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Dr. Wilfred Aguila

Medical doctor and author Wilfred Aguila, “ Dr. A”, presents radical new ideas for losing weight, and importantly, not gaining it all back. Countless books provide diet and exercise plans; Why I Don't Lose Weight provides the missing ingredient. The key to success is discovering why you fail at weight loss and "learning not to fail." The Cycle can keep you stuck in a perpetual loop. Overeating is part of the cycle, but not the main part. There is also anxiety, guilt, and depression. Anxiety is what starts the Cycle. Anxiety prompts overeating, which leads to guilt, which leads to anxiety - which leads to overeating. The solution is learning how to keep anxiety in check. The stereotype is that obese people are underachievers or lazy, but Aguila knows that's not so. Too often, they are perfectionists who work hard to do everything right. This can lead to all-or-nothing thinking. Any diet misstep makes a perfectionist drop the whole thing. Why I Don't Lose Weight is a blueprint on how not to fail. It includes easy-to-understand tools that readers can use daily on their own journey to success. Dr. Wilfred Aguila MD practices general surgery in Tampa, Florida. Dr. Aguila graduated with an MD 20 years ago. He is now a specialist in Bariatric Surgery and is pioneering new treatments for obesity.