The Art of Awakening Shamanic Consciousness

July 5, 2017
Hosted by Shamanic Mystic Jea’nah Jens

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Welcome, I’m going live in my Medicine Room so please come take a seat and join me. Two power house Shamans, Linda Star Wolf and Nita Gage will be here today. Linda Starwolf is the creator of Shamanic Breathwork, author of ten books and founding director of Venus Rising Association for Transformation. Nita Gage is a Shamanic Psycho Spiritual Psychology teaching the shaman way to the medical field. She is the co-founder of the NeuroImaginal Institute. They will be discussing their new book, The Soul Whispering. This is a powerful new synthesis of shamanic healing and psychotherapy. Linda Starwolf will also be taking us on a powerful guided imagery experience. We will also be learning the value of Shamanic Breathwork. These beautiful, talented, Shamanic women will be sharing a wealth of powerful Shamanic stories you will not want to miss. It’s my honor to share a Shamanic Sisterhood Blessing that I wrote to complete the show. Tune In!

Beyond Tarot and More

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Can you believe what a fast paced, crazy world we are living in now? Our everyday lives are changing by the day. Here is the question that shows up so often. Is your life mission being fulfilled? How about your growth in beauty, happiness and empowerment? Where do you fit in? My platform brings support in being compassionate around finding answers to these questions. Each show orchestrates fresh information and education in a variety of alternative ways. My guests share stories that you have never heard before. This will stimulate new doors to open for A-HA moments to occur.

My guests also receive card readings around the subjects that we are talking about during each show. The purpose is to inspire you to have solutions for all your tomorrows.

Live calls are taken, so I invite you to ask me a question and we will see what shows up in your card layouts. My gifts have touched so many lives for over forty years and I would love for you to be one of them.

Shamanic Mystic Jea’nah Jens

My calling and mission as a Beauty Medicine Woman is to lead by example and engage people with my knowledge in an empowering way. It is an honor to be on the VoiceAmerica platform and to touch humanity with this ancient wisdom. The talent, courage, and trust my grandmother and mother shared, allowed me to become a medium, with intuitive and visionary skills.

I’m a certified shaman that has worked with two male shamans from North America and a female shaman from South America. Traveling into the Andes Mountains is where I met the Machi tribe and was taught the power of transport healing. I use this technique in my crystal ball viewings.

Forty years of experience has gone into refining my multi-faceted beyond tarot and more card readings. Using different card layouts and channeling have served me well in phone counsel and mentoring.

Through my studies with Tom Kenyon, a sound master, I’ve learned the art of sounding. I use the properties of sound to open and close each healing session and in my journeying within high ceremony.

I have thirty years of experience training with Anne Marie Carmonzind, a skin care teacher from Switzerland. Her wisdom brought me into the power of becoming a Beauty Medicine Woman. My passion lies in traveling all over the world to teach different ceremonies in women’s circles. When the magic of the divine feminine touches you with her sweet energy, it will awaken and change your life forever.

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