Mayte  Prida

Mayte Prida

Mayte Prida was born in Mexico City and received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Our Lady of the Lake in San Antonio, TX. Mayte is a television host, an author, a breast cancer survivor, and one of the most prominent Hispanic advocates for women and their well being in the country today. The same qualities that had helped her climb to success in the Hispanic media have also granted her the opportunity to be a source of inspiration for thousands of women around the world. Mayte is a true personification of some important key words: Hope, positivism and enthusiasm. Mayte has a captivating energy, lots of love and a deep desire to live every moment of her life to the fullest. Having to face difficult obstacles in her life, Mayte has learned to live without fears and to share the most intimate details of her painful experience by transmitting the intensity of her every day living. That is why everyone who meets her or listens to her story can relate to her like a best friend, a sister or a mother. Mayte confirms that her most important role in life is to be a mother. To her, her children Tommy (17) and Isabella (16) have been her source of strength. The privilege of being a mother has been her biggest satisfaction. Her most difficult battle has been the one against cancer. Most recently, that of her daughter Isabella against thyroid cancer. For that reason she has been able to combine her media visibility and her love for life with her work with different health programs that develop awareness and better health qualities for women and Hispanics in this country. Mayte is a winner, but above all she is a woman that knows how fragile life can be. That is why her life is a motivational example as to how we can live our lives in a more fulfilling way just as she describes it in her most recent book Con Fe, como transformar la vida y empezar de nuevo (not available in English yet). Eventhough she has faced some very difficult times, Mayte consideres herself to be very blessed as she has learned to transform adversity into an opportunity for spiritual growth. A pesar de las pruebas que le ha tocado vivir, Mayte se considera una mujer muy afortunada ya que ha aprendido a transformar la adversidad en oportunidad creciendo espiritualmente en el proceso. Mayte is currently living in Los Angeles, California.