Michael Levenston

Executive Director, Michael Levenston. City Farmer is a nonprofit organization working to promote environmentally responsible urban agriculture; City Farmer is recognized as one of the leaders in providing service and information out to the world about urban agriculture, waste reduction and sustainability. City Farmer has done excellent and cost effective work for the City of Vancouver and the communities of Greater Vancouver, including running the City's compost and water wise demonstration garden, the City's natural yard care promotion and the regional compost hotline. Proclamation to City Farmer, Executive Director, Michael Levenston by Mayor Larry Campbell While the processes of uniting diverse international engagements in urban agriculture began with direct interactions and posted envelopes, there is no question that the remarkable growth in interest in the past few years surged forward through the power of the Internet. No one is better equipped to reflect on this transition than Michael Levenston, creator of the City Farmer website12 — the pioneering depository of information on the subject, for which Jac wrote a regular column until his death. Mike provides us, in the third piece, with insights on how the Internet exponentially expanded communication, and with it, urban agriculture networks, outreach, awareness, and knowledge. 12 See City Farmer News, http://www.cityfarmer.info