Duffy and Elizabeth Laul Healey

Duffy Healey and Elizabeth Laul Healey have been involved in ocean protection for the last 2 decades and love the ocean. Growing up on the beach in Southern California, they both have seen first hand how the ocean, the beaches, and the shores have deteriorated over the years because of pollution, population growth, and overfishing. Duffy Healey spent his early childhood in Brooklyn, New York with summers at Breezy Point on the beach, then moved to La Jolla, California, where he also went to high school. Elizabeth Laul Healey grew up in Orange County, California mostly in Laguna Beach. The Healey’s currently reside in San Clemente, California at Lost Winds Beach with their children. They both say that the water has played a huge role in their lives and they have both always treasured the ocean. Duffy has been a publisher for twenty years starting Distinctive Publishing, Inc. and Healey’s Distinctive Homes Magazine in California, Sun Valley Idaho, and Mexico. Elizabeth Laul Healey worked with Duffy publishing for ten years and is also a professional photographer and an artist. Together they formed Healey Publishing and started producing coffee table books on architecture, and one on Baja Mexico. They recently sold their luxury real estate magazine and are now working on other coffee table books. Their love for the ocean inspired SEA VOICES, a coffee table book, which features beautiful photography along with a collaboration of stories from prominent people around the world. It’s told through the eyes of Oceanographers, Artists, Authors, Photographers, Environmentally Conscious Celebrities and Musicians, Filmmakers, and Surf Industry Leaders. SEA VOICES is the Healey’s legacy to future generations and their own children. They have made the book affordable (at $29.95), so people can give the book as gifts to their children, their friends, and schools. They hope that people will use it as an educational guide that will inspire people to protect the ocean.