Accelerating Organic Growth

May 31, 2017
Hosted by Pam Lassiter

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Pam Lassiter, Host of the CEO Academy, will interview John Fletcher, CEO of Fletcher Spaght, a strategy consulting company focused on growing clients’ current and future revenues. John describes when you should choose organic growth over acquisition, why companies may not be growing as quickly as they should, and the framework you can use to activate a growth process for your own company. Where should the primary responsibility for organic growth lie, with the operating unit or corporate? The answer is more complex than you might expect. You’ll leave with the “next steps” of scaling your company wisely and sustainably for the long term.

CEO Academy

CEO Academy

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You’re the competitive advantage. If you don’t keep your professional edge sharply honed, how can you and your company continue to succeed? Who else is going to plan your professional growth for you? Good news! Pam Lassiter, your host on CEO Academy, is your partner and she is here to help you stay ahead of the game.

Our show addresses your most pressing questions about setting up your success. How do you develop a plan for becoming the CEO? How do you scale your company to international success? How do you negotiate and influence on behalf of yourself and your stakeholders? How do you motivate your employees and the company to follow your leadership? When and how do you shift your leadership style?

Whether you are currently a CEO or are on your way to becoming one, having the right answers to these questions will set you apart as a leader. We’ll cover these topics and others related to your professional growth on your trusted source for career success.

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Pam Lassiter

Pam Lassiter

Pam Lassiter improves your competitive edge and success at work. Author of The New Job Security, recipient of the Wall Street Journal’s Editor’s Choice Award, she is Principal of Lassiter Consulting, a global career management firm that co-creates paths with you to the work goals that you seek.

For over 30 years, Pam has worked with senior executives through her private practice, with global coaching firms, and with Harvard Business School’s Executive Education global leaders as they move into leadership roles. Lassiter teaches “Career Leadership” at Harvard University’s Division of Continuing Education, leads the career series for HBS Boston Alumni, and gives keynote speeches to organizations and professional associations who know that growing their people will grow their business. Her interviews are on television and in business publications including Fast Company, Fortune, The Financial Times, Bloomberg radio, Financial News Network and CFO.

Her private clients are up-skilling their leadership competencies at their companies, are either confidentially transitioning into new companies or going through outplacement, or are planning active retirements. Her corporate clients need discreet coaching for senior leaders or outplacement and transition coaching during change.

Pam serves on multiple boards and coaches clients about strategies for including boards in your professional development.

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