lead keynote speaker at the Resource Planning Summit on May 23 in New York. Guest Peter Heinrich

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Devin Henderson

Devin Henderson takes humor seriously. He has a funny way of helping people perform at their best by embracing their sense of humor. As an entrepreneur, father of 4, and a pain in the neck to the world’s most beautiful bride, Devin’s mantra is: “When life’s hard, laugh harder.” He shows people how humor can help them deal with change, stress, failure, difficult people, and the lint that collects on the shower floor after wearing a new pair of socks. Black socks. We’re talking real problems. As a humorist keynote speaker, Devin helps people see how humor can make them healthier, more productive, more creative, better problem solvers and more fun to be around. His keynote presentations are interactive and hilarious, which is what makes his message stick in people’s brains longer than peanut butter on the roof of your mouth. Devin teaches that happiness is directly related to one’s ability to laugh at life and that humor can be found in nearly any situation. Guest Devin Henderson

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Alana M. Hill

Alana M. Hill, PMP is a passionate speaker, author, and consultant at 2Hill Consulting Services. Recognized for her excellent communication, leadership, and team‐building skills, she has helped her clients overcome countless challenges. Her international, cross-functional business knowledge shapes her perspective of change management and seasons her presentations. Throughout her career, Ms. Hill has led diverse teams and delivered high-impact workshops all over the world. Before establishing her consultancy in 2006, Ms. Hill enjoyed a colorful career with Schlumberger advancing from a Field Engineer to a Program Manager. In her tenure with the oilfield services giant, she not only managed technical and business implementations, she also learned to drive an 18-wheeler! Ms. Hill holds a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M and has twenty years in leadership and talent development. Guest Alana M. Hill

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Greg Huffman

Greg Huffman is a representative of Blue Ridge. Blue Ridge is named a leader in the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Supply Chain Planning Systems, Blue Ridge provides revolutionary cloud-native supply chain planning technology specifically designed for retail, wholesale and distribution. We enable our customers to increase revenue at lower costs by delivering an unprecedented level of precision and accuracy to forecasts, resulting in higher fill rates to customers and increased profit. Implemented in as little as 90 days, Blue Ridge ensures products are available at the right time without incurring excess inventory costs. For more information, visit http://www.blueridgeglobal.com or contact Greg Huffman at 678-480-9958 or greg.huffman@blueridgeglobal.com Guest Greg Huffman

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Matt Jones

Matt Jones is a licensed therapist, addiction specialist, life coach, and doctorate student. He writes for major publications like Inc Magazine, Huffington Post, Business Insider, and more. Matt is passionate about leading people down the road of self-discovery and self-development. He believes that each person can develop a greater sense of presence that enables them to discover their power and then achieve their true potential. Guest Matt Jones

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Frank Keck

Frank began his professional speaking career in 1990. Zig Ziglar is among the speakers that inspired him to pursue his passion. After time with Dale Carnegie, Frank has fine-tuned his skills to become an expert at dealing with people. His focus is on behavior change, whether he is delivering content on leadership, team-building, or culture shaping. Frank truly is the People Whisperer. Frank utilizes humor, encouraging audiences to be focused but not to take themselves too seriously, enjoying life while challenging themselves. He leaves audiences energized and enlightened with the skills to produce positive effects in their personal and professional lives. What makes Frank remarkable is his way with individuals and groups. He is able to connect with people and help them grow with a simple tool: questions. When Frank facilitates content delivery or conversation, he asks questions encouraging the participants to think. Guest Frank Keck

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Mark LaMaster

Mark LaMaster is an author, speaker, and dad consultant whose mission is to help re-energize dads in America by providing faith-based fatherhood resources to help them become the dads they always dreamed of.
What started off as writing Friday Night Lights for Fathers and Sons for him and his son has transformed into a full-time ministry which includes one-on-one coaching, an online video course, countless fatherhood resources, and a long list of speaking appearances—all with the goal of helping dads develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with their children and with God. Visit Community of Dads Guest Mark LaMaster

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Rick Lansky

Rick Lansky has a varied history in both hardware and software. He began his career as a computational physicist working in the disk drive business. After many years, he awoke one day to the realization that life as a scientist in a commodity business can be challenging. He degaussed his career and made the leap to web-based software where he’s been happily solving customer problems ever since. He’s currently the co-founder and technical lead of Instant Agenda, a project within with the CA Accelerator. Guest Rick Lansky

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Mike Lightner

As a Chief Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force, with over 30 years of service, Mike Lightner lead and managed over 5,000 people stationed all around the globe. It was during this period, he discovered his passion for the growth and development of others. He also discovered there were certain things that successful leaders did that other leaders did not do. Now retired, Mike has dedicated his life to helping others grow and develop so they can reach their full potential. As an author, He recently published the book LEAD BOLD ~ LEAD STRONG ~ LEAD WELL: 9 Proven Leadership Secrets Anyone Can Learn and Apply, where he shares many of the success lessons he learned while serving in the military. As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker, he offers workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, aiding with personal and professional growth through study and practical application of John’s proven leadership methods. Guest Mike Lightner

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Jones Loflin

Jones Loflin has made it his life’s work to deliver powerful ideas and practical solutions to individuals around the world so they can achieve more of what is most important to them. His books are described as “illuminating” and his presentations as “unforgettable.” In his 21 years as a speaker and trainer he has helped countless people regain confidence in their ability to achieve greater success in work and life.
Jones’ “3P Approach” of Powerful Ideas connected to Practical Solutions delivered with a Personal Approach has attracted the attention of organizations around the world. His client list includes Federal Express, Wal-Mart, Choice Hotels, Volkswagon, Bridgestone, Saudi Aramco and State Farm, as well as the United States Navy and Air Force.
When not working with some amazing individuals and organizations seeking better results, Jones resides in North Carolina with his wonderful wife Lisa and their two perfect daughters. Guest Jones Loflin

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Debbie Lundberg

As the author of nine (9) books, Debbie Lundberg believes how you present is how you are remembered. With that in mind, Debbie is the Principal of Presenting Powerfully, where the areas of expertise include Keynotes & Facilitations, Training Delivery, Collaborative Teaming Events, and One-on-One Life, Business/Career & Presentation Coaching Sessions. The collaborative brand that drives clients to Debbie, and in turn, to measurable results, is “Partnering with individuals & organizations to enhance communication, behaviors & relationships.”
Early in her career, Debbie served General Motors in positions in training, sales, regional management and national leadership. She was an adjunct Instructor for Dale Carnegie Training, where she earned the sponsorship title of 2005 Instructor of the Year. Debbie began independent consulting in late 2005, and launched her firm in 2006. Since then, Debbie Lundberg has been on a quest for “Reversing the Slobification of America”™! Guest Debbie Lundberg

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Rick A Morris

Rick A. Morris, PMP, is an ITIL Practitioner, consultant, author, mentor, and evangelist for project management. Rick is an accomplished project manager and public speaker. His appetite for knowledge and passion for the profession makes him an internationally sought after speaker delivering keynote presentations for large conferences and events around the world. He holds 18 certifications in the industry. Rick is the Owner of R2 Consulting, LLC and has consulted to numerous clients in a wide variety of industries including financial services, entertainment, construction, non-profit, hospitality, pharmaceutical, retail, and manufacturing. Rick has over 90 implementations of Project and Portfolio Management systems including Clarity, Project Server, Planview, and many more. Rick has written 3 books (The Everything Project Management Book, 2nd Edition, Project Management That Works!, and Stop Playing Games!). Guest Rick A Morris

Episode Listing:

Chase Morrow

Chase Morrow is an entrepreneur with a passion and proven track record for start-ups. Chase founded ITAC Solutions which grew from a kitchen table to an Inc. 500 company. At the same time, Chase founded Accurate Mailing which successfully grew from a bootstrap idea into one of the most recognized direct mail companies. Chase also founded Moxy and MoxyUp. After selling these 3 companies, Chase has recently launched a new company called FETCH. Picture match.com meets Tinder for talent and you have FETCH. FETCH, is a hiring platform with a unique twist-it is completely TALENT DRIVEN. Built to disrupt the antiquated and resistant to change staffing Industry while using cutting edge software that will provide unbiased and transparent matching of employee and employer. This new hiring platform reduces the upfront fees paid by employee and employer. This new hiring platform reduces the upfront fees paid by employers and the risks involved. Guest Chase Morrow

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Todd Nesloney

Todd Nesloney is the Principal/Lead Learner of Webb Elementary in Navasota, TX. He is a White House Champion of Change, the 2015 Bammy Award Recipient for Elementary Principal and the 2014 Recipient for Classroom Teacher of the Year, the TCEA Teacher of the Year for 2014, a National School Board Association “20 to Watch”, and Center for Digital Education “Top 40 Innovators in Education”. Todd is also the co-author of the Award Winning Book, “Flipping 2.0” and most recently “Kids Deserve It!” and upcoming book “Stories from Webb” and “Sparks in the Dark” Todd serves on both the Scholastic Principal Advisory Board and the Remind Advisory Board. He is also the co-host of the popular education podcast series “Kids Deserve It” and “Sparks in the Dark”. Guest Todd Nesloney

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David Nicoll

Guest David Nicoll

Episode Listing:

Damon Pampolina

Damon Pampolina started entertaining at a very young age of four. By age eleven he became a member of the original cast of the new Mickey Mouse Club. After helping making the five day a week variety show a success he went on to become a member of the first group signed to Hollywood records The Party. After three years, five albums and multiple tours, he started to pursue his love and passion for acting. He is now living in Houston and taking advantage of the ever growing amount of production taking place in the south and south east region of America. He has appeared in some independent films and television shows like Nashville. Damon knows the importance of health and clarity to continue to pursue the demanding entertainment industry. Guest Damon Pampolina

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Paul Pedrazzi

Most recently, Paul led the product and design functions for Achievers - a SaaS employee engagement platform. There he championed a much more focused mobile strategy around iOS and Android while expanding their footprint in digital commerce. The company was successfully sold to BlackHawk Networks in early 2015.

His roots in software that every employee uses, every day, were solidified at Taleo, where he led the Performance Management suite of products. There he built a model to bring together design and product management thinking in harmony with the speed of Agile. Taleo was acquired by Oracle for $1.9B in February 2012.

He began his career in other world class organizations such as PeopleSoft and Deloitte. Guest Paul Pedrazzi

Episode Listing:

Alan Stein

Alan is world-renowned basketball performance coach, corporate speaker, executive leadership coach, podcast host and social media influencer. He has spent the past 15 years working with the highest performing basketball players on the planet, including NBA superstar Kevin Durant and the #1 pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, Markelle Fultz. Alan now teaches organizations how to utilize the same strategies in business that elite basketball players and teams use to perform at a world-class level.
He is passionate about developing genuine leadership, authentic team cohesion and true mental toughness and works relentlessly to educate and inspire people to take immediate action to improve their mindset, habits, happiness and success. Guest Alan Stein

Episode Listing:

John Stenbeck

John Stenbeck is a long-time, deeply committed PMI volunteer who has served as both the President and VP of Professional Development for the PMI – San Diego Chapter, and is currently the VP of Programs for the PMI – Inland Northwest Chapter in Spokane, Washington. His expertise and experience in Agile Project Management and Agile Government Contracting have caused many PMI Members to begin referring to him as “The Godfather of Agile in a Traditional World”. John is a PMP and PMI-ACP, as well as Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Professional. He is a Best Selling author. His first two books have achieved over $1 million in sales and his most recent one – the Agile Almanac – is the Amazon #1 Best Seller in Agile Project Management and the Amazon #2 Best Seller in Project Management, where it trails the PMBOK Guide. So please buckle up and hold on … because he approaches every presentation with a fire hose. Guest John Stenbeck

Episode Listing:

Peter Taylor

Peter Taylor is a PMO expert currently leading a Global PMO, with 200 project managers acting as custodians for nearly 3,000 projects around the world, for Kronos Inc. - a billion dollar software organisation delivering Workforce Management Solutions.
Peter Taylor is also the author of the number 1 bestselling project management book ‘The Lazy Project Manager’, along with many other books on project leadership, PMO development, project marketing, project challenges and executive sponsorship.
In the last 4 years he has delivered over 200 lectures around the world in over 25 countries and has been described as ‘perhaps the most entertaining and inspiring speaker in the project management world today’.
His mission is to teach as many people as possible that it is achievable to ‘work smarter and not harder’ and to still gain success in the battle of the work/life balance.
More information can be found at www.thelazyprojectmanager.com – and through his free podcasts in iTunes. Guest Peter Taylor

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Todd Thomas

Todd's background and experience also includes 25+ years in the broadcast industry which includes hosting his own national country music radio show that aired on over 100 stations nationwide for ABC Radio, Citadel, and Cumulus Media. Todd also worked for Fox Sports Radio as a show host and reporter covering the Da!tas Cowboys, Stars, Mavericks and Texas Rangers. Guest Todd Thomas

Episode Listing:

Pattie Vargas

Pattie Vargas is a recognized leader in performance and change management with a proven track record in behavioral, organizational and personal change, designing and implementing key strategies to create and sustain a high performing organization. She possesses the balanced blend of business acumen, behavioral competencies and common sense to produce aligned, consistent and repeatable results. Pattie is a frequent speaker on change management, personal resilience, team dynamics and issues facing women in the workplace, with a delivery that is humorous, practical and backed by years of experience, both painful and pleasant! Her collaborative and facilitative style brings about dramatic improvements in workplace and personal performance. Pattie holds a Masters degree in Organizational Management and a Bachelors degree in Business Management. She is certified in the use of DISC Behavioral assessments and is a certified speaker, coach and trainer with the John Maxwell Company. Guest Pattie Vargas

Episode Listing:

John Vespasian

JOHN VESPASIAN is the author of eight books about rational living, including "When Everything Fails, Try This" (2009), "Rationality Is the Way to Happiness" (2009), "The Philosophy of Builders: How to Build a Great Future with the Pieces from Your Past" (2010), "The 10 Principles of Rational Living" (2012), "Rational Living, Rational Working: How to Make Winning Moves When Things Are Falling Apart" (2013), "Consistency: The Key to Permanent Stress Relief" (2014), "On Becoming Unbreakable: How Normal People Become Extraordinarily Self-Confident" (2015), and "Thriving in difficult times: Twelve lessons from Ancient Greece to improve your life today" (2016). Guest John Vespasian

Episode Listing:

Jennifer Rock & Michael Voss

Jennifer and Michael have a shared passion for storytelling that goes back – way back – to when Jennifer published haikus in her first-grade newsletter, and Mike entertained other kids on the school bus with his creative fiction.
Not surprisingly, their jones for crafting a tale fueled their individual career paths, where each held roles in journalism, advertising, public relations, marketing and corporate communications. Jennifer and Michael had the good fortune to work for and with companies that spanned industries and impact – from privately held start-ups to Fortune 50 powerhouses to, now, their own communications agency.
Both authors live near Minneapolis where they work as speakers and consultants. They share their best stories during happy hour. B.S., Incorporated is their debut novel. For more information, visit http://www.rockandvossbooks.com/. Guest Jennifer Rock & Michael Voss

Episode Listing:

Brittany Wagner

Brittany Wagner is a nationally respected athletic academic counselor to the most dominant junior college football program in the United States – the East Mississippi Community College (EMCC) Lions. With more than a decade’s worth of combined experience, Ms. Wagner, is currently in her eighth year on the EMCC athletic administrative staff where she is responsible for monitoring the academic well-being of the school’s 200 student-athletes. This past year marked the fourth time in six seasons that EMCC has earned the distinction of having four sports collect NJCAA All-Academic Team honors for compiling team GPA of 3.00 or better. EMCC and Ms. Wagner are currently filming season two of Last Chance U to be released by Netflix in the summer of 2017. She earned her undergraduate degree in sport communication from Mississippi State University, followed by her master’s degree in sport administration. Wagner is a native of Clinton, Mississippi, and a a single-mom to one daughter, Kennedy. Guest Brittany Wagner

Episode Listing:

Eric Watts

Mr. Eric J. Watts, President of WordTalk Productions, is a Certified Inspirational Speaker, Teacher, and Transformational Coach with The John Maxwell Team. A formerly frustrated corporate employee, Eric helps people create blazing wildfires of success in their businesses and lives by way of his, speaking coaching, and writing. He helps individuals and organizations identify and clarify who they are, find their passion, and fulfill their purpose.
Eric earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Agribusiness and Applied Economics from The Ohio State University, and his Master of Science in Business Leadership and Management from Ohio Dominican University.
Eric resides in Columbus, Ohio. Guest Eric Watts

Episode Listing:

Myra Whitney

Myra Whitney is the founder coaching2solutions, Empowering Leaders for Success. coaching2solutions empowers Leaders to develop their skills to find a Solution to the many issues they confront on a daily basis. coaching2solutions will support you in addressing the plethora of issues in your current position, effectively building a collaborative team amongst your staff, accelerating your personal career growth by delivering performances that move you from good to great! Guest Myra Whitney

Episode Listing:

Joan Wright

Joan Wright is Executive Director for Childcare Resources, a nonprofit United Way of Central Alabama partner child care resource and referral (CCR&R) agency. Under her leadership the agency achieved National Quality Assurance for best practices from Child Care Aware of America. The agency is also authorized to offer Continuing Education Units through the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).
Her career before delving into the early childhood arena consisted of almost 20 years creating and managing innovative fitness and recreation programs for people with and without disabilities.
In 2012 Joan was awarded the Nonprofit CEO of the Year Award by the Birmingham Business Journal.
She is a graduate of Spring Hill College and has completed two leadership development programs: MOMENTUM, a women’s leadership development program and Leadership Birmingham.
Joan is married and has two daughters. Guest Joan Wright

Episode Listing:

Dr. Travis Zigler

Dr. Travis Zigler is on a mission to end preventable blindness. In 2010 he graduated from The Ohio State University College of Optometry with Magna Cum Laude honors. He went on to own two optometry practices in South Carolina specializing in "difficult to fit" contact lens patients and dry eye, but soon found his passion for entrepreneurship.
In 2015, he started Eye Love, an eye wellness company with a mission to end preventable blindness. Along with his wife, Jenna, they continue to work part time in optometry and build Eye Love with the goal of eventually opening free clinics in the US and abroad. Because 703 million people are blind due to lack of glasses, they give a portion of all profits back to those who can neither afford nor obtain eye care in Jamaica and South Carolina.
When he's not working on Eye Love or in clinic, he enjoys traveling to Jamaica, running, and playing the ukulele while he drinks his morning coffee. Guest Dr. Travis Zigler

Episode Listing: