Stop Hiding: How to Stand Out, Be Seen and Make A Greater Difference

June 5, 2017
Hosted by Michelle McCullar, M.C.S.

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Everyone has a mission. Everyone has a message. Everyone has a genius. You included. Your mission, your message, and your genius, are meant to be expressed in a way that is uniquely and authentically your own. Whether you’re looking for greater success in your career, your business, or even your relationships, being able to effectively share your soul’s message is core to creating greater impact, influence and income. Not only that it markedly increases your sense of meaning and fulfillment. The world needs you. If you’re ready to finally step out of the shadows, be seen, and make a bigger difference in your job, your business, or the world at large, then join Michelle McCullar and her guest Tiffany Scott on Mission to Millions Radio. This week they’ll be sharing simple strategies that will empower you to create an in-demand brand that sets you apart from the crowd. Have questions or comments. We’d love to hear from you. Email us at

Mission to Millions

Mission to Millions

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Do you feel you’re being called to play a bigger game, to live a bigger life, or that you’ve got a big mission you’re meant to fulfill, but something is standing in the way, making it feel impossible? If that sounds like you, or you just know you want to live a more fulfilling life, then Mission to Millions is for you!

In this heartfelt transformational show, Michelle and her guests will share life and business changing insights that will inspire you to step out in a much bigger and more powerful way. Virtually anything you desire is possible when you align your life around what is most important, meaningful and fulfilling for you. In fact, that’s when the magic happens!

In addition to life and business enhancing tips and insights, you’ll hear incredible stories where the impossible became possible, for people just like you. Mission to Millions is the support you need to turn your dreams into reality.

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Michelle McCullar, M.C.S.

Michelle McCullar, M.C.S.

Michelle McCullar, a former NASA Rocket Scientist, is an inspirational speaker, author and Business Growth Strategist. From a very young age, Michelle has been a champion of the disempowered and downtrodden dreamers, supporting them to know, own and express their truth, worth and talents in a way that is personally, professionally and spiritually meaningful and fulfilling.

As a NASA Rocket Scientist she was awarded for innovation, team leadership, and igniting team talent, in addition to successfully leading large, ethnically diverse, multi-organizational teams spread around the world, to launch and operate billion dollar space missions. Upon leaving her NASA career to forge her own path, Michelle realized that “without mission, vision, purpose and passion, no amount of income, skills or prestige will suffice”. She believes each of us is here for a reason. We have a mission and gifts we are meant to live and share. It’s why we have dreams, and to deny oneself that opportunity is a disservice to one’s self and the world.

Having herself overcome extreme isolation, excessive abuses, and years of burnout, where she felt like her soul was dying, she now wakes up happy each and every day, knowing she is living her soul’s mission, and so can you! Today, Michelle works with service-based entrepreneurs, coaches and practitioners, helping each of them to create a sustainably profitable, lifestyle friendly business that feeds their soul and realizes their mission.

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Mardi Arnold

Mardi Arnold is the founder and director of Forever Youthful Image, a coaching and counseling firm helping women to lead beautiful, vibrant, and deeply meaningful lives regardless of age. She is also the Regional Director of Women Against Child Trafficking, a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading awareness, protecting teens and children, and supporting victims of human sex trafficking. Mardi has received many awards and accolades for her humorous and insightful approach to ageless living. In 2007 and 2008 she was published in Who’s Who of America Women. Today Mardi splits her time motivating Boomers and beyond to throw off the shackles that time and culture has placed on them, as well as educating, fundraising and supporting rescue efforts of human trafficking victims. She believes that life is an adventure, that becomes deeper, fuller and more lyrical as time progresses. To learn more about Mardi or WACT, call 626-337-8161 or visit View Guest page

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Joan Brooks

For nearly 20 years, Joan Brooks, has been helping women who have experienced sexual trauma to heal, through the innate wisdom and guidance of their bodies. Her firsthand experience of the devastating aftermath of trauma, including what is added: shame, guilt and blame; and what is subtracted: self-respect, self-esteem, trust and a sense of safety, are what compelled her to heal and eventually help hundreds of other women to heal so they could have the courage, clarity and compassion to stand up for themselves and speak their truth. As an air traffic controller, she helped guide airplanes safely across the skies. Today, she guides her clients into and out of the dark, scary places where their treasures have long been hidden. Practicing the alchemical process of befriending and attending to the dark emotions long buried in the body, leads to wisdom and truth. Alchemy takes place as the emotions lighten and dissipate, leaving in their wake joy, faith, and trust. View Guest page

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Josh Decker

Josh Decker, Founder of Real Relating Now, has dedicated his life to guiding people to cultivate the Relational Skills necessary for deep, intimate, meaningful and fulfilling relationships. Josh is one of very few in the world certified in Intersubjective Meditation, also known as Circling. Circling is an organic, in the moment, interpersonal process that's equal parts art form, meditation, and group conversation. Circling allows a visceral experience of connection and understanding of another person's world, celebrating who and where they are right now. Those that are circled by Josh experience deep emotional breakthroughs that liberate them in their lives and relationships. Josh facilitates workshops all around the world, supporting people from all walks of life in both private and corporate settings. A master Vipassana practitioner as well, Josh leads with Humility, Grace, Deep Compassion, and a great sense of Fun. For more information, please email, View Guest page

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Tarnie Fulloon

Tarnie Fulloon, PT, MA - BAppSc in Physiotherapy, MA in Spiritual Psychology, Somatic Movement Certification As a somatic therapist and embodiment coach Tarnie’s expertise as a mentor, coach, speaker, TedxPresenter, author and previous Sports Medicine Physiotherapist, Olympics Australia 2000, is partnering with those who have recurring pain, anxiety and body symptoms. Using her signature BodyFreedom™ Embodiment Process she guides her clients through body centered practices to discover the root cause of their pain and anxiety. She mentors clients to find the freedom from their pain, and live with confidence and calmness. View Guest page

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Tanya Hrehirchuk

Tanya Hrehirchuk is a Transformational Leader, Master Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Guide. She is currently writing her second book about the Law of Attraction. Tanya is the CEO and founder of Brilliant Minds Success Coaching Academy, a 6-month Law of Attraction coaching certification program. Her certification includes Neuro Linguistic Programming, aka NLP; reprogramming the mind to think differently, more positively and results driven. She has helped hundreds of people worldwide to achieve their goals through her differently programs, seminars, masterminds, and breakthrough coaching sessions. Her greatest passion is helping others achieve their goals and soar beyond expectations; pushing them out of their comfort zones with a no BS attitude and result driven success. She’s on a mission to share coaching skills with the world. Tanya loves being competitive and ran a triathlon, loves dogs and studied psychology in university. She currently lives in Edmonton, Canada. View Guest page

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Kim O'Hara

Intuitive Book and Story Coach Kim O’Hara helps ambitious men and women powerfully turn their life stories into books for freedom and peace of mind. Through her book coaching process, clients move through the transformative precipice between the old story and the new, personally and professionally experiencing a profound opening in their lives. Kim created stories as a Hollywood movie producer and screenwriter for twenty years, bringing together innovative directors, actors and writers to entertain audiences all over the world. She’s worked with top talent such as Anthony LaPaglia, Eric Stoltz, and Lesie Bibb.
Kim now brings her collaborative talents to real life, coaching clients burning to shed light on their story. Working one on one and in groups, she is passionate about building a storytelling community. As a keynote speaker, Kim inspires audiences to believe, shine and be fearless with who they are today.
She loves the ocean, her children and a long hard laugh. View Guest page

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Tiffany Scott

Tiffany Scott is a true pioneer in the evolving world of MARKETING and BRANDING. Always driven to deliver more, with SOUL, she is constantly pushing the edge of her comfort zone.
An Australian, now based in Los Angeles, Tiffany honed her skills as a Creative Director by re-injecting life and vibrancy into powerhouse international brands such as Speedo and Millers. Her strength, in fact her super power, is identifying and fostering the DNA of businesses. This DNA is the secret sauce of who you are, where you come from, and where you want to go. Once determined, financial success becomes an unavoidable by-product.
With the right tools, anyone can build a business with integrity and longevity. You hold the KEY, and with a tidal wave of positivity, fun and good vibes, Tiffany EMPOWERs you to unleash your personal BRANDING DNA for greater success and fulfillment. Learn more about Tiffany at View Guest page

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Diane Sexton

Diane Sexton was an early female pioneer in a male dominated business world. She began her career in the mid sixties, which was a time when women were groomed to become great secretaries or efficient administrative assistants, NOT managers or heads of departments, and most certainly not managers of a staff that included men. Despite the obstacles and perceptions of the woman’s place in the workplace, Diane’s career within a major financial company grew, albeit much slower than the men she worked with, where she became a national manager of the company’s Field Marketing Department with a staff in 9 states. After many years of retirement, Diane decided to reinvent herself and begin a encore career as a financial planner. Today, she educates women and families on how to make their money work for them and secure financial independence throughout their life times. View Guest page

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Shayn Stavens

Shayn Stavens is an Integrative Nutrition and Wellness Coach specializing in chronic health issues, inflammation and food addiction. He has advanced degrees in Biology, Chemistry, and Nutrition.
Prior to becoming a Wellness Coach Shayn worked in law enforcement, as a State Trooper, and the dietary supplement industry, where he researched ingredients and formulated dietary supplements. As a State Trooper Shayn saw his own health rapidly declining, which made him frustrated and fearful. Knowing a lot of about ingredients, he healed himself, in part, by making healthful eating choices.
Shayn brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to support his clients' transformation in both mind and body. Shayn’s approach to wellness is that the body can totally heal itself when given the right environment. The environment is not set through food and exercise alone, but by creating a balance of spirituality, mindset, and a healthy relationship with food and exercise. View Guest page

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Sonia Trejo

Sonia Trejo is an Integrative Health and Wellness Life Coach, Master Core Energy Leadership Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author. Her expertise is in helping over-achievers Rise and Thrive from Burnout to Breakthrough in life and business. Sonia is also passionate about her work with people struggling with Multiple Sclerosis and other chronic Autoimmune Illnesses to reclaim their health and live extraordinary lives regardless of external circumstances. After receiving a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 1995 and told by several physicians that statistically she would be in a wheel chair and blind within 10 years, she chose to retire from her 23 year career as a successful fashion designer to pursue studies in health and wellness. Today, the closest thing to a chair with two wheels is her bicycle! Additionally trained as Pilates instructor, NLP and Meditative Healing practitioner and a nutrition consultant, Sonja takes a Whole Person, Wholistic approach to wellness! View Guest page

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Lee Murphy Wolf

Lee Murphy Wolf is the founder of The Prosperity Project™ and creator of the Aligned Growth Method™. As a business design expert and brand alignment strategist, Lee helps purpose-driven women transform their passions into unique and sustainable lifestyle businesses that set them apart and position them for massive growth. As a veteran of marketing and management with more than two decades of experience in Fortune 500 companies, Lee’s eclectic background includes strategic communications, marketing strategy, management, operations, event planning, product development, product launches and campaigns, PR and internal communications. Lee’s approach combines strategy, spirituality and experiential learning to empower her clients to create a path to prosperity aligned with their higher calling. Her clients include coaches, consultants, experts, service professionals and wellness practitioners. She is happily married to her husband Mark and lives in midtown Manhattan. View Guest page

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