Becoming and Expert and Authority in 3 years

May 23, 2017
Hosted by Kieron Sweeney

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Look at what is happening on the internet today? Experts and Authorities are showing up more and more offering their services. Are they authentic? Some yes, some no. The term manufactured success has recently evolved to characterize "out of the blue" successes. But who is really behind these success stories? Our research has uncovered some shocking truths. However, there are very legitimate success stories and due to a lack of "how to", many amazing entrepreneurs are not being noticed. The truth is people buy from experts and authorities. Join us May 23rd at 9:00 am as host Kieron Sweeney interviews Kerry Vega, a success coach who works with coaches and wellness professionals to help them elevate their online image and create a true authentic story of their journey.

Key Entrepreneurs of Influence

Key Entrepreneurs of Influence

Tuesday at 9 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Influencers Channel

Kieron Sweeney interviews influential entrepreneurs and thought leaders in a unique “mastermind-style” where you receive advice and strategies for elevating your business to increase revenue. Each interview focuses on a key area of business that is fundamental to success in business.

From solo work from home entrepreneurs to celebrity entrepreneurs, we demonstrate how success in business is achieved by implementing key strategies in a variety of industries. We also explore and interview influential business owners who teach business practices that are relevant in today's business world.

Our shows are rich in content, engaging and jam packed with advice that you would pay thousands of dollars for from a professional consultant. Join our community and tune in every Tuesday at 9 AM Pacific Time, for Key Entrepreneurs of Influence, on the VoiceAmerica Influencers Channel as we provide valuable educational advice in an entertaining and inspiring format.

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Kieron Sweeney

Kieron Sweeney

Kieron Sweeney is an international speaker, business “expert and authority” coach, author and a digital entrepreneur. His core area of expertise is Mindset Mastery in Business and Life. He has spoken to audiences on every continent on money and mindset, sales and influence, leadership and self-empowerment. Known for his highly engaging and interactive talks, Kieron can move an audience into action quickly through is engaging, charismatic and witty style.

Kieron also trains entrepreneurs on how to double their revenues in 90 days and create a millionaire mindset. He has been referred to as an innovative wealth coach because he constantly finds early stage marketing strategies that can be implemented into any business. Kieron helped one company achieve $11 million in 11 months and recently sold over $30 million dollars for one of North America’s leading training companies.

Kieron is now an aspiring digital entrepreneur and has created an online platform that educates businesses on how to create digital magazines and TV shows to significantly increase brand awareness in 156 countries. He is the CEO and Founder of Breakthrough Entrepreneur Academy, Founder of MagCreators, a digital magazine publishing company, and Founder of Pie Shell Apps, a company that builds marketing and community apps that provides 98 percent engagement with clients and followers. Kieron has trained over 500,000 entrepreneurs in Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, South Africa, and the USA.

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Patty Alfonso

A catalyst for transformation, Patty Alfonso is an internationally acclaimed speaker and facilitator on the topics of consciousness, bodies and creating a life that inspires global change. She has spoken on international stages in front of royalty and government officials as well as thought leaders and influencers from all over the world.
The author of #1 International Best Selling books Your Body as the Creation of Consciousness and Dancing as the Body of Consciousness, Patty is also the host of the weekly show Consciousness is Sexy where she re-defines sexy as a way of being in the world with more consciousness and vulnerability.
Patty is the creator of Pole Dancing for Consciousness™ and The Essence of You™. Her signature programs have invited her clients to have more ease, joy, pleasure and communion with their bodies. Exploring intimacy with Self, her kind and witty facilitation inspires her clients melt away their limitations and open the door to new possibilities in their life. View Guest page

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Tyler Basu

Tyler Basu is a professional Content Marketer, Podcast Host and Digital Magazine Publisher. Like many others before him, Tyler’s journey in business began when he read a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Driven by his ambition, he spent his early twenties navigating his way through several different industries including financial planning, promoting seminars, direct sales, and selling real estate.
In 2013, Tyler launched his first podcast, Chatting With Champions. In the process of interviewing over 100 successful entrepreneurs for his show, he developed a fascination for online business and digital publishing. By 2015, Tyler had written and published several books on Amazon, including the #1 Amazon Bestseller Lifestyle Business Blueprint.
Tyler left the real estate industry in 2015 to become the Publisher of Lifestyle Business Magazine, a digital magazine for lifestyle entrepreneurs. Tyler also hosts the Lifestyle Business Magazine Podcast. View Guest page

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Kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington has been a successful entrepreneur over the last 40 years. He is an Original Shark on the ABC hit, Emmy winning TV show, “Shark Tank.” He is also the Inventor of the Infomercial, As Seen On TV Pioneer, Co- Founder of the Electronic Retailers Association (ERA) and Co- Founder of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). Kevin has launched over 20 businesses that have grown to over $100 million in sales each, has been involved in more than a dozen public companies, and has launched over 500 products generating more than $5 billion in sales worldwide with iconic brands and celebrities such as Jack Lalanne, Tony Little, George Foreman, and the new I-Grow hair restoration product on QVC. Kevin has extensive experience in business all over the world, opening distribution outlets in over 100 countries worldwide. His success led Mark Burnett to hand pick Kevin to become an Original Shark on Shark Tank where he filmed over 175 segments. View Guest page

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Keith Kochner

Keith Kochner, known by many as “The Mentor,” is an International Speaker, Successful Entrepreneur, and Author. He is the creator behind the brands,, and several other caused-based businesses. The inspiring story of his extremely humble beginnings to success has inspired tens of thousands from all walks of life. He has used a very specific group of principles and strategies to build his life and businesses. One of Keith’s largest passions is mentoring others who are looking to live their GREATEST LIFE using those same principles. He is one of today’s most “in demand” speakers and motivators, sharing his unique process for success all around the world. When Keith isn’t running his companies or on the road speaking he enjoys fulfilling his most important roles as a husband and as a father of four. He and his family reside in Tulsa, OK. View Guest page

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Ted Prodromou

Ted is America's Leading LinkedIn Coach, the best-selling award-winning author of Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business and Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business (Entrepreneur Press). Ted is also a frequent contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine,, and Ted is an online advertising consultant generating leads for his clients using Google Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and through social selling. He has generated over $100 million in revenue for his clients since 2004. Learn more about Ted at View Guest page

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Satyen Raja

Satyen Raja, founder and president of WarriorSage, is a widely respected living synthesis of Eastern wisdom and Western practicality, combining the power of the Warrior and the wisdom of the Sage.
He is a lifetime black belt Martial Artist and a penetrating real visionary who compels his clients to harness their greatest obstacles and transform them into their most powerful gifts. Satyen draws from the realms of unparalleled techniques of life mastery, his profound life experience, and his natural ability to navigate beyond societal, cultural and conditioned identities to attain peak consciousness.
A master in a plethora of healing and consciousness raising modalities, Satyen is unique in the world of business and life coaching. His revolutionary methods attract CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and High Level Leaders from around the world. His provocative methods combined with his dynamic personality and passion for accelerated evolution create fundamental breakthroughs for business leaders. View Guest page

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Rohan Sheth

Rohan Sheth is an accomplished and proven online digital marketing expert. Using a predictable client attraction system combined with sophisticated Facebook marketing, Rohan has helped clients achieve $30K/month, $75K/month and one client over $500K/mo He helps coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs to achieve extremely high revenues. Watch this show and find out how to get a 30 minute free consultation with Rohan. View Guest page

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Ricky Shetty

Ricky Shetty is the owner and operator of Daddy Blogger, where he writes about parenting from a father’s perspective with a big emphasis on family travel with young kids. Currently, Ricky and his family are on a 1 year Round-The-World Trip visiting Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, and Central America. View Guest page

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Kerry Vega

Kerry Vega specializes in teaching coaches, counsellors, therapists, and wellness professionals how to attract more clients and make a bigger impact with their business by becoming seen as the “go-to” expert in what they do.
Kerry is the CEO and Founder of Kerry Vega Group where she teaches service-based business owners how to build, grow, leverage, and scale their business to double and triple their revenue. Her focus is on discovering what makes you unique (YOUR GENIUS), and infusing your GENIUS into all your marketing. She teaches you how to position yourself, and speak the language your clients need to hear, to have them saying, “YES! I need to work with you!” in an authentic, and non-salesy way.
Kerry is passionate about helping business owners make the client attraction easy, so that they can help more people, make more money, and make a bigger impact in the world with their talents. View Guest page

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